Month: November 2008

Blogging from the LA Auto Show

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Thanks to writing online for the past ten years, and to twitter (follow me here), I’ve been invited to cover news related to the LA Auto Show in downtown Los Angeles.

From what I’ve seen so far the show looks to be an awesome experience. Even with all the doom and gloom talk about the automobile industry, this is a show people in LA can enjoy. It’s like seeing a glimpse into the future, and it’s very cool.

(Photo above is the 2010 Ford Fusion Sedan)

For bloggers and journalists, there is a massive media center sponsored by Yokohama. The Yokohama Media Center is between the South and West halls in Room 408, on the second level of the LA Convention Center.

Everything a journalist could possibly need is available here. Theres about 250 settings for computer work and lots of tables and chairs to get productive at. There’s WiFi and printers, photo and editorial desks, workstations (both for those seating and those standing), and a number of staff on hand to offer assistance if required.

I’ll be preparing a bunch of blog posts and news articles featuring cars at the show. My first was posted Tuesday titled 2010 Mustang and LA Auto Show and there are more to come today.

Check out the 2008 LA Auto Show here. Happy Motoring!

2009 Green Car of the Year Award – Volkswagen Jetta TDI

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI has been named Green Car of the Year. The announcement was made this morning at the LA Auto Show, taking place at the convention center in downtown Los Angeles. Five cars were final nominees for the award, the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, the BMW 335d, Saturn Vue 2-Mode Hybrid, Smart Fortwo and the winning Volkswagen Jetta TDI. The LA Auto Show opens to the public on Friday, November 21st, and runs through Sunday, November 30th.

Volkswagen Jetta TDI Named 2009 Green Car of the Year
Volkswagen Jetta TDI Named 2009 Green Car of the Year

A large media crowd was on hand this morning when the winning car was announced, with bursting flashes and cameras rolling, while the curtain came up for the on stage Volkswagen Jetta TDI. I am at the Los Angeles Auto Show today, test driving green vehicles, like the Mini E (electric), Audi A7 TDI (clean diesel), Honda FCX Clarity (fuel cell), and the Smart fortwo (the smallest car here). Nearly 20 vehicles to choose from are on the lot for bloggers and journalists to test drive around downtown LA, with a course mapped out that circles around the convention center.

On the show floor, the 2010 Chevy Camaro and the 2010 Ford Mustang are sure to wet the lips of muscle car enthusiasts, both cars look wicked hot.

Congratulations to Volkswagen for having the 2009 Jetta TDI named Green Car of the Year. For leasing and purchasing information, contact your local Volkswagen dealer. @ 11:57 am | Article ID: 1227211099

Holiday Contest Ideas and December Chiropractic Focus

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.
Gorman Chiropractic Life Centers

The Holidays are on the way and people need a little more TLC and to discuss something other than the weather and their issues so here’s my idea. A Contest!!!! Done many, many before but haven’t done one in a while so I got one going since Monday in my office and I thought I’d share it with you in hope that it gets a little fire lit in your practice too. This a corny contest and for some reason most people love corny contests even if they wouldn’t admit it.

So here is what we are doing. We are giving away a really cool Ipod Docking System as first prize, a massage for second prize (3 actually) and 10 third prizes which are either a basket full of chocolate or a digital keychain. You pick the prizes you want to give out but make sure it is something that excites you and the staff- that is the key! The prizes will be drawn on Monday night before x-mas.

So here is how someone wins the raffle. Each time they come in to get adjusted they get a coupon to win along with a coupon for each family member who is getting adjusted too. The second way they can get tickets is by referring someone. If they refer someone they get 10 tickets and if they set me up with a talk at a club or organization they get 10 tickets too.

Every time a patient comes in the office the CA gives them their ticket and they fill it in and put it in the box. That is the perfect opportunity for the CA to talk to them about the contest and to plant the seed that we are hoping that they refer patients in our office. Very indirect yet very to the point.

We put all of the prizes on a small table decorated for the holidays and on the wall above the table we put up wrapping paper and every time someone refers we are putting their name on a decorated paper ball to acknowledge them for referring and so they can see how many people are participating as the number of ornaments grows each day.

