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Belmont Stakes 2009 Elmont New York

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Today is the final leg of the Triple Crown, taking place at Belmont Raceway, in Elmont New York. The 1.5 mile thoroughbred horse race has a post time of about 6:27pm, with live television coverage broadcast by ABC, starting at five o’clock ET. Growing up in Floral Park (just blocks away from Belmont), we spent many weekends at the racetrack. I was there in 1973 when Secretariat one the Triple Crown, although being eight years old, I remember the cartoons on the big screen better than the race. Now living in California, I’ll watch Belmont live on TV, rather than walk to the track. Today’s 2009 Belmont Stakes doesn’t have a horse with a chance to be a Triple Crown Winner, but it does have a jockey, whose name is Calvin Borel (Kentucky Derby on Mine That Bird and Preakness Stakes on Rachel Alexandra).

Belmont Stakes Live Horse Racing(photo: Live Horseracing Belmont Stakes — credit: [raymond])

It’s not uncommon that non-New Yorkers think Belmont Raceway is located in Belmont, New York. However, they’d be mistaken, as the Belmont racetrack (aka Belmont Park) is located on Long Island, in Elmont New York. Belmont, NY is closer to Buffalo and Rochester, than it is Long Island. Races are already underway, as the first race in Belmont started at 11:30 in the morning. Those of you following the 141st running of the prestigious Belmont Stakes online, here I’ve put together a list of highlighted information for today’s race.

Daria posted start times and post positions earlier this morning, and I’ve added some details that weren’t included in morning news.

Belmont Stakes Race Time — According to the official Belmont Stakes Website, start time is just After 6:25pm (Eastern time). I get in front of your television or find live Internet coverage before that time, as the race moves quickly. It will be over before you know it.

Watch Belmont Stakes Live Online — We already mentioned that the race is live on ABC television (which I believe is Channel 7 in most US states), with coverage beginning at about 5pm. I’ve checked out lots of “watch TV live on your PC” applications and unfortunately they seem rather questionable. While it’s no guarantee of live coverage, I’d check out sites like, (look for the “Live Video” tab),, and specifically for ABC local television, here’s a link for more than 10 local ABC news stations online.

Belmont Stakes 2008 — Who won the 2008 Belmont Stakes? That race was won by Jockey Alan Garcia riding Da’ Tara, an American thoroughbred racehorse trained by Nick Zito. Da’ Tara was a 38-1 underdog entering the post at Belmont, but pulled off an upset over Big Brown, winning the race with a time of 2:29.65.

Belmont Stakes Favorite — According to various online horse racing odds websites, Mine That Bird is the favorite horse for the 2009 Belmont Stakes at 4 to 3 odds. Winning the Kentucky Derby at a 50 to 1 long shot, the horse has come a long way to its 4-to-3 odds favorite today to win the 2009 Belmont Stakes. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good bet. I’d suggest anybody making wagers today search out Belmont Predictions or Belmont Odds to get the most accurate information.

2009 Belmont Stakes Photos — The Belmont Stakes site has photo galleries, podcasts and videos. There is also going to be plenty of photos posted to Flickr that are tagged 2009 Belmont Stakes. Many of those photos are available via Creative Commons licensing, if you’re seeking images for blog posts or news articles.

Belmont Stakes Winner 2009 — Who won the Belmont Stakes? Summer Bird won!

For those that missed it live, here is 2009 Belmont Stakes video…

Check out our earlier race coverage and use the following search phrases to easily find related topics for today’s Belmont Stakes: (via Bing News and via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Video: (via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Results: (via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Winner 2009: (via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Payouts: (via Google News) @ 11:49 am | Article ID: 1244314221

Chiropractor Talks about 2009 Belmont Stakes

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The third leg of the 2009 Triple Crown is upon us, with the Belmont Stakes taking place on Saturday, in Elmont New York. When reporting on the May 16 Preakness Stakes I mentioned how growing up as a kid, my parents used to take us to Belmont Park, for weekend horse races. The 2009 Kentucky Derby was only the second sporting event I watched on TV so far this year (I also watched Super Bowl 43), followed by watching the 2009 Pimlico Preakness Stakes. I don’t watch a lot of television (that may seem kind of obvious). I do love sports though and I’ll be checking out the Belmont Stakes via ABC HD television.

I had the chance to get in touch with Sacramento chiropractor,  Dr. Jeri Anderson, who’s an expert on competitive horseracing. While everybody’s been talking about Mine That Bird and his amazing upset at the 2009 Kentucky Derby, I’ve been wondering how champion jockeys like Calvin Borel manage being on a horse, traveling at such a fast speed. I figured it’s got to be incredibly tough on the body.

