Month: August 2008

Chiropractor Joe Accurso speaking at DCS Wednesday August 20th

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

One of my all-time favorite chiropractors, Dr. Joe Accurso of Miami, Florida is speaking at the DCS Clubhouse in Newport Beach California on Wednesday night, August 20, 2008. Following is some news from the DCS Clubhouse newsletter regarding Dr. Joe’s visit to Southern California.

Dr. Joe Accurso is coming to DCS this Wednesday August 20th
This Wednesday Aug. 20th: Dr. Joe Accurso
At The DCS Clubhouse 20321 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA. 8pm

Primary Subject: The new patients first 2 visits usually determine whether or not they will refer.

Joe Accurso in Panama circa de 1998(photo: This is an old photo of Joe. We will have some new ones tomorrow)

Do you have days when you love your practice? How about those days when you hate your practice? Do you dream about hitting the lottery and retiring? – I do. We all do. But each year I practice I become a better teacher and have fewer retirement thoughts. I am financially very well off but I know I will never retire. I see 400-500 patients a week over the last 30 years. That is not a lot of money compared to so many mega practices but for me it’s good and I am changing some lives (a lot of lives).

Maybe I can help you enjoy your practice more. What we have in this philosophy and art is what this world needs. It does not need more vitamins and vaccinations, cholesterol medicine and antidepressants. Please for the sake of making the world a better place to live – join me tomorrow night. I want to spend some time with you.

P.S. Bring your staff! All four of my kids are Chiropractors. None of them are as good looking as me.
P.S.S. Secondary Subject: Why do patients refer others?

What other chiropractors have to say about Joe Accurso…

“He is my absolute favorite speaker. His message is incredibly honest. He is the most principled Chiropractor I know.” – Tim Zook, D.C.

“Joe moves people in one of the most sincere ways I have ever witnessed. No hype… Joe reaches your heart in unparalleled ways. His ethics are second to none. Men like him are few and far between.” – Cliff Hardick, D.C.

“Anytime I listen to him, I come away with a new thought or idea. But most importantly I am challenged to be a better Chiropractor.” – Joe Strauss, D.C.

“Joe’s message is an asset to the profession. It helps clarify our purpose as Chiropractors while inspiring the audience to greater heights. He delivers a clear, consistent message with certainty, power and charisma.” – Arno Burnier, D.C.

Dr. Accurso is a very talented, intelligent, and a personal Doctor of Chiropractic. His leadership and inspirational qualities are exceptional. On a scale of 1 to 10, as a human being and Chiropractor, you would have to rate Dr. Joe at least as a 12.” – D.D. Humber, D.C.

“Joe is the most powerful Chiropractor on Earth. He will teach you never to underestimate the power of the Chiropractic adjustment!”
– Walter Sanchez, DC “He talks to you about correcting the chronic subluxation. He says it’s all about the Chiropractor’s ability to be at peace with himself. He loves to go to the office! I know this because he is my Dad!” – Joe Accurso Jr, D.C.

“Joe Accurso is an inspiration to me and every student of Chiropractic who has ever had the opportunity to hear him speak. When he talks philosophy no one can walk away and not become more in love with the adjustment. He is so powerful.” – Matt Harris, D.C.

“Joe will make you uncomfortable. He’ll make you sweat. He won’t make you feel all fuzzy and warm all over. He’ll knock your teeth out without even raising his voice… Wear a mouthpiece!” – Craig Berko, D.C.

“He is simply the finest Chiropractor I have ever known. He is full of generation ahead of his time. How he maintains a practice of between 400 and 500 patients a week with no advertising, screenings or yellow page ads is beyond me. And the phenomenon that amazes me most about Joe is that he is enjoying his practice more now than he did 10 years ago.” – Dennis Messina, D.C.

“Joe Accurso will teach you that all the problems that face Chiropractic today will be won only on the adjusting table. Joe will teach you to be a better Chiropractor.” – Robert Braile, D.C.