Your patients get excited about your office and Chiropractic as a by-product of your excitement, so let them see who you are and that you are anxious and capable of seeing more patients and most of all – have fun and love what you are doing – the will be able to sense it and that is what will get them fired up and your staff fired up and then you will get even more fired up!

Focus Philosophy Meetings – December 6th
Focus Philosophy Meetings
Back Bigger And Better For The Fall – DECEMBER 6TH

Dr. PATTI GIULIANO – Her and her husband have a huge family practice in the Boston area and have been conducting monthly Philosophy Meetings for many years!

Dr. JIMMY GALGANO – He and his wife practice in New Jersey. Together they have a large practice and are mentor coach’s with Dr. John Madeira.

Howard Johnson Hotel
Route 611 Bartonsville, PA (exit 302 off I-80)
(570) 424-6100 for Reservations (ask for Focus Rate)
Contact Sharon Gorman at (570) 350-4091for more info.

COST – Suggested fee is the price of one office visit. We will be passing the hat to cover expenses.

Event sponsored by the Chiropractic Fellowship of PA. Check out our web-site at Don’t miss this awesome event – get back in the game and keep your eye on the ball! Whatever you put your energy on you will get more of- invest in your practice and your life!

Call Me If You Want To Join Us For Dinner Before The Meeting – We Will Not Always Be Eating At The Howard Johnson’s! Sharon (570) 350-4091

2006 DRX9000 Decompression Table Must Go!

By Daria Belov

A storm has been brewing in the nonsurgical spinal decompression market. The e-mail inbox has been receiving both targeted marketing from companies and individuals seeking to unload computerized spinal decompression units, and e-mails from chiropractors nationwide seeking out the best possible deals on used spinal decompression products like the DRX9000. It’s the perfect storm for those in the market for these types of lumbar disc decompression and cervical decompression products, since prices are expected to be below $30,000 by the first of January, 2009.

2006 DRX9000 spinal decompressionNot all chiropractors utilize spinal decompression in their offices, and even less use the massive computerized equipment that’s increasingly appearing on auction websites and in chiropracticclassifieds posts.

It sparked my attention when I noticed an e-mail from a chiropractor seeking to purchase a used spinal decompression table for under $30,000. I was about to e-mail a reply when a marketing e-mail appeared that read as follows…

2006 DRX9000 Decompression Table Must Go!
This Table Must Go!!!
2006 DRX9000 for Only $35,000

2006 DRX9000 with harnesses and manuals. Excellent Condition. The same table is listed on ebay for $49,000 from other vendors. New Price is over $80,000

  • Touch Screen Computer
  • Lumbar Level Indicator
  • Patient Monitoring System
  • Advanced Detection System
  • Shipping, training, and installation Available on all tables!
    Don’t forget to ask about how you can add on the industry leading Double Your Decompression
    Marketing and Consulting TurnKey System.

    We will beat any price on a comparable used spinal decompression table. Find the lowest price from any other Doctor or Clinic and we will beat it!!!!
    Call Dr. Brian Self at 480-338-3478

    I’m leaving the seller’s phone number since he probably wasn’t expecting his unsolicited e-mail to appear in a news article. May as well drive him some sales inquiries.

    We’ve seen e-mails and articles on this subject before, with a bank repo spinal decompression article appearing about this time in October, 2008. We’re also seeing a lot of sleazy and slimy spam going on related to the spinal decompression industry. It’s still our opinion that spinal decompression spam is bad for chiropractors and it will be nice to see less of it.

    Don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, since there was a massive marketing effort from companies that manufacture spinal decompression tables back in 2005, 2006, and even 2007. We even had spam e-mail from some schmo trying to sell these tables at full $80,000 plus rates (with the promise of chiropractoid coaching).

    Will vendors take $30,000 or less for these tables? Maybe they won’t today, but wait until the Christmas holidays pass, and I suspect they’ll be available in the $28,000 range or even less. Listen, banks are continuing to repossess equipment and the last thing they want is a piece of aging computerized technology sitting in some warehouse. They want to move this stuff and they’re willing to move it fast. I’d recommend any chiropractor hold out for the best possible deal they can get.

    $60,000 (what we were seeing in the past) for these computerized traction and decompression units is insanity in today’s market. Chiropractors that have the cash, or can make the purchase on their credit cards, are in a strong position to negotiate some spectacular deals on these products. I spoke with Dr. Michael Dorausch (founder of about anyone he’s dealt with as a vendor, and he suggested chiropractors also call Jay Deerman in Sylacauga, Alabama. His company’s toll-free number is 888-463-1381. While Dr. Dorausch mentioned he’s never used decompression therapy in his practice, he has reported nothing but good things when ordering from Access Equipment Corp. (Jays company).

    So do your homework chiropractors and call fellow practitioners, equipment manufacturers, and various vendors of used chiropractic equipment, before shelling out too much cash for these computerized decompression tables. Looking for a chiropractor in your area? Browse your state for local chiropractor listings and find some of the top practitioners in the US. @ 1:33 pm | Article ID: 1227130439

    Medical Doctors Are Unhappy with Their Jobs

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    The newsfeeds are buzzing with stories related to a recent survey that suggests primary care physicians are an endangered species of medical doctor. The survey, involving some 12,000 medical physicians, showed a great number of MDs are unhappy with red tape and decreased payment for their services.

    medical doctor loading syringe We are not talking about plastic surgeons, dermatologists, spinal specialists, cardiologists, and other specialists in the field of medicine, we’re talking about general care practitioners, also known as primary physicians.

    In the survey, nearly half of those that responded said they plan to reduce the amount of patients they see or stop practicing within the next three years. Also, more than half of those surveyed said they wouldn’t recommend young people pursue careers in medicine.

    Red tape and payment issues were among the top complaints of practicing primary physicians, with medical doctors reporting they feel overworked and underpaid for the services they provide. Apparently there’s lots of distress out there amongst individuals practicing the field of general medicine.

    A finding I thought was fairly surprising, was that 60% of the 12,000 general practicing medical physicians surveyed, said that they would not recommend medicine as a career. I can’t say that those in the field of chiropractic wouldn’t respond the same way, especially if the chiropractic practice was focused exclusively on reimbursement from insurance companies and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

    According to the survey, more than 90% of medical practitioners said they devote an increased amount of time to nonclinical paperwork, than they did only three years ago. More than 60% said that the increased paperwork has meant less time spent with patients. Less time spent with patients means less time addressing concerns that bring them to the doctor in the first place. It’s a frustrating cycle for those required to do paperwork before payment is administered (that’s virtually all general medical care).

    The survey suggests 76% of medical doctors are working at “full capacity” or are “overextended and overworked”. The last thing people need is going to a stressed out, overworked, and underpaid health-care provider. It’s bad enough most people aren’t in the cheeriest of moods when going to visit their health-care providers. Many medical doctors must feel like their hands are tied, since not addressing paperwork issues, basically results in nonpayment, or worse, complaints of performing inadequately.

    Lots of those in the health-care profession will tell you they saw this coming many years ago. Way back in 2000, a single medical doctor was seeking a career change, and I posted some comments. The field of medicine is in no way dead, but red tape and other restraints put on practicing primary physicians is apparently making the road to success in life and practice difficult for many.

    There is a hell of a long way to go before we see any noticeable change in this trend. @ 9:54 pm | Article ID: 1227074114

    Social Media Headache Commercial Alternative

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    If you’re not familiar with the backlash that’s been going on surrounding a Motrin (ibuprofen) campaign that hit the Internet over the weekend, this post and video may be a bit offensive to you. Actually, it’ll probably be offensive either way, but the video spoof (which appears below) is quite creative and pokes fun at the entire debacle.

    In a previous post, I ranted about the Motrin Video Campaign, and I was only one of many untold thousands. There was also a weekend news post on the major fail. There’s been a great amount of opportunity to learn how marketing campaigns move through social media since this whole baby sling Mom blogger thing took off.

    While it’s become a major issue of reputation management, I believe many are beginning to look at the long tail of this campaign, and predicting it will be a major success for the over-the-counter headache medicine manufacture.

    This spoof video talks about breast implants, big boobs, and back pain, so leave now if you can’t handle the humor. Obviously, this was not a real commercial.

    From the video… Silicone, saline, through the belly button, under the armpits, and who knows what else they’ve come up with. These things can put a ton a strain on your back, your neck, your shoulders, did I mention your back?

    As a chiropractor, what I found funny is that this version actually makes sense. Hey, I’m in celebrity central, and I’ve had a ton of women with breast implants complain about pain in all those areas (especially the neck and low back).

    Ironically, I take care of a large number of moms that use (or have used) baby slings. In my experience, when used properly, the practice of baby wearing is virtually pain-free. I personally think it’s a lot better to wear one’s baby (as long as you’re maintaining good posture) than it is to hunch over and push a stroller. Don’t forget you have to load and unload that stroller into the car all the time. That puts additional unneeded stress on the spine.

    Well, maybe the headache pill manufacturer, had their target market all wrong. Maybe they planned all this in advance. Bumbling advertising fail or genius marketing strategy, it won’t be for me to decide.

    Council on Chiropractic Guidelines & Practice Parameters

    CCGPP News

    In an effort to properly position chiropractic care in the current and emerging healthcare market, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has requested the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters’ (CCGPP) assistance in creating appropriate definitions of care. The ACA is seeking appropriate definitions of acute chiropractic care, chronic/recurrent chiropractic care, health promotion and wellness chiropractic care, relative to the healthcare market at large. This project was announced earlier this month at the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

    chiropractor demonstrating side posture sacral adjustmentThe CCGPP will be initiating a multidisciplinary Delphi consensus process to define those terms. This Delphi consensus panel will review the pertinent literature/guidelines and develop care definitions more aligned with current literature and appropriate chiropractic practice. The Delphi panel of volunteers will consist of a diverse group of national content experts representing not only a broad cross-section of chiropractic practice, but also other provider types and third-party payer executives, to assure the validity of the process and recommendations.

    Delphi Consensus Process Description
    The Delphi process will consist of the following steps/process:

    1. Collect seed documents: The process will begin by gathering selected documents such as the ACA Wellness Model, ACOEM/ ODG guidelines, Mercy/Glenerin documents, Institute of Medicine recommendations, CCE document & “Health Promotion/Wellness for Your Practice” by Dr. Gatterman, etc.

    2. Develop seed statements: Using the selected documents, seed statements will be developed concerning definitions for acute and chronic/recurrent care and health promotion/wellness, etc.

    3. Appoint Delphi Group members: CCGPP Council will seek nominations for members from the field. Representation of all stakeholders is essential and diversity of opinion, location, and background is important. The group will include experienced DCs from across the nation, including content experts and those recognized academic/research experts. Multidisciplinary representation is also necessary to ensure validity of the process consistent with AGREE.

    4. Coordinator will conduct Delphi rounds by email until all comments are received and agreement is reached within a time frame established by the project coordinator.

    5. Final document containing results is completed by coordinator. All participants are recognized by name and affiliation in publication

    This is a golden opportunity for the chiropractic profession to take a proactive stance and appropriately define our care within the healthcare arena. Completing this consensus process will influence the definitions of care DC’s will work with for years to come. The panelists should be willing to commit 10 to 20 hours of document review time over the course of approximately 4 weeks with the majority of that being spent in reviewing the seed documents. With this in mind, we would ask each of our stakeholder organizations to submit contact information and CVs of willing candidates to the CCGPP for consideration as members of the Delphi panel. We are also interested in your recommendations of non-DC panelists, i.e. MDs, DOs, PTs and third party payor executives, who are appreciative of the merits of chiropractic care.

    It is imperative that we receive these nominations no later than December 20, 2008. Please submit them to [email protected] We would also request you consider sponsoring this process with additional funding. While a Delphi process is relatively inexpensive, there will be administrative costs that will be beyond the current budget of the CCGPP. However, we are unwilling to forego this opportunity and are therefore stepping forward with the project, despite the need for additional funding. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Mark Dehen, D.C.
    Chair, Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP)

    PO Box 2542 – Lexington, SC 29071
    [email protected] – 803-356-6809 @ 12:01 pm | Article ID: 1227038503

    2010 Mustang and LA Auto Show

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    The 2010 Ford Mustang has been revealed. Just in time for the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford has released 2010 mustang photos online, and the vehicle will also be viewable at the LA Auto Show, taking place at the convention center in downtown Los Angeles.

    As a local chiropractor, and someone who works to keep their finger on the pulse of hot topics in social media, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see firsthand, Ford’s 2010 Mustang GT. I’ll be at the show on Thursday, and I’ll be reporting news gathered from the showroom floor, on car safety and passenger comfort. The show opens to the public on Friday, November 21, and runs through Sunday, November 30. The LA Auto Show will be open on Thanksgiving Day.

    The new Ford Mustang GT is expected to be an attention grabber, with a 315 hp V8 engine version. They may want to offer a face towels as an optional package, since I expect there’ll be lots of drooling taking place.

    2010 Ford Mustang GT
    2010 Ford Mustang GT photo
    Many people have been waiting quite some time to view images and video of this new Ford vehicle. Ford Motor Co. introduced it to the public this morning with photos and video on the Ford Mustang web site, and the muscle cars debut at the Los Angeles Convention Center. According to Ford, the 2010 GT has a “new muscular, sculptured exterior,” with larger wheels, adjusted suspension, and more power. For those not wanting the V8 version, there is a 210 hp V-6 engine model as well.

    The Ford vehicles 2010 Mustang website features dozens of 2010 Mustang photos, including both interior and exterior views of the vehicle. Videos (with some pretty hip audio) are also available on the site.

    2010 Ford Mustang GT red bucket seat interior
    Interior view of the 2010 Ford Mustang GT
    This car is spicy hot and I’m looking forward to seeing it myself this week. Again, as a chiropractor that has a love for automobiles and his patients, I will be focusing on the comfort of new Ford vehicles, as well as new features that provide for better safety for both drivers and passengers. Besides the 2010 Mustang, I look forward to checking out the Mercury Milan, Ford Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ. Both the Fusion and Milan models offer hybrid gas-electric power trains. Be sure to check out the 2010 Mustang website if you’re seeking to watch videos or view vehicle photos.

    Tickets for adults are $10 each (cash only) and children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. Check the web site for discount coupons and group tickets.

    LA Auto Show Admission
    Los Angeles Convention Center
    1201 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

    Most importantly, maintain good posture while in your vehicle (as best as you can when enduring traffic) and please drive safely. @ 10:45 am | Article ID: 1227033929

    Questions About Practicing Chiropractic

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    The chiropractic salaries and advice about chiropractic schools articles result in the largest number of e-mails I receive from individuals seeking careers in the field of chiropractic health-care. Sadly to say, there must be more than 100 unanswered e-mails from prospective chiropractic students, it would be great if representatives from various US chiropractic schools would field some of these questions for us. Until that time comes, I’ll keep answering those that catch my attention, please bear with me.

    Chiropractor Michael Dorausch demonstrating lumbar disc herniation on spinal modelChoosing to become a chiropractor is no easy decision, I don’t think anybody should ever just jump in and go for it. While I’m guilty of not replying to many of the e-mail requests, I appreciate that individuals of all ages are taking the time to research career potentials in this industry. The latest e-mail I received was from someone with questions about chiropractic practice.

    I had a few questions about practiving chiropractic and I was hoping someone from your website could help me. I am currently enrolled at a University and started to become interested in chiropractics. I was originally leaning towards medical school, but with the high demands and competition I have begun to look into other options. Based on what I have learned so far, most people do 3 years of college before chiropractic school. I was wondering, is it normal for someone to earn their Bachelor’s degree and then apply to a chiropractic school? I would like to keep my options open, depending on my GPA, interests, etc. at the time closer to graduating for college. Is it reasonable to wait until graduating from college, or will this make be “behind?” Any tips or information would be wonderdul. Thank you for your time.

    Thanks for your questions, I’ve met an untold amount of people that have become interested in the field of chiropractic while studying in premedical requisite courses. You mention high demand and competition in the field of medicine, be prepared for the same (at least after you graduate) in the field of chiropractic. From what you’ve told me so far, sounds like you have thought this pretty well through. Congratulations to that. In my experience most people do attend three years (or more) of college before entering a chiropractic program, and yes it is normal for someone to earn a bachelor’s (Bachelors of Science) degree and then apply chiropractic school.

    The majority of chiropractic colleges in the United States have similar entrance requirements, with some schools having different approaches towards requiring bachelors degrees. For example, I don’t believe a bachelors of science degree is required to begin the chiropractic program at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles (CCCLA), but if you have enough credits, you may as well get the BS degree. I’m fairly certain Cleveland is the only school in California offering a bachelors of science program while training towards the doctor of chiropractic program. There are three other schools teaching chiropractic in the state of California, and they’ve all earned high marks from the school’s respective graduates.

    I believe what you’re really seeking is whether you’ll be missing out on potential chiropractor class time if not yet finished with your pre-chiropractic coursework. In my opinion, I think you can go either way on this. If you have the energy, I’d choose a chiropractic school before graduating from college. Seek the cooperation of your schools guidance counselor and administration department of the chiropractic school you are planning to attend. Unless you need to take time off for work, family, or other miscellaneous issues, I’d continue schooling straight through. You’d be done that much faster.

    Some other recent questions are received regarding schooling included this article titled An Interest in the Study of Chiropractic Work. I scanned through some of the archives for related topics and came up with the following…

    Can You offer Advice about Chiropractic Schools?
    Chiropractic 101: An Aspiring Chiropractor
    Things you may consider when choosing a chiropractic school
    10 Years After Chiropractors Graduation

    This last article is a bit older, but I include Student Loan Crisis Worsens since it’s a critical topic. Before you make the commitment for any kind of long-term schooling, you should look into what kind of student funding is available. Check out student loans, information on student loan paybacks, consolidation of loans, interest rates on student loans, and all that other money related stuff. The economics of this whole approach to being a natural health-care provider are important to address from the beginning. @ 9:38 pm | Article ID: 1226986743

    Motrin Video Campaign May Cause Major Headache

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    The problem with taking medications, is there are always side effects, and sometimes they’re not the kind of side effects one would expect. With the growth of social media, we are increasingly seeing undesired side effects, from companies seeking to market their brands to consumers. An example playing out today on twitter, is a major fail for the manufacturer of Motrin, as evidenced by the backlash coming from a #motrinmoms discussion, taking place basically all day today.

    It all started out rather innocently enough, with manufacturers of Motrin launching a video ad campaign related to wearing your baby (as they say, it seems to be in fashion). There is talk about it being a great idea in theory, but the remainder of the video pokes fun at the entire concept of bonding with one’s baby (at least that’s how I took it). The pitch comes with talk of babies causing a ton of strain on one’s back, neck, shoulders, and again, ones back. There’s thousands of different opinions on this video, you can watch it here.

    Now I understand Motrin is in the business of selling people drugs, that’s how they make their money. But did they even consider who they were marketing to? I mean let’s think about it, moms (and dads for that matter) are carrying babies closer to their bodies. As an expert in spinal integrity and postural balance, I think that’s a good thing (not to mention the psychological and other benefits).

    So if you’re like me, you may have noticed that this video appears as an attack on bonding with one’s child. It’s all meant to be light humored I suppose, with babies in the video being referred to as “these things” that put a ton of strain on your back, your neck, and your shoulders.

    Andy Beal over at Marketing Pilgrim has his suggestions on reputation management for the Motrin video campaign. He offers some pretty solid thoughts on what they should do now.

    I guess Motrin’s whole point is that you shouldn’t have to put up with the pain, even though it’s a “good pain.” Excuse me, but are they freaking retarded in the Motrin ad department? I wonder which marketing genius could tell me what’s good about degenerative joint disease, osteoporosis, early onset of arthritis, and other major health risks moms could likely be covering up in order to look like an “official mom”?

    That last part really has me wondering why they launched this campaign in the first place. In my experience, moms and dads that are choosing to carry babies close to their body, are also doing other things to maintain good health such as: attending yoga classes, taking Pilates, incorporating meditation techniques, purchasing organic foods (for themselves and their children), utilizing natural chiropractic care, acupuncture, and other holistic ways of living. Taking pills just doesn’t seem to fit.

    I’m biased towards chiropractic care, just as a drug dealer would be biased towards chemically duct taping one’s body’s natural communication, when it comes to the symptoms related to baby carrying activities. I understand that. I’m sure they’ll get plenty of people using the product for this purpose, but I have to imagine there’s a great number of moms and dads out there that don’t want to medicate their lives away in ignorant bliss.