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Meet a Chiropractor – Scott Swanson of San Francisco

By Daria Belov

It’s been said that there are as many different ways to practice chiropractic as there are chiropractors. Each chiropractor brings to the profession a uniqueness and individual sense of self. They take the clay of chiropractic foundation, and mold it into shapes that form the representation of themselves as a doctor of chiropractic. While there’s no denying that chiropractors differ from one another, there are numerous things that they share in common. What do you say we get to know some of them better?

Meet Scott Swanson, a chiropractor practicing in San Francisco, California. I had the pleasure of interviewing him recently for this Planet Chiropractic article, and I’m happy to share his story.

Scott R Swanson - Chiropractor San FransiscoScott Swanson, DC
Parkside Chiropractic
2394 31st Avenue – San Francisco, CA 94116 — 415-566-7134
PC: Thanks for taking the time to participate in this interview Dr. Swanson, and thanks for e-mailing us a photo and information about your office, it will come in handy for those that may be seeking a chiropractor in the San Francisco area.

PC: All chiropractors in the United States must attend an accredited chiropractic school before they can be licensed to practice. Where did you choose to attend and why?

Dr. Swanson: After visiting Palmer Davenport, National and Western States, I decided on Palmer West. The tour of the anatomy lab really impressed me. I received my Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2002.

PC: What adjustive techniques do you currently practice?

Dr. Swanson: In our office we offer many treatments for the average person that are also used to keep pro athletes in top shape including Graston Technique, Kinesiotaping, as well as traditional chiropractic adjustments.

PC: Is there a specific type of patient you see in your practice, such as athletes or children?

Dr. Swanson: Our patient population is very diverse, we treat everyone from the whiplash victim to the 91 year old (no kidding chiropractic has kept him in great shape), to the middle school football player.

PC: With today’s concerns regarding health care coverage and affordability of care, what forms of payment you provide for members of your practice?

Dr. Swanson: We accept cash, credit cards, have convenient payment plans, and are preferred providers with most insurance plans.

PC: We know you’re located in San Francisco, any specific landmarks?

Dr. Swanson: Our office is located in the beautiful Sunset District of San Francisco near Ocean Beach right on the L Taraval Muni line.

PC: I would imagine parking could be a tough thing in a city like yours, how is your office situated?

Dr. Swanson: Our office is on the ground floor of an apartment building and we have plenty of free street parking which is a rarity in the city. We have two private adjusting rooms and an area for rehabilitative exercise and massage.

PC: Tell us more about you, how did you get introduced to chiropractic?

Dr. Swanson: About 20 years ago when I was a middle schooler back in Corvallis, Oregon, my parents and I were driving in the family car to pick up my sister at tennis camp. I was in the back seat and remember we were going across a bridge with the traffic backed up ahead of us. We were forced to come to a stop in the middle and then suddenly–BAM!–we were hit from the rear by a car that was following too closely.

I recall that my neck snapped back but I was not aware of any problem at that moment. We were able to drive away afterwards after determining that apparently the car was okay and so were we. However, a day or so later things changed dramatically for me. I was at practice with my middle school football team and the coach was having us do a neck stretching exercise. That’s when it hit me–severe pain and stiffness in my neck. I had to leave the field and, for a time, my football team.

My mom took me to our family doctor and he gave me some pain pills and a warning to stay away from the game until the neck healed on its own. But the pain stayed with me and the pills only covered it up for a while. I was a kid who loved football and was depressed about missing it. Then a family friend suggested visiting a Chiropractor he knew.

Well, to make a long story short, I did visit that specialist who gave what I later learned were “adjustments” over a few visits to re-align my spine. He told me some of my vertebrae were kicked out of whack with the impact of the accident and caused all the neck pain. Within a week my neck was back to normal. I felt no pain no matter how much I stretched my neck.

As a kid, I remember being pretty amazed that a little manipulation of my spine could totally cure my neck. I expressed that amazement to the doctor and he said something to me that pretty much changed my life. He said that a lot of people are astonished at how something so gentle and painless could have such miraculous effects. And he also said “Scott, maybe when you grow up you’d like to help people as I much as I was able to help you.”