I asked Dr. Anderson (besides being a chiropractor, she has a long history in competitive horse riding) what it’s like being on a horse in a situation like the Kentucky Derby or Belmont Stakes.

Here’s what she had to say…

The power of a horse accelerating out of the gate is explosive! However, the jockey is already concentrating on placement of their horse in the pack. Like a human runner, every horse has its own unique pace in a race. Some are better leading the whole way, and some have a finishing burst at the end. Besides monitoring the pace, the jockey has to always look for a path through the pack so that their mount does not get boxed in on the rail, or expends too much energy running on the outside of the pack (which causes a longer trajectory to the finish).

Jockeys do not have much of their leg wrapping around the barrel of the horse in comparison to traditional riding styles like western or even hunter/jumper. Therefore, jockeys must have incredible balance (proprioceptive sense) and leg and core strength. Jockeys have one of the most dangerous jobs on earth, with many suffering spinal fractures, spinal cord injuries and/or head injuries during their careers (often ending their careers), even at the most elite levels of talent and experience.

One of the ways that a jockey communicates effectively with their horse is through their hands. They must possess a good feel in their hands to communicate with the horse without impeding the horse’s forward motion. Great jockeys become one with the horse. Looking at them in the distance, it just looks like one being moving, not a separate horse and rider. Great jockeys are fluid and move with the horse without impeding the horse’s effort. They can conserve the horses energy without fighting with it and unleash that energy at the perfect moment. Riding at that level is very exhilarating!

By the way, great horses are competitive and know and love their jobs. They have their unique personalities and quirks. Trainers and exercise riders communicate the horses unique traits and needs to the jockeys!

On the topic of New York’s Belmont Stakes, Dr. Jeri reminded me that most jockeys and riders functioning at elite levels in equestrian sports are receiving chiropractic care. She emphasized that their careers depend on it. She also reminded me that many of the race horses are adjusted as well (watch a chiropractic for horses video here).

For those of you watching on Saturday, the Belmont Stakes Post Time is set for around 6:27 PM Eastern time. It is a million-dollar horse race, featuring three-year-olds on a 1 1/2 mile dirt track. Belmont Stakes TV Coverage is provided by ESPN from noon until 5 PM (Eastern time) and the Belmont Stakes will be broadcast on ABC ( with live coverage from 5 PM to 7 PM).

This link to some 2009 Preakness coverage includes a video replay of the 2009 Kentucky Derby, where 50 to 1 long shot Mine That Bird, pulled off a monumental upset. The above photo (featuring horse Mine That Bird) initially appeared in this Pimlico Preakness Stakes article. Filly Rachel Alexandra won that race.

Belmont Stakes 2009 Post Time and Positions

By Daria Belov

Mine That Bird and Calvin Borel will likely be the center of attention in the 2009 Belmont Stakes, at least until a horse and jockey cross the finish line. If they win the Belmont horse race, be prepared for more of the excitement seen in the 2009 Kentucky Derby, as Calvin has shown he’s full of spizzerinctum. For jockey Calvin Borel (who rode Mine That Bird in the Kentucky Derby and Rachel Alexandra in the Pimlico Preakness Stakes), a win at the 2009 Belmont Stakes would be history in the making, with him becoming the first jockey to win the Crown on different horses. ABC television (with live belmont stakes tv coverage) would be happy about that too.

Belmont Stakes Horse Racing(photo: Belmont Stakes Horse Racing – credit: Lev2k7)

Belmont Stakes — The 2009 “Run for the Carnations” (a blanket of white carnations is draped over the winner’s neck) is an American Grade I stakes race held yearly in June at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. It’s the third and final leg of the Triple Crown, taking place five weeks after the Kentucky Derby, and three weeks after the Preakness Stakes. The course is a 1.5-mile thoroughbred horse race for three-year-old colts and geldings carrying a weight of 126 pounds and for fillies with a weight of 121 pounds. The 2009 Belmont Stakes features 10 horses.

Belmont Stakes Post Time — The million dollar race has an approximate post time of 6:27pm (on the East Coast) and the field is set with horses in the following post positions: 1) Chocolate Candy 2) Dunkrik 3) Mr. Hot Stuff 4) Summer Bird 5) Luv Gov 6) Charitable Man 7) Mine That Bird 8) Flying Private 9) Miner’s Escape 10) Brave Victory.

Be sure to visit the official online home of the Belmont Stakes at for details on race day info, contenders, guaranteed pools, and how to wager. Also check out lots of Belmont video and photos on the site as well. Speaking of Belmont Stakes photos, several photographers (both pro and amateur) have already posted online photos from race day preparations, and Belmont Stakes race photos should appear soon as well. On the photo sharing website Flickr, perform a search for tags like 2009 Belmont Stakes Photos which should return some high quality results.

While the race begins around 6:27 PM, ABC television will be carrying the Belmont Stakes live (as a regular broadcast and HD broadcast) so be sure to check the ABC-TV website for local details. Television coverage should begin around 5pm Eastern and continue to about 7pm (ET).

There are thousands of news sources covering this race, which includes gambling sites, major media sites, and horseracing sites. Use this link to browse all indexed related news results for the 2009 Belmont Stakes (via Google News). The race will also be discussed on twitter, use the link Twitter 2009 Belmont Stakes to follow that discussion online as well.

By the way, it’s not Belmont Steaks, I must’ve typed that in by accident 5 times while doing some preliminary searching, and noticed I was getting non-horserace information (duh). Also, yesterday Dr. Michael Dorausch interviewed Dr. Jeri Anderson (a competitive horse racing expert and Sacramento chiropractor), and she shared this regarding thoroughbred horses receiving chiropractic care.

Many race horses are adjusted to keep them at peak performance. Many of the horses on our United States Equestrian Team are adjusted. Check out the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association for details:

For those of you seeking more information related to today’s race, here are some common searches to help you find what you seek. With Microsoft’s launching of Bing search (see Chiropractic Bing) I figured it would be fair to share at least one Microsoft Bing News search link as well as searches from Google.

Belmont Stakes: (via Bing News and via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Video: (via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Results: (via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Winner 2009: (via Google News) — Belmont Stakes Payouts: (via Google News)

Enjoy the race! @ 3:00 am | Article ID: 1244282468

National Donut Day 2009

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Or is it National Doughnut Day? Honestly, I don’t know which is preferred. Doughnut or donut? Either way you spell it, they are still yummy. Happy National Donut Day! It’s a long-standing tradition, apparently starting way back in 1938, as a fundraiser for the Chicago Salvation Army. National Donut Day is the first Friday in June (June 5, 2009) and I understand some national chains (like Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Dunkin’ Donuts) are giving away goods (or offering specials) today. Buy some coffee and you may be able to get free donuts from the doughnut chains, or maybe somebody will buy you one, because you’re such a nice and deserving person. Either way, here’s some info I rounded up on doughnut shops in America.

National Doughnut Day - Frosted Donut with Sprinkles(photo: A Yummy Frosted Donut with Sprinkles – credit: D Sharon Pruitt via Flickr)

Yes I’m a chiropractor, and perhaps I am expected to be promoting health and longevity, and a spine free from vertebral subluxation. Hey, National Doughnut Day is only once a year, so let today be a celebration day of deep-fried sugary goodness, dipped in a warm caffeinated beverage. Enough already, here’s the scoop on getting your nearby donut fix.

Free Doughnuts — In honor of National Doughnut Day, Krispy Kreme stores (in the greater Los Angeles area and probably nationwide) will give every customer one free doughnut. Check the Krispy Kreme website ( for the location closest to you.

There is no Dunkin’ Donuts in Los Angeles (I wish there were) but for those of you in vicinity of a Dunkin’ Donuts, they’ll be giving away a doughnut with the purchase of any beverage (like a cup of coffee). I believe the offer is limited to one per person, check the Dunkin’ Donuts website ( for details.

Looking for a Dunkin Donuts, LaMar’s Donuts, or other doughnut locations near you? Here’s how to go about finding local donut shops. On Dunkin’ Donuts, use the store finder to find a nearby location. You can search Dunkin’ Donuts by ZIP code, Street, City, State and even Country (US and Canada). The zip code search works real well, so you may just want to try that. Here’s the Dunkin’ Donuts store location link: Dunkin’ Donuts Store Locator. LaMar’s Donuts has locations in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Check out all LaMar’s Donuts Locations.

Krispy Kreme has a store locator as well. There are Krispy Kreme locations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Korea, Japan, and more. As far as I know, National Doughnut Day is only celebrated in America, but it can’t hurt to hit up a Krispy Kreme anywhere else in the world for a glazed doughnut on such a special day.

The Krispy Kreme Store Locator lets you do searches by city, state, or postal code. Just putting in your zip code and hitting “go” worked fine for me. Try that out to find a Krispy Kreme doughnut location near you. The Los Angeles location closest to my office is the one on Crenshaw Boulevard, near Baldwin Hills. I’ll probably get donut somewhere else in Venice Beach.

Fortunately, there are lots of other donut locations across the USA. I asked some friends on twitter where they buy their doughnuts, and here’s the information that was tweeted back at me. Yum Yum Donuts ( – with locations in California), Spudnuts ( – locations in Los Angeles County), and Winchell’s doughnuts ( – also in California, and now owned by Yum Yum).

If you live in Canton Ohio, Aunt Mary Ann Donuts has drive-up locations, that rocks! Ohio local, Jennifer Laycock, tells me Yum-Ee Donuts in Sunbury Ohio has great donuts as well. I couldn’t find a webpage for them, but here is a Yahoo Local Yum-Ee Donuts page with contact information.

What’s your favorite donut? Replies I got back from twitter included: chocolate glaze twist, cream horn, old fashions, chocolate glazed, maple long johns, bismark with raspberry filling, chocolate chip topped long jon, plain w/ chocolate & rainbow sprinkles on top, and the ever so famous calorie-free ones with maple glaze.

Many thanks to @lauriepercival, @Skitzzo, @serena, @BigIdeaClinic, @DavidWallace, @danperry, @footinmouth, @RedheadWriting, @paulboth, @ysn_careerSOS, @JenniferLaycock, @cyandle for sharing their fine donut expertise. @ 12:02 am | Article ID: 1244185354

NBA Finals 2009 Lakers Magic Game 1

By Daria Belov

The Orlando Magic face-off with the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at the Staples Center in downtown LA, for game one of a best-of-seven series that will crown a champion in the 2009 NBA Finals. Locally in LA County, big black Cadillac Escalades with 40 inch rims, and other LA SUVs and vehicles, are cruising the streets, adorning traditional Lakers purple and gold flags above their windows. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the same is going on in Orlando (with blue and gray Orlando Magic flags seen on the freeways and streets). Los Angeles is undoubtedly NBA basketball dynasty territory, and Lakers fans are coming out of the woodwork for the 2009 NBA finals.

Official Los Angeles Lakers Flag(photo: Los Angeles Lakers Flag – credit: someonewalksinla)

Is really amazing, the NBA finals start today, with games one and two being played here in Los Angeles. We were there for the 2001 Lakers Parade, and the 2002 Lakers Parade (both those links have player photos and cheerleader photos), and I know one local chiropractor that would close his office if there’s a parade this year.

Here’s a bunch of stuff I put together for following the 2009 NBA finals series online. Regardless if you’re an Orlando Magic fan or a Los Angeles Lakers fan, this information should be useful throughout the 2009 series, so feel free to check back throughout the week or save the information locally so you have it.

Lakers Magic Schedule — Game one of the NBA finals is today, June 4, scheduled for 9 PM Eastern time (6 PM in Los Angeles). Game two is scheduled for Sunday, June 7 in Los Angeles, California, at 8 PM Eastern time. Game three of the NBA finals is scheduled at 9 PM Eastern time in Orlando, Florida (on Tuesday, June 9). Game four matchup is Thursday, June 11, also in Orlando, Florida. That game broadcasts at 9 PM Eastern time. If necessary, game #5 will be in Orlando at 8 PM ET (5 PM locally in LA). I’ll update this with game six and game seven information if needed.

Nationwide, ABC television will be broadcasting the NBA finals on TV, which will also be available in HD. Visit the NBA Finals 2009 series matchup ( for more details on times and TV broadcasts.

I’ve been searching for a resource to watch the NBA finals live online for free, and the best resource I’m finding is Check out ESPN Lakers Magic Match Up for now, and I will update this post if I locate a live Internet source for watching the NBA finals online.

2009 NBA Finals News Search — The best thing I can offer you for keeping up to date with news on all the games in this 2009 series is to organize some commonly searched key phrases. Using Google News, I’d suggest searching (all of these will return latest news results) NBA Finals, Orlando Magic, and LA Lakers to find the information you seek.

NBA Finals on Twitter — Twitter has already exploded with continual updates from excited fans for both the Orlando Magic and LA Lakers. I organized a group of popular twitter hash tags that should help you keep up to date with the latest Lakers Magic information. Twitter streams move quickly, so don’t surprised if you see thousands of updates, in a matter of minutes. It’s still the best way I know to get up-to-the-minute information.

NBA Finals Twitter Hashtags — Click on any of the tags to launch a stream of game related conversation in your browser.


If you want to search tweets without using hash tags, you can check either of these 3 links…

search query lakers
search query magic
search query nba+finals

If my intuition serves me right, somebody will be asking the following question before the end of tonight… How old is Phil Jackson? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! 🙂 Phil Jackson was born on September 17, 1945. That puts the LA coach currently at 63 years old. To date, Phil Jackson has won 9 NBA titles as a coach, six with the Chicago Bulls, and three consecutive with the Los Angeles Lakers.

If I come across any other information needed to be posted here, I’ll get this page updated. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the series! @ 1:52 pm | Article ID: 1244148748

Bing Chiropractic Search Review

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, launched earlier this week, to much expected fanfare and commotion. Topics like usability and accuracy of results, are things people are reporting on related to Bing, and I decided to check out some of the features for myself. Like anybody that spends a good part of their day studying search engines and the traffic they bring, I suppose I’m kind of biased and have particular expectations when performing search queries for keywords that are well known to me. The natural choice after searching my name, was to search chiropractic.

First impression? I really like the layout and richness of color seen in Microsoft’s Bing. I like how the graphics change on the main page, and I like the clean explore links for images, videos, shopping, news, maps and travel along the left sidebar. I won’t say that it will become my new choice for primary search engines, but the first impression was good enough to make it onto my bookmark tab, which features only eight other websites.

I’m not getting into details here on too much regarding Bing specifically, there’s plenty of articles that have done that already, including a good one from Rafe Needleman at CNET Webware. What I have done instead is take two different screenshots for searches related to chiropractic, that I’m sharing below. The first one is for a straight text search for the term chiropractic (although Microsoft’s Bing by default was prepared to fill in the search box with the term chiropractor).

Microsoft Bing Screenshot - All Results for Chiropractic
photo: Microsoft Bing Screenshot – All Results for Chiropractic

The above screenshot shows all results for the search term Chiropractic. About 6,890,000 results are apparently indexed, and five appear in the screen capture shown above. The first result features an image and an introductory paragraph, which is an indexed article appearing on a US government website. The remaining four results are typical for what I often see related to chiropractic searches. There are results from Wikipedia, the International Chiropractors Association, a fact sheet from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and results for Planet Chiropractic. Right about now you may be thinking “these results stink, where’s the search results for my chiropractor website?” We all know, not every site gets listed at the top, but we can learn tips and techniques from the ones that are.

I’m obviously biased regarding the results, although I genuinely think Microsoft Bing did a pretty good job getting it right. These results are no doubt going to change over the weeks, months and years to come. I’m not getting into chiropractic traffic reports or keyword related URLs here, that’s another discussion entirely. There is also sponsored advertising appearing on the page (which I deleted from the screenshot) which allows nearly anybody to buy themselves into a top position on this new search platform.

As I mentioned earlier, something I really like about Bing’s preview, is the information showing up in the left sidebar. In the case of the above screenshot, Bing offers related searches such as Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Education, Chiropractic Clinics, Chiropractic Techniques, Chiropractic Salary, Chiropractic School, and Chiropractic Medicine. That last search term undoubtedly ruffles a few feathers, on both sides of the healthcare fence, but it is what it is. Bing also returns my search history in the left side lower browser window, in this case showing the terms chiropractic and chiropractor. Let’s take a look at search results after clicking on one of those tabs.

Bing Chiropractic Image Search - Screen Grab
photo: Bing Chiropractic Image Search – Screen Grab

Along the left sidebar were selections to view things other than the standard text results appearing on the screen. This isn’t specific to chiropractic search, it’s something Bing offers for all searches being performed. I clicked on the images tab and captured the screenshot of what appeared on my LCD. I really like the related searches offered up on the left-hand side. In this case (searching chiropractic images) related searches included terms like chiropractor, back pain, acupuncture, subluxation, reflexology, massage therapy and spine.

The image results came from a number of websites, and I didn’t see any particular preference for any one site, which provides an excellent opportunity for chiropractors (or anybody that wants to rank for chiropractic photos). There were several images showing spinal columns, a few images of chiropractic adjusting tables, a chiropractic logo or two, and quite a few photos of chiropractors demonstrating adjusting techniques. There’s a photo of me on the first page of results, and it’s a high-quality and colorful image. There are some other options when doing image searches, like selecting size, layout, color, style, or other features. I didn’t search beyond the first page, but we’ll likely hit up more detailed image searches, video searches and text searches in the future.

Overall I am pretty pleased with the initial findings seen on Microsoft’s Bing; be sure to check it out for yourself. @ 10:43 pm | Article ID: 1244094205

5 Graduation Gifts that Aren’t for Kindergarteners

by Joey Flores

Every year, the Dr. Seuss classic “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” sells close to 300,000 copies, primarily because it’s one of the most popular high school and college graduation gifts in the US. Thanks, Mom, Dad and Grandma! Now, I can go off into the world and achieve! No offense to the Dr., but here are 5 real graduation gifts – for the millions of college graduates entering the worst job market in decades – that are bound to be more helpful than a book written for 3rd graders:

following dreams graduation gift ideas 1. A Subscription to a Business or Trade Magazine: Did your proud graduate just get a degree in marketing? Get them an annual subscription to AdWeek for $299 ( How about a finance degree? Forbes ( Chiropractic? Consider Pathways Magazine ( Electronic Engineering? Try Popular Mechanics ( Any of these or other focused magazines is sure to help them more with their post-graduation challenges than Horton Hears a Who.

2. The YSN Premium Career Planner: Based on the NY Times bestselling book Secrets of the Young & Successful, YSN’s scientific self-assessment tells your graduate more about themselves than any college career counselor can. At $29, or $49 bundled with the bestselling book, the Premium Report provides them with cutting-edge tools to help them interview like a pro, set and track their goals, and much more. YSN has even made a “Sponsor My Success” graduation gift version, so you can print a certificate or email them the certificate online. Don’t let your graduate go from cap and gown to fast food uniform. They do not want that, Sam I Am.

3. Business Cards: These days, everyone entering or advancing in the business world needs something to hand the people they meet. Good quality business cards can be the difference between a chance business encounter and the job, partnership or mentorship opportunity of a lifetime. From sites like, you can get 1000 business cards on recycled paper for $39.99. From Vistaprint, you can get 80% OFF Premium Business Cards which includes FREE return address labels as well. Since you probably won’t know exactly what to print on them, a gift certificate is likely the way to go. Just make sure it’s enough to cover shipping, too. Nobody likes a Grinch.

4. Business Clothes: Although most kids don’t want Grandma picking out their clothes (no offense, Grandma!), real business attire is a must for people who need to start interviewing in this tough job market. As a graduation gift, take them out for a day of shopping or get them a gift certificate. For guys, Brooks Brothers ( or Banana Republic ( are a safe bet. For ladies, Macy’s ( or Express ( ought to do the trick. Just make sure they know it’s for business clothes, not so they can look like The Cat in the Hat.

5. A Smart Phone: Nowadays, a Blackberry ( or iPhone ( can do everything from make a call (who knew?) to give you directions around a traffic accident while reminding you that you only have 10 minutes till your interview. Email, appointment setting, internet access, and more, are all available with today’s handhelds. But, make sure you get one that works with your graduate’s phone service. They’ll thank you for it. Without these handy features, your graduate’s likely to show up for the interview sometime after Yertle the Turtle.

So, to those of you who still have that hankering for a good rhyme but know that your graduate will need more than fancy word play to succeed, we’ll leave you with this:

Picking out a gift can be tough. Your kid’s done with school and they’ve had quite enough.

You can get them a book; how to fish, how to cook; but that won’t make their life less rough.

That’s why books made for kids are no good. They don’t help out your grad like other gifts could.

So help reduce stress; give the gift of success; and be the parent and or loved one you should! @ 1:08 pm | Article ID: 1244059761

June News Calendar of Topics

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s a lot of things happening during the month of June. Here in Los Angeles we’re pretty excited about the 2009 NBA finals getting started on Thursday, and although I’m not making any predictions, it’s been seven years since I’ve closed my chiropractic office for a Lakers Parade. I’d be happy to do that again later this month if the situation came up. Besides NBA basketball and continual news regarding the swine flu (vaccinating the entire planet is probably on someone’s agenda), there’s plenty of other stuff you can expect to read about this month.

Dogs of Summer - June 2009(photo: Dogs of Summer – my labradors love the summer time)

So the NBA finals kick off this Thursday, with games 1 and 2 in Los Angeles. The Lakers and Orlando Magic will then head to Florida for games three and four on Tuesday, June 9, and Thursday, June 11. Amazingly, planetc1 media has been reporting online news since two years before the 2001 Lakers Parade.

Universal Healthcare — Healthcare overhaul is undoubtedly a hot topic for the month of June. For chiropractors, there is a call to action for chiropractic inclusion on the topic of national health care reform. Read what Barack Obama had to say regarding chiropractic and universal healthcare back in October of 2008.

Summer Blockbusters — Not everybody is thinking about healthcare, flu medications, basketball and other June sporting events. Some people just want to get out and be entertained, and maybe enjoy some popcorn and their favorite sugary soft drink as well. I for one think everybody should head to the movies this summer, as it’s good for the economy, and it’s good to reward America’s motion picture industry for the work they’ve done putting out films this year. Watching a summer blockbuster isn’t the same at home, so include some plans in June to go out and enjoy a movie.

Graduation Ceremonies — It’s graduation season, and something I didn’t know when I was a kid, is that teachers are just as excited as schoolkids to be heading on summer break. Don’t forget to show appreciation for your teachers this June, they oftentimes go way above and beyond their required duties as educators. Most graduations take place around June 21, but it’s not unlikely for graduations to take place throughout the month of June. Don’t forget the graduation gifts, everybody loves receiving presents for a job well done.

National Doughnut Day — Would you believe that Friday is national doughnut day in the USA? Maybe that’s not the perfect topic for a chiropractic owned online publication, but it’s only once a year. I’m not turning down any doughnut deliveries showing up at my office on Friday.

Belmont Stakes — One of the things I miss most about New York, going to Belmont Park for horse races. We had coverage of the 2009 Preakness Stakes last month, and I’m thinking we will have some news regarding the 2009 Belmont Stakes in Queens, New York.

The US Open — I can’t think of any sport more chiropractors are involved in than golf. Not only did Tiger Woods ride on the Chiropractic Centennial Float at the Pasadena Rose Parade (reason enough for chiropractors to love golf), it’s the most common sport I hear people reporting improved results in, when utilizing chiropractic care. That may simply be due to the fact that there are many more golfers than there are players in the NFL or NBA. The 2009 U.S. Open Championship begins on June 18 in Long Island New York. This year’s course is Bethpage Black and the 2009 Open goes through June 21, just in time for Father’s Day.

Summer — Let’s not forget a very simple yet significant event taking place in the third week of June. The summer solstice is nearly upon us, the longest day of the year, and the first day of summer 2009. That weekend millions will be celebrating graduations, Father’s Day ceremonies, watching golf tournaments, and preparing picks for the 2009 NBA draft (another event taking place in June). New York City hosts a gay pride parade at the very end of the month, with an event called PrideFest on Sunday, June 28. That event is expected to draw over 1 million people.

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DD Palmer to be Honored on Iowa Walk of Fame June 6

Palmer Chiropractic News

Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer, discoverer of chiropractic and founder of Palmer College of Chiropractic, will have his name added to the Iowa Walk of Fame in downtown Shenandoah, Iowa. The 12 new plaques to be dedicated in Shenandoah on June 6, 2009, include those for an astronaut, musicians, singers, writers, entrepreneurs, a cartoonist, an athlete, an actress, and of course, a healing art and college founder. D.D. Palmer’s great-granddaughter, Vickie Palmer, will represent the Palmer family and college at the ceremonies. Ms. Palmer served as chairman of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Board of Trustees from 1987 to 2008, and still serves on the Board as an officer.

Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer, discoverer of chiropractic and founder of Palmer College of Chiropractic(photo:

D.D. Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on Harvey Lillard on Sept. 18, 1895, in Davenport, Iowa. He subsequently founded chiropractic’s first college, Palmer College of Chiropractic, in 1897. Shenandoah’s Iowa Walk of Fame currently honors more than 120 famous Iowans on downtown sidewalk plaques. The list of famous Iowans ranges from the man who invented the computer, to famous actors and entertainers like John Wayne and Andy Williams, to presidents and famous athletes such as Dan Gable and Kurt Warner. A book filled with biographies of those on the Iowa Walk of Fame can be obtained at the Shenandoah Chamber & Industry Association office or the Shenandoah Historical Museum.

In addition to D.D. Palmer, others on the new plaques will be: Dick Dale, Algona, singer and musician on “The Lawrence Welk Show”; Kenny Gardner, Lake View, lead vocalist for the Guy Lombardo Band; Russell Gerdin, North Liberty, founder of Heartland Express; V.T. Hamlin, Perry, created Ally Oop comic strip; Shawn Johnson, West Des Moines, gold medal winning gymnast at the 2008 Summer Olympics; Willie Leacox, Shenandoah, lead drummer for the band, America; John Pappajohn, Mason City, philanthropist/entrepreneur; Laura Ingalls Wilder, Burr Oak, author of “The Little House on the Prairie” series; Kay Steward, Shenandoah, television and film actress; and Peggy Whitson, Mount Ayr, NASA astronaut.

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June Hands On Classifieds 2009


Rolling out classified advertising for 1 June, with what’s been posted to chiropractic classifieds in recent days. Summer is on its way, graduation ceremonies and Father’s Day take place this month, and there’s lots of activities for people to focus on, other than buying or selling practices, and seeking chiropractic employment. It is early to say if there will be a drop in advertisements placed for the summertime season, although we do tend to see a bit less activity in July and August each year. Searches for chiropractic jobs are at an all-time 10 year high, so this may be the first year there is no decline in summer advertising. Only time will tell. Enjoy your June!

radiation collimator x-ray tube(photo: x-ray unit tube and collimator)

Used Davlin Chiropractic Office Furniture — Rare opportunity for a complete Chiropractic office set up. This is a Davlin Designed Chiropractic office setup. The furniture is 9 years old, includes, a 12′ front desk, with separate 6′ wall desk and wall mounted cabinets, two 6’x4′ cabinets for patient files, two 4×4′ swing door floor cabinets (great to put brochures on), an ROF wall unit, with 5′ wall mount desk unit with drawer system, 10 cushioned chairs.

Huntington Beach Practice Opportunity — Low overhead office, inside a gym. Great referral alliances! Turn-key Excellent HB location!

Vacation/Disability/Maternity Coverage Available — Vacation/Disability/Maternity Coverage — Licensed in MA, RI, and NY — Personable, and dependable doctor available to care for your patients. 25 years experience with practice coverage. Excellent adjusting, clinical, and communication skills. Familiar with a variety of adjusting and soft tissue techniques. Accustomed to working with diverse patient bases and practice types. References available.

Southeastern Kansas practice for sale — Southeastern Kansas Practice For Sale: 2 year family practice collecting $82,699.00. Dr take home before taxes $57,965.00. Collected $72,622.00 in 2006. Will collect $92,776.00 in 2007. Just 1-1/2 hours to Tulsa – 2 hours to Springfield. Well staffed. Low-low overhead! Peaceful-Norman Rockwell family setting. Great school system. Pix on web! 100% financing O.A.C.

X-Ray Machine with Processor + Extras — X-ray Machine for sale, includes Processor, film bin and an Expo-sure unit (very cool, makes it so you don’t have to measure the patient at all). Works great, takes beautiful films. Asking $5999

Los Angeles (Suburb) CA practice for sale — Los Angeles (Suburb) Ca Practice For Sale: 5-1/2 year strong family cash and standard insurance practice collecting $162,988.00. Dr. take home before taxes $105,213.00. Low overhead. Easy access. Clinic near North Hollywood, Studio City and Sherman Oaks. No work comp. Must move. Pix on web! Numbers move up each year. 100% financing O.A.C.

South Central Ohio practice for sale — South Central Ohio Practice For Sale: 6 year strong blue collar family practice collecting $152,417.00. Dr. take home before taxes $96,755.00. Traditional family community located between Columbus and Dayton with 23k potential patient draw. Doctor must sell – family emergency out west. New doctor can easily double numbers with attention to clinic.

Electronic Chiropractic Notes — Chiropractors, turn your hand written notes or travel card into electronic notes in 5 visit view style. Scroll all the way back to the very first visit in seconds. Create detailed reports easily. Very short learning/implementation curve. Call or email to schedule your live demo today!

Associate Position Available in Northern Virginia — Immediate opening for an Associate Doctor in a well established Chiropractic office. We are located approximately 20 mi. from Washington, DC in beautiful, affluent Fairfax County. The practice is a well-equipped modern facility that offers a competitive salary plus bonuses, paid malpractice, and vacation. We have a full time massage thepaist on staff. Applicant must be an enthusiastic, confident professional with excellent communication skills.

Hessco IST-350 intersegmental table — I have a HESSCO IST-350 intersegmental table for sale. It has the cervical, thoracic and lumbar settings and does vibration and massage. It was purchased from HESSCO about 2 years ago by me, and has only been used approx. 25 times. The table is EXTRA CLEAN, and has no mechanical problems. We just are not using it anymore, so we decided to sell it.

Erchonia PL5000 — Good Erchonia Cold laser. Comes with the dual heads and a flexable stand. Price 6800 plus shipping.

Thomas Heritage 7 Drop Table — For Sale: Thomas Heritage 7 Drop Table. The table has been newly reconditioned with navy blue exterior by Scrip Chiropractic Supply. It is in excellent condition and has not been used since.

NW Indianapolis Clinic for Sale — Nice clinic on NW side of Indy seeing a god mix of PI and insurance for sale. Clinic sees @ 400 PV’s/mo on 3 1/2 day week. Nice equipment including Kodak Digital CR with a 37″ monitor for x-ray viewing, Back Project’s ATM-2,drop table, IST and Hydrotables. Low tech rehab. This is a great clinic! This 2000 square foot practice is 18 months old and markets well in a high visibility Kroger strip center. There is about 18 months left on current lease which can be extended. Priced to sell and is a great deal for someone looking for a nice office with good flow.

Spinal Decompression Table — We have a 2 1/2 year old spinal decompression table for sale. Similar to the Chattanooga style table. Was 14K new, asking only 5k. Available in Eagan, MN but will ship nationwide. Please call for more information.

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