“Joe will not attempt to impress you with himself, but he will try impress you with Chiropractic.” – Dan Abeckjerr, D.C.

Visit Dr. Joe Accurso’s website at:

The Dead Chiropractic Society
20321 Birch Street, Suite 100 – Newport Beach, CA 92660 – Phone: (949) 250-0600 @ 1:47 pm | Article ID: 1219178872

WordCamp San Francisco 2008 Best Eva!

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Returned home today from the 2008 San Francisco WordCamp which took place at the Mission Bay Conference Center. This was my third WordCamp event and for me it was the best of them all.

The facility was fantastic, the speakers were awesome (more detailed post coming on that later this week), bagels and coffee were great, there was an abundance of stickers and buttons, T-shirts galore, geniuses to hang out with, and I was surrounded by an incredibly open hearted community of individuals. I came home so charged up and I wasn’t expecting that.


This was one of the first photos of the day taken, and there were plenty more. Photos taken from my camera have been uploaded to a WordCamp Flickr Group page. While the 2007 WordCamp was lots of fun, this one really rocked my brain with some new insights and positive inspiration.

Thanks to all the volunteers that worked so hard to make this event such a huge success!

Planet Chiro RSS Updates

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

RSS feeds for news, chiropractic classifieds, and the chiropractic blog pages are going through a series of updates during the next few days. At least two changes have already been put into action and the remaining updates will likely take place by August 24, 2008. This is a Sunday summary post involving changes completed and on the horizon.

At this time there are no changes to the Chiropractic RSS Feeds page but the feeds themselves will appear differently in some feed readers and on various web sites and blogs. If you are viewing this content in a feed reader, via an e-mail service, or on a third-party blog or web site, you may notice that we’ve switched to a summary format instead of providing full feeds.

Complete content including links, photos, video, and any other associated media, will continue to appear on the main Planet Chiro web site. The decision to change to a summary format was done after a team of individuals familiar with the distribution of planetc1 content concluded it may provide a temporary roadblock to those sites and individuals that are illegally scraping and redistributing PC content without permission from planetc1 or our authors.

chiropractor halfdome Yosemite National Park California(photo: A view of Halfdome in California’s Yosemite National Park – some incredible hiking done this summer)

For chiropractic website companies and other parties that seek to license the redistribution of content, those options continue to be available. Interested parties can contact planetc1 via e-mail (click the yellow envelope above) to request inclusion in the syndicated content distribution network. It’s hard to tell yet what effect changes to a summary format will have on our daily readers. We are considering developing more than one form of rss feed so that subscribed users of planetchiropractic content can continue viewing it in its entirety, via an RSS reader or e-mail application.

The second thing you may or may not see appearing in RSS readers or third-party web sites is the monetization of this content. We recently activated our RSS feeds to include advertising similar to what you would see on the main web site news page or homepage. There hasn’t been much configuration on how advertising will be displayed so it may range from non obtrusive to annoying in-your-face text and even image ads. We’ll be taking screenshots all week in hopes of developing a medium that will be beneficial to our users and advertisers. Personally, if I find it to be an annoyance, the advertising is getting stripped. This was a good time to do testing in order to determine what more permanent changes may be implemented in our fall web portal updates.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding changes coming to the display and distribution of our content. This isn’t the most exciting new so I saved it for a Sunday afternoon. There are some pretty cool site upgrades on the way but we are still banging some of the bugs out. For those in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the remainder of your summer and the getting back-to-school season. @ 4:58 pm | Article ID: 1219017513

Humanity mission reaches 10-year mark

By Dina Sciortino

Editors Note: This article originally appeared on Friday, August 1st, 2008 in the print version of The Rivertowns Enterprise local newspaper. It features Chiropractor Anita Morgenstern of of Hastings, NY and her mission of serving New York and all of humanity. A spectacular piece by author Dina Sciortino on Chiropractic Humanitarian Anita Morgenstern.

Chiropractor Anita Morgenstern, who has lived in and run her private practice out of Hastings for the last 13 years, has used a holistic approach to chiropractic to ensure the easing of the body and minds of well over 70,000 homeless people over the last 10 years. As Morgenstern puts it best, “That’s a lot of spines.”

After hearing about a soup kitchen at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier, on 15th Street in Manhattan, from a patient, Morgenstern, 55, saw this as an opportunity to fulfill her belief that “every person could benefit from chiropractic care.”

Morgenstern told the Enterprise, “It would make the world a better place if people were to get adjusted.” She added, “I’ve always felt that I wanted to give it [chiropractic care] to anyone and everyone.”

Anita Morgenstern treats a patient at her office in Hastings.(Photo Credit: Jim Maclean/Rivertowns Enterprise)

Morgenstern, who received her D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) from New York Chiropractic College in 1982 and has been in private practice ever since, began to enlist a group of chiropractors, known as Chiropractic for Humanity, to go to the soup kitchen every Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m., to provide free adjustments to those stopping in for a bite, as well as the parish and soup kitchen staff. At her office in Hastings, Morgenstern usually charges about $45 for this service.

Morgenstern believes the homeless can especially benefit from an adjustment because “of the amount of physical, sexual, and substance abuse they might have been through in their lives,” which she says causes their spines to be even more out of alignment than the average person’s. “To correct that is to get the body free, so it can start to heal itself from all of those old traumas, and the person can come back to themselves,” she said.

“Most people don’t understand what chiropractic is about,” said Morgenstern. A common perception is that it is about pain, “a neck ache, back ache or something of that nature, but its not.” She says that when a body is properly aligned, it turns the brain’s power on, allowing it to properly flow to all parts of the body. “People can think better, they are inspired by their connection with themselves, they can hear their inner voice telling them what to do in their lives.”

She explained that spines become backed up from stress of all kinds, which causes subluxations, or misaligned vertebrae, causing nerve or spinal cord pressure. As much as 60 percent of impulses can be blocked by subluxations. When this happens, nerve impulses are blocked from properly traveling to and from the brain, clouding the thought process. Morgenstern says subluxations can also lead to other problems from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

A properly aligned spine allows nerve impulses to travel quickly and freely throughout the body, leaving it, and the mind, at ease. “I feel chiropractic is so essential to everyone, not just people with aches and pains,” said Morgenstern. After providing her service, “I’ve had people at the church tell me they haven’t felt that good feeling within themselves in 20 years.” With this good feeling and sense of clarity, Morgenstern says, they then can start to help themselves with addictions or emotional stress and depression, since their bodies can start to function in a more normal way after an adjustment.

Ten years after starting at St. Francis Xavier, Chiropractic for Humanity has grown to serve two other locations: an Episcopal parish on Ninth Avenue, Church of the Holy Apostles, which they have been working out of for about seven years on Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and Elijah’s Promise, a soup kitchen in New Brunswick, N.J., where Chiropractic for Humanity has operated for the last five years, also on Thursdays, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Morgenstern has a core group of 20 chiropractors who alternate days and locations. Others from all over the tristate area come in less frequently, however, Morgenstern says that any time these doctors can offer is greatly appreciated.

Among her die-hard volunteers are Emanuel Tsourounakis, who practices out of Queens, and brings a group from the New York Chiropractic Council to schedule sessions at Holy Apostles. Jay Yuhas, a New Jersey doctor who traveled for an hour to volunteer his time to Chiropractic for Humanity, told Morgenstern about Elijah’s Promise, and organized four doctors to rotate shifts there every week. Adam Lamb, whose office is across from Grand Central Station, and John Albaneze, out of Queens, both spent weekends at a time adjusting firemen and emergency workers at Ground Zero, after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and are among those who truly give of themselves, according to Morgenstern. “On a Sunday morning, if a doctor wimps out on me, I can call up and say ‘Adam I need you,’ and he’ll just go.”

About 60 to 100 spines get adjusted at each location in the two hours that the one or two doctors have to work. More often than not, there is only one doctor available. This could become a little tougher in the next week or so, since one of the four tables, which were donated to the group, is broken. Morgenstern is currently looking for someone to donate two more.

These tables are necessary to serve the hundreds of people who are from different states, and other countries, that come each week to get adjusted. “Some people who have never been adjusted in their lives may get the adjustment they need to really make a change in their life,” said Morgenstern, adding that others “who get straightened up, and get a job and home, but still can’t afford chiropractic care also come.”

Morgenstern told the Enterprise that she has two ladies who can afford to receive local chiropractic, but use public transportation to get to Manhattan from Queens just to be worked on by Chiropractic for Humanity. This doesn’t bother Morgenstern, whose motto, which can be read from a 10-foot-long banner hung above the adjustment area, is, “Releasing the healing power within every man, woman, and child.”

When asked why she thinks people travel so far and come back over and over again to be healed by the doctors of Chiropractic Humanity, she pointed to her heart. “The heart is in the right place,” Morgenstern said of the group’s doctors. “People go to a chiropractor on the outside where they are talking about their pain, or your this or that; we focus on the freeing of the being within. It’s more of a spiritual orientation, I think.”

Morgenstern would like to see Chiropractic for Humanity expand to serve other locations, however, she says this will not be possible unless they get more doctors to volunteer. Morgenstern says that while she loves her patients in Hastings like family, there is “something about the feeling when I adjust people at the soup kitchen” that she says makes her feel like a million bucks. “What I’ve done for them is so incredibly significant — not that it’s any less significant here [in Hastings]; it’s just that those people are hurting so badly in so many different ways, to shed a little light there is very gratifying.” @ 12:35 pm | Article ID: 1218828970

Constant Watch on Fraud and Scams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m on a roll. Turns out the subluxated fraudbag that targeted e-mails at the classified ad community has been doing so on other web sites as well. We received an e-mail yesterday from someone that was selling a motorcycle in a US state that was contacted by the same individual e-mailing users on our classifieds site.

Thanks to the participation of the community we were able to post information about the suspected fraud. While it’s frustrating for those seeking to sell items to others, it’s motivating to receive e-mails from people that have gained from reading the information we’ve collectively presented. You guys rock!

I got into this in major detail just last week with my 1000 mentions of fraud and phishing but I’m on a roll and I intend to continue posting this info (even if it only helps one other person).

On the topic of fraudulent e-mails when purchasing classified items posted online, here is some communication that should raise flags…

Thanks for the mail and the content is well understood, the information has been receiveed, the check will be mailed out by tommorrow by my creditor and i will notify you with the tracking number of the payment….please note that the check will come with excess funds which will be used for the shipping and handling of the item,all you need to do once u get the check is to take it to bank and cash it instantly and then withdraw the excess funds and have it sent to the shipping company that will be contacting you once the payment is been received by you.

Notice the mention of excess funds, third parties, and shipping companies? This has scam written all over it.

Here is more from the same individual…

Thanks for the mail, the payment will be mailed out by monday, hope u understand that the check is going to come with excess funds so all you need to do is to get the check cashed deduct the funds for the item and then have the rest funds wire to the shipping company that will take care of the pickup of the item, thanks and i hope these is clear to you.

OK, sometimes I have bad spelling too, so that might not be a dead giveaway. But the mention of excess funds and the request to wire money to a shipping company is classic fraud language.

Regardless of what web sites you use for classifieds and / or auctions, pay attention and stay alert to the possibilities that often times the first person contacting you is the fraudulent scammer. They watch for items to be posted on web sites and they move quickly, hoping to separate you from your items before you catch on to what they are up to.

10 Years After Chiropractors Graduation

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic schools across the nation are graduating students this time of year. There are Homecomings and Lyceum’s in Iowa, South Carolina, California, and other US states that are home to chiropractic colleges. Educational institutions that teach chiropractic typically hold graduation ceremonies two and three times throughout the year and summer appears to be the popular time for most chiropractic graduations. While graduation from chiropractic school is a big event for most any doctor of chiropractic, today’s date marks 10 years since the graduation of my August 1998 class.

Cleveland Chiropractic College Diploma 1998I remember being a chiropractic student and thinking chiropractors that had been in practice for 10 years were old-timers. Now I think chiropractors practicing 30 or more years better fit that description. Maybe in 20 years from now I will feel differently about it.

It was a hot August summer day in Glendale, California when the 1998 summer class from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles (CCCLA) walked across the platform to receive their diplomas. Amongst chiropractors graduating on this day were Drs. Patrick Bennett (the class valedictorian), Darrel Crain (the outspoken and strongly opinionated author), Damon West (photographer and artist), Sondra Konigsfeld & Jack Mawer (surf kooks and SOT evangelists), David Zamikoff (Florida representative) and yours truly (general all-around troublemaker).

I don’t recall the total number of graduates crossing the platform on that day but there were certainly more than 25. Congratulations to all of you, hope your first 10 years out in chiropractic has been a spectacular experience.

Dr. Patrick M. Bennett, Doctor of Chiropractic now practicing in Studio City, California, was always studying and nearly everyone in the class was fairly certain he would be the class valedictorian. He has since been married, had two children, and maintains a terrific chiropractic practice called Optimal Health Chiropractic, which is in Studio City (about 15 miles from the chiropractic school he attended).

Dr. Darrel Crain showed tremendous effort while attending chiropractic school. He was already married with kids at home and he made regular weekly commutes to Los Angeles from San Diego in order to attend school in the LA area. Darrel Crain has authored a number of articles for Planet Chiropractic, as well as authoring for other publications (mostly appearing locally in San Diego). Dr. Crain has also been active in the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) having served as president of the CCA San Diego County district.

Crains articles include topics on vaccination, bartending, schoolyards, and straightjackets.

Chiropractors Jack Mawer and Sondra Konigsfeld met while attending chiropractic college and married a short time after. They should be coming up on a 10 year wedding anniversary anytime soon. When attending chiropractic school they lived in the Venice beach area, where they could surf and play with their dog, and they later moved to the coastal community of Encinitas, to build a chiropractic family practice.

Dr. Damon West was the artist, photographer, and comedian amongst the group. Dr. Damon drew this drug-induced schoolkid image while in chiropractic school. He also photographed visiting chiropractors Ian Grassam and Fred Barge during a 1997 visit to the college campus. Dr. West practices in Sacramento, California.

No chiropractic class would be complete without someone like Dr. David Zamikoff in attendance. The Florida resident moved to California in the 1990s in order to get his education at CCCLA. Dr. Zamikoff and myself were amongst the first chiropractic students traveling to Panama for CREW missions in early 1998. We both returned after graduation for what was to become many chiropractic humanitarian trips to that nation. Dr. David Zamikoff practices in Bradenton Florida, which is located just south of St. Petersburg and north of Sarasota, on the state’s West Coast.

If you are a chiropractic patient, chances are your chiropractor is not paying attention to the day they graduated from chiropractic college. You may want to take a look around their office and find the date listed on their diploma. Who knows, they may just have an anniversary coming up. @ 10:49 am | Article ID: 1218736184

Palmer California License Renewal Seminar Series 2008-2009

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Received word today of the Palmer West schedule for chiropractic education seminars in late 2008 and early 2009. Here’s what I have…

Palmer College Presents: California License Renewal Seminar Series 2008-2009

ON CAMPUS: Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus – San Jose, California

Sept. 6, 2008 — Medicare
Sept. 27, 2008 — License Renewal Series: Pediatrics PracTise 1
Feb. 21, 2009 — License Renewal Series; Advanced Extremity & Spinal Technique
March 7, 2009 — License Renewal Series: Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab, Provocation and Motion
May 30, 2009 — License Renewal Series: Diagnostic Imaging for the Chiropractor (10-hour)

Nov. 15,2008 — License Renewal Series: Diagnostic Imaging for the Chiropractor (10-hour) – Sacramento
Nov. 22, 2008 — License Renewal Series: Advanced Extremity & Spinal Technique – San Bernadino
Feb. 28, 2009 — License Renewal Series: Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab, Provocation and Motion – Sacramento
March 21, 2009 — License Renewal Series: Diagnostic Imaging for the Chiropractor (10-hour) – San Diego

Earn up to 12 hours per weekend, unless otherwise noted. CE applied for in select states. Contact your state board or Palmer Continuing Education for more information.

Search the PC Seminar Database for additional details.

To register, call: (800) 452-5032 –

20 years later in Elk Grove

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dr. Steven Hansen of Elk Grove California was recently interviewed for a Planet Chiropractic news article. After the interview was nearly complete he was asked a few more questions about his chiropractic practice. Dr. Steve got into the topic with great detail so we decided to include his shared information as a separate post. The following is from Dr. Steven Hansen…

Steven B. Hansen, D.C.

After 20 years in practice I thought I had it all figured out. I had a very successful practice and many loyal patients. Then I was involved in an auto accident. I was hit from behind and suffered from whiplash. Initially I thought, “no big deal, I will just get adjusted and heal up.” Long story short, I developed pinched nerves in my neck and an MRI revealed 2 herniated disks and one torn disk. My right biceps muscle atrophied (withered) 1/2 inch and became significantly weaker. I experienced headaches for the first time in my life and had constant neck pain. Two and 1/2 years went by and over one dozen different chiropractors and several different chiropractic techniques, to no avail. I actually considered retiring. As if this were not enough a close family relative who for the last 20 years I have cared for, had a neck injury and the epilepsy that went away after I begin caring for him returned and despite my best efforts I could not get him stabilized.

Also during this time I had a great long term patient develop throat cancer and die shortly after. There were several more patients who for one reason or another frustrated me with regard to lack of healing or frequent flare-ups. So I begin to pray, asking God for answers. Then I began to search the internet, calling up old friends, and going to seminars looking for answers. The answer came at a re-licensure seminar in Las Vegas.

A Doctor was giving this very awkward looking adjustment in the reception area with about 20 people standing in line. I stood in line to receive what would be my first biocranial adjustment and a life changing event for myself, my family and my patients. My first biocranial hurt immensely. So did my second and third. Then on my eighth biocranial “IT” happened. Relief of neck pain, no more arm numbness or weakness. No more headaches! And a surprising bonus, my wife and I felt less stressed out by our kids and life in general, we were just happier. This would be a recurring theme reported by dozens of patients. As it turns out Biocranial releases stress and torquing on the brain and spinal cord and the entire nervous system and hence the entire body and mind functions better.

During my healing process it became clear that if I wanted to become a true world class healer I needed to address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. I needed to make available to my patients the opportunity to participate in “living health” Chiropractic techniques, Exercise strategies that WORK!, nutritional products that are effective and affordable, and ongoing support, assistance and advice on achieving and maintaining a state of “living health.”

After hundreds of hours of research it all came together. Hansen Chiropractic is now Peak Performance Chiropractic offering 20 years of chiropractic experience, a state of the art strength training, rehab and fitness center are one on one with a certified trainers and get this, awesome results are achieved in thirty minutes workouts per week.

Superior results to increase strength, stamina, flexibility, neck and back stability, fat burning and osteoporosis reduction/prevention. Stress reduction is also a major goal in the Living Health puzzle, so we added Massage Therapy, whole food nutrition is also very important since most people eat fast food, packaged food and lack adequate amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. I also provide weekly, “Mind Expansions”, i.e. patient handouts covering various topics to achieve and maintain Living Health. You can be assured that I am relentless in my quest to stay on the cutting edge of providing outstanding HEALTH CARE.

I expect only one thing in return, SPREAD THE WORD! I truly enjoy caring for people. I want to be used up. I do not want to waste my God given potential. So, PLEASE step up and tell your friends, family and co-workers about what we do. It literally could change their lives.

Meet a Chiropractor – Steven Hansen of Elk Grove

By Daria Belov

California is a place where chiropractic care appears to be growing increasingly popular and there are doctors of chiropractic practicing in many different parts of the state. Some practice in or nearby coastal communities such as San Francisco, Monterey, Oxnard, Huntington Beach, Oceanside, San Diego, and others, while others opt for the northern borders of Mexico, and even the southern borders of Oregon. Then there’s the inland chiropractic locations like Riverside, Victorville, Bakersfield, Modesto, and Fresno. One California chiropractor on the list is Dr. Steven Hansen of Elk Grove.

We contacted Dr. Hansen for a Planet Chiropractic interview and he shared with us his reasons for becoming a chiropractor, as well is information about his practice and community. We added a bonus story as a result of the interview (20 years later in Elk Grove) which was posted to the blog pages. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Steven Hansen.

Steven Hansen - Chiropractor in Elk Grove CaliforniaSteven B. Hansen, D.C.
Peak Performance Chiropractic Center
8580 Elk Ridge Way., Suite B, Elk Grove, CA 95624

PC: Did you visit more than one chiropractic school before choosing the one you ended up attending?

SH: After visiting 3 California Chiropractic Colleges I chose Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California for its strong emphasis on wellness philosophy and adjusting techniques.

PC: That’s interesting because among chiropractors we’ve interviewed, Life West has consistently been receiving some of the highest marks. Did you apply the techniques learned at Life West into your chiropractic practice?

SH: Our office specializes in 3 chiropractic techniques known as Gonstead, Biophysics and Bio-Cranial, but we provide care using other techniques as well. Methods of chiropractic care often used in our office include: Activator, SOT, Diversified, Gonstead, and Flexion Distraction.

PC: Wow, that’s 7 different forms of chiropractic technique. I bet many consumers don’t even realize there’s more than one or two ways to adjust the spine. Do you provide any other services besides chiropractic adjustments in your practice?

SH: Our office ia a true cutting edge wellness center providing specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments. We have massage therapists, personal trainers, detoxification and weight loss programs and weekly classes on how to create a wellness lifestyle.

PC: How do people typically pay for services in your practice? Do you accept payment from insurance companies?

SH: We offer affordable cash plans, care credit and accept most insurances.

PC: What’s your practice location like? Are you located in an office building, freestanding facility, shopping center, or other?

SH: Our office is located in a professional building, just off Elk Grove Blvd next to Goodyear Tires. We have state of the art digital x-rays just like Kaiser Hospital. We are conveniently located in the Blockbuster, La Bou Bakery & Cafe, & Dollar Tree shopping center.

PC: Sounds like there’s plenty of businesses around you. What kind of other businesses are located nearby that you find are of value to your patients and/or community?

SH: We are fortunate to have both a Trader Joe’s and a Nugget Market located within a mile from our office. The Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to pick up healthy snacks. Good nutrition is important to our goal of helping people stay healthy.

PC: What’s the city of Elk Grove like? Did you move there after graduating from chiropractic college or were you familiar with the area before deciding to become a chiropractor?

SH: I was born and raised in Elk Grove. In Fact, my grandparents raised 8 children here. There is a street named after my mothers’ family, Eisenbeisz St.

PC: That’s very neat. Sounds like there’s quite a long family history for you in the Elk Grove area. Was there anyone in your family that motivated you to become a chiropractor?

SH: While growing up I developed a keen interest in staying healthy because both of my grandfathers died of strokes in their early 50’s. Then my father in his early 30’s developed rheumatoid arthritis, which caused my father a great amount of pain and deformity. My father was constantly being used as a guinea pig and was given many different kinds of drugs and experimental drugs. All of which had moderate to severe side effects. One of my uncles and two of my aunt’s also developed rheumatoid arthritis.

SH: Also, while growing up my mom developed headaches and anxiety and had a lot of neck, shoulder and chest pain. The medical doctors told her that she needed trigger point injections. When the medical doctors gave the injection in a chest muscle, he put the needle in to deep and collapsed her lung. My mother spent two weeks in the hospital and almost died.

SH: Needless to say I was not very impressed with the medical profession and yet I knew I needed to learn what it took to be healthy and I figured there was no better way then to become a medical doctor.

PC: It’s unfortunate but I’ve heard many similar stories. In hopes of making the world a better place you decide to become a medical doctor, and then you discover an even better way to help people. When did you make the switch?

SH: So I attended San Joaquin Delta College and then Sacramento State University as a pre-med major. While attending Sacramento State I sustained a severe low back injury and went to the campus medical doctor who gave me drugs and told me I had a strained muscle. Two weeks later I was still crawling to the bathroom in the morning and if I sneezed or coughed I would end up on the floor in severe spasms. I returned to the medical doctor who sent me to a physical therapist who told me to put heat and ice on my back and stretch my muscles. Another two weeks went by and I was not more than 5 to 10% improved since the original injury. That is when my father took me to see an old retired chiropractor that he knew. I, at that time had never even heard the word chiropractic and did not know what a chiropractor did. When I received my first chiropractic adjustment I got off the table and was immediately 70% improved. I then stayed with my chiropractor for the summer and was completely healed. I then returned to Sacramento State University and took a few more courses in chemistry and physics and entered Life Chiropractic College West.

SH: Four academic years later I graduated from Chiropractic College as valedictorian of my class. I have been practicing chiropractic since 1986 and now have one of the largest solo practices in California.

PC: If a patient asked, are there any particular chiropractic schools you would recommend they attend?

SH: Over the past 20 years 8 of my patients were so inspired by their chiropractic experience that they became chiropractors themselves.

PC: Local news reporters drop by your office to ask what it is you do. You answer?

SH: If you are looking for a committed, passionate, and caring doctor of chiropractic who has 100% faith in his ability to help you, call today and join Dr. Hansen’s family of thousands of enthusiastically satisfied patients.

PC: Thanks for being a part of our Planet Chiropractic interview series Dr. Hansen. We are finding this is a spectacular way for the world to find out more about you. It also helps other chiropractors make referrals when seeking someone practicing in areas like yours. Thanks again! @ 10:38 am | Article ID: 1218562729

6 Card Monday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here are six different chiropractic business cards from two chiropractors I know quite well. Five of them belong to Dr. Steve Visentin (related Dr V posts include couples massage workshop, digital pedometer postcards, and automobile accident checklist) and the one on top left corner belongs to California chiropractor, Ralph Andrade.

6 Card Monday

Dr. Ralph’s card reads “Live, Laugh, Love” followed by the name of his practice, Andrade Chiropractic, and the office phone number, which is 209-832-1996. The back of the card is not shown in the above photograph but there are large black letters that read Be Thankful!

Dr. Steve shared a number of his business cards when a group of us were in Arizona recently. The two cards showing pictures of Dr. Steve were both taken inside his chiropractic office. He has large murals on the wall and he had custom-made signs developed that fit his practice philosophy. The one on the left reads “Body Work Ahead” and it’s fairly easy to see in the above photo. The card in the upper right hand corner reads “Drug-Free Zone” which includes an image of two people walking and a message below that says “Healing Is Always an inside Job.”

The business card below that is in Spanish and the text at the top reads EXAMEN GRATIS. The card below that reads “After years of neglect, aligning your spine will take time. Give yourself time to heal. As you realize you’re feeling better, decide to correct your spine as fully and completely as possible. Be consistent with care, because your health depends on it.”

The last card on the bottom left is written in Ethiopian. I didn’t get a chance to ask doctor V. what that card said but I’m assuming you have something to do with receiving an evaluation with presentation of the card. I think it’s great to see a chiropractor taking such steps to better serve people within a community.

Got cool chiropractic business cards? Send me a photo (or link to a photo in the comments) and maybe I’ll get a post written about it. The two chiropractors mentioned above are great individuals and I feel confident recommending either one of them for anyone that may be seeking care in their areas.