PC: That’s cool your chiropractor planted the seed for you to become a chiropractor as well. If a patient asked, are there any particular chiropractic schools you would recommend they attend?

Dr. Swanson: All the chiropractic schools are great but if asked I would of course recommend my Alma Mater Palmer West! I believe their education is top notch.

PC: Chiropractors now practice all over the world. What’s your particular community like?

Dr. Swanson: San Francisco really is a wonderful place to live. The weather is comfortable here all year round, most often it is from 60-70 with some sun shining. Any given weekend there are a plethora of cultural, outdoor and city events to choose from, my favorite event every year is the Fleet Week Airshow. The views here cannot be beat, the Golden Gate Brigde, Marina Green and Embarcadero are amazing and you are close to world class wines in Napa, world class skiing in Tahoe and the wonderful beaches of Santa Cruz.

PC: Sounds spectacular. That’s quite a place to live and practice. Are you involved in any local programs that serve the community (besides in your office)?

Dr. Swanson: I believe everyone has the obligation not just to better themselves but better their communities as well. I volunteer my services at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic for HIV+ patients and the Rock Medicine program which provides medical care at rock concerts. I also serve on the board of our local merchants association.

PC: Besides having a chiropractor like you, what is your city’s claim to fame?

Dr. Swanson: San Francisco’s claim to fame could differ a lot depending on who you ask. The Golden Gate Bridge is here of course but we also have the biggest Bloomingdales outside of New York and we were the first city to allow gay marriage.

PC: Who are some of the people you have enjoyed helping the most?

Dr. Swanson: I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful people, our local heroes, police officers and firefighters. Also the Butler Brothers Pro Motocross Team at the Supercross in San Francisco and Aurelia Cats judge on NBC’s Celebrity Circus TV show.

PC: A local San Francisco news reporter steps into your office and asks what you do. Your response?

Dr. Swanson: We get people well fast and keep them that way by providing top notch care for people of all ages using the latest treatment techniques.

PC: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Dr. Swanson. This will make a great article.

Dr. Swanson: Thanks for the opportunity for this interview Planet Chiropractic!!!!

The contact information for the chiropractor interviewed…

Chiropractor San Fransisco
Scott Swanson, DC — Parkside Chiropractic
2394 31st Avenue – San Francisco, CA 94116

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Adjust Your Advertising Subluxated Pen

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Yesterday I authored a post regarding a 1996 ICA Review magazine and I mentioned that in the entire publication there was only one use I could find of an e-mail address being printed. None of the author bios included e-mail addresses, none of the classified advertisements mentioned e-mail, none of the ads for more than two dozen vendors listed an e-mail address for further contact, except one.

adjust your advertising

Take a look at the very bottom of the ad and you’ll notice an e-mail address for Anybody remember Netcom and those 3 1/2 inch floppy disks they used to mail out so you could sign up for their service? I think I had my first netcom account about this time, somewhere around 1994 or 1995.

I’ve checked some 1994 ICA Review publications and this same advertiser was taking out ads during that time. From what I could find they added the e-mail address contact sometime during 1996.

Even though this bent pen advertising is from 1996 I think the company is still in business today. I know that Dr. Fred Schofield and Dr. Luke Cohen have continued using these subluxated pens as part of there in office marketing for more than a decade. I believe a number of different companies either distribute these pens for this company, or they make their own versions.

I have not used the subluxation pen in my office but I have used plastic spine key chains, which patients have loved. If anyone has a good source for a current maker for these pens, post it in the comments and let’s give them some business.

1996 ICA Review and Who Had a Website

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This morning I was scanning through a 1996 copy of the ICA Review (International Review of Chiropractic) and I noticed there was almost no evidence of anyone claiming to have a website or e-mail address. The publication is nearly 12 years old, but surely there had to be at least somebody mentioning the Internet in some fashion. I was attending chiropractic college at the time (CCCLA) and was quite active on the Internet, but was anyone else?

ICA Review 1996

I went back through the 98 page publication page by page, checking contact information for vendors, e-mail addresses for chiropractic authors, and web site URLs of chiropractic schools that were advertising in the publication. I even checked all the chiropractic classified ads on the last page.

There were ads for companies such as Foot Levelers, King Koil (a mattress Co.), Zenith (adjusting tables), Quest Seminars, New York Chiropractic College, Team WLP, and Document Plus (a billing company). Of all of the two dozen plus advertisers, there was only one mention of e-mail and one mention of a website. Not a single author included an e-mail address in their bio and there was no inclusion of e-mail addresses or web sites listed in any of the classified ads.

So who would have a chiropractic website in 1996, and would be listing the URL in trade magazines? Take a look at the ad below for Life Chiropractic College West.

Chose Life West

The advertisement reads “I want to be the best chiropractor I can be and I want the best education I can get. That’s why I chose Life West.” – Terri Lumm 1995 Graduate

I wasn’t surprised that the only chiropractic advertisement in the entire publication was for Life West chiropractic college. Does anyone remember the latest stuff from Gerry e-mails that when out in the mid 1990s? He was on the cutting edge in communicating chiropractic on the Internet.

What I found funny about the advertisement was that someone goofed up on the URL structure. Probably a common mistake when printing website URLs in 1996. Take a look at this close-up…

Notice the URL structure reads HTTP: W/WWW.LIFEWEST.EDU/ I just tried running that through my Firefox browser which results in an error message Address Not Found (Firefox can’t find the server at w.). Nonetheless, I think it’s an interesting look at chiropractic history on the Internet to see who was promoting their website in September of 1996.

By the way, 2005 Via Barrett, San Lorenzo, CA 94580-1368 is no longer a valid address for the chiropractic college. The school is located at 25001 Industrial Blvd., Hayward, CA, 94545 and they can be reached at (800) 788-4476.

I’ll get to the one advertiser mentioning their e-mail address and will have this post updated.

Autism Vaccination Discussion Continues On

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

News of autism and questionable connections to mass child vaccination programs, continue to spark fiery discussions that separate those that feel there is distinct link between vaccination in the development of autism, and those who claim there is no signs to support such accusations. The topic of vaccination and autism is in the news again this weekend as federal health officials reportedly held a meeting today to discuss a case of a nine-year-old girl who became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations. They are also discussing another case, in which a six-year-old girl from Colorado received a flu vaccine (FluMist) and died after becoming weak, and being hospitalized for surgical intervention.

autism and shotsDeath of a child is a high price to pay for vaccinating against the flu, especially when vaccine effectiveness is questionable. Parents have the right to be informed as to the risks associated with receiving such vaccines. Some will argue that the benefits of vaccinating children during flu season far outweigh the risks, but critics, including parents that have grown increasingly agitated, want more answers and less mandates. Parents that have chosen not to vaccinate their children are not irresponsible faith healing whack jobs, as some reporters in the major media have made them out to be, they are individuals that have rights and freedoms which deserve to be upheld.

According to news from the New York Times news service, federal health officials gathered today along with some of the world’s leading experts to discuss the case of Hannah Poling, a child whose family (her father is a neurologist) received a settlement from a federal vaccine injury fund, after it was found the young girl developed autism soon after receiving childhood vaccines.

As government and public health officials continue to claim no link has been made between vaccines and autism, parents continue to shout otherwise. Among those parents are those receiving quite a bit of attention, such as Jenny McCarthy, who spoke on Oprah in September of 2007, to bring greater attention to parents battles with autism, and a quest for answers.

The autism debate is not over, it rages on, while scientists, parents, and public officials, continue seeking answers to the seemingly unanswerable question… What is the cause of rising autism rates in the United States?

Autism case at meeting forefront
Experts to Discuss One Puzzling Autism Case, as a Second Case Has Arisen

Browse Planet Chiropractic news archives for related topics regarding autism and vaccination. You may also want to search articles containing the terms mercury and thimerosal. @ 5:21 pm | Article ID: 1214785283

Chiropractic Neck Adjustments in a Bus Terminal

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Royal Palm Beach chiropractor, Dr. Edwin Cordero, e-mailed me this photo, earlier today. It features yours truly receiving an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment while sitting on a folding chair inside a bus terminal. The terminal is a major hub of the country of Panama’s mass transit system.

chiropractor receives adjustment

The bus terminal is a massive facility with thousands of people passing through each day. I had the opportunity to provide volunteer chiropractic services there on at least two different occasions. The photo above was taken in February of 2004, while the CREW was in Panama for the 10th chiropractic mission trip.

Both Dr. Cordero and I were wearing government issued polo shirts that included the official logo of the Alcaldia de Panama (Panamanian government) embroidered on the front. I can recall a few funny stories (none that I’m sharing here) involving me wearing that shirt (and other shirts that were provided) while traveling through Panama.

Chiropractors Return From Panama Mission 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2008 Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide (CREW) mission to Panama has completed and was reported as another successful event. Chiropractors provided chiropractic care to an estimated 35,000 people, thanks to the assistance from numerous volunteers and the Panamanian government.

The 2008 trip took place from May 24 through May 31 and it was based centrally in Panama City. Volunteer chiropractors from around the globe participated during the weeklong event, by providing chiropractic care and education to citizens of Panama.

Chiropractors Cordero Sigafoose Lavar
photo: Chiropractors Cordero, Sigafoose, and Lavar
The 2008 mission was announced in March, leaving chiropractors and short amount of time to prepare for the trip. Chiropractors from around the globe volunteered, including those from Florida (Paula Hedglon, Armond Rossi), Dr. Diaz, and Edwin Cordero), Georgia (Dr. Marco Belizaire), New York (Dr. Penny Schwartz and Dr. London), and California (Dr. Brandon Takahashi). Chiropractors Will Brooks, Brent Easley (West Plains, MO), Matt Dillman (Kokomo, IN), and others were also in attendance. Several from the group have provided care on more than a dozen chiropractic mission trips, and there were newcomers as well.

Locations for services were all in the Panama City area, and included locations such as the Panama City bus terminal (a reported 15,000 people were adjusted at that location), IPHE school (3,000 adjusted), Lions Club gymnasium (5,000 adjusted), and the Auto Depot (10,000 adjusted).

All of the locations except for the Auto Depot, are places chiropractors had provided care in the past. The newest location was headed up by chiropractor Edwin Cordero and it proved to be a popular destination for chiropractic services.

The City of Panama provided lunch and dinner every day for the entire week. There were numerous reports of the people of Panama were extremely appreciative of chiropractors being back in the country to provide care. The Alcaldia de Panama and Panama City mayor, Juan Carlos Navarro were instrumental in assuring the mission was a success. The PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democrático) has provided strong support for people to receive chiropractic care in Panama, whenever these missions have been organized.

Many thanks to all those that volunteered and to Lina Guillen for orchestrating another successful mission trip, providing natural health care to the people of her country. @ 11:09 am | Article ID: 1214417399

Coarsegold Chiropractic Office on Highway 41

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On a recent road trip (partially along the California five freeway) to Yosemite National Forest, I passed by a number of chiropractic offices. We stopped in Bakersfield on Friday to visit the office of Dr. James Ryan and took some photographs of chiropractic offices in Fresno.

On Saturday, I was in Oakhurst, Fish Camp, and Coarsegold, and took photos of signs and outsides of chiropractic offices I located while in those towns. This photo was taken off of California Highway 41.

Chiropractic Coarsegold

There is a new hotel and casino in Coarsegold (which looked massive) but I didn’t visit the property. Coarsegold is in Madera County California. Pretty sure the name comes from California gold rush times since there’s billboards featuring pictures of prospectors along the highway. It’s a small town but this chiropractic office was located directly on the main highway (41) and it was easy to spot traveling to and from Yosemite Park.

Someone in a nearby market told me there is an abundance of tarantulas in the area, especially in October and November. So from what I could see when visiting Coarsegold, there’s a chiropractic office, a post office, a hardware store, a vitamin store (located next to the chiropractor’s office), a carpet and upholstery cleaning service (see the top of the sign) and a few other businesses. Here is a view of the chiropractic office from the front.

The trees in the background appear a bit hazy due to the recent fires in the area. At least 50 fire trucks from places like Visalia were heading up Highway 41 as I was passing back through town on Tuesday. Highway 41 is also known as Southern Yosemite Highway in that area.

Anarchy in Healthcare

By Bill DeMoss, D.C.

Why is it chiropractors continue to take care of such a small portion of the people in our great country? Are we telling the story? Are we telling it hard enuff? Why is it everyone goes to a dentist but not a Chiropractor? Humans are now easily the sickest animal on the planet and we are the sickest country in the world (we need some mission trips in our country).

Personally, I feel there needs to be a major revolution and a mass program of public awareness on the realities of true health. As B.J. once said, (DCS Motto) “The world is not indoctrinated in medicine. People are conceived and born in a medicine cabinet. They grow up in a drug store. Their priests and their tin gods are the AMA. They have been brain-washed, hypnotized, mesmerized and drugged to believe their life force comes from Outside-In. Chiropractic must un-brainwash the public and demonstrate that health comes from Inside-Out. But first we must un-brainwash the Chiropractor, too many of whom have themselves not caught the idea that vertebral adjustment releases Innate, works in harmony with Innate, becomes a partner with Innate in effecting the cure.”

I also feel Chiropractic has been bastardized, watered-down and many in our profession have sold their souls to gain acceptance by third party payers and worse yet, a medical profession (cartel) that I believe is now the number one killer of people in America. Heart disease and cancer are all caused by living an allopathic lifestyle; consuming more drugs that are not only toxic but allow people to continue their suicidal lifestyles.

Chiropractor Bill DeMossI came out of chiropractic school brain-washed and shaped into a medipractic style of a Chiropractor. It wasn’t until Dr. John Babich dragged me from California to Dynamic Essentials; I was philosophically transformed into a hard core, on fire, on purpose kiro. With this new vision and major passion for saving lives, especially children’s lives, my practice exploded. With great mentors like Dr. Fred Schofield and Dr. Mark Kimes I was capable of seeing large numbers of people changing lives in my community. Now I feel it’s our obligation to not only to tell the story in our offices but to get out in the community and change the world.

I know this sounds so cliche but I’m serious as hell. I’ve never been more serious about teaching people that there is a better way, that there is actual hope. My good friend and business partner Dr. Brad Glowaki, has mastered public communication skills. Here he teaches chiropractors methods to tell the story effectively at health talks in corporate America. Telling the story without compromising ones philosophy.

The DCS California Jam is a love fest for Chiropractic. We bring together hard core Chiropractors from across the world to celebrate this beautiful thing we have called Chiropractic. It’s a who’s who of the world’s greatest Chiropractors. Our objective is to not only motivate Chiropractors, CAs, students, and prospective students but also the general public. We like to be unique, so what we are doing in the future is bringing music to the table, I’m talking about real rock LIVE music. The band(s) for 2009 will be kept a secret until you see them go live before your eyes, the sooner you buy tickets the closer to the stage you will be.

This will be “The World’s Biggest Chiropractic Party” at the insanely beautiful Orange County Performing Arts Center, did you see the testimonials? We are building the DCS ARMY to finally take the message to the masses at a very large scale. Next year’s date is March 7, 2009. The speakers we already have confirmed include Drs. Fred Schofield, James Chestnut, Claudia Anrig, Patrick Gentempo, Tim O’Shea, John Babich, Brad Glowaki, myself and many more to be announced. @ 8:22 pm | Article ID: 1214364188

First Day of Summer Funnies

On the first day of a hot summer this guy should be extremely busy. Oh wait….

vaccination man

Slowly he would cruise the neighborhood, waiting for that occasional careless child who confused him with another vendor. Sure thing Johnny, you’ll be screaming, but it won’t be for ice cream.

Over 800,000 Albertans Seek Chiropractic Care Each Year


EDMONTON – Chiropractic health care is a beneficial and effective treatment option that provides thousands of Albertans with relief from pain and dysfunction said the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC) today in response to a call for limits to be placed on vertebral adjustment (also termed manipulation) of the neck.

“In comparison with many other common health care interventions, chiropractic adjustment is one of the safest and lowest risk options,” said ACAC president, Dr. Clark Mills. “Side effects from chiropractic adjustment are typically minor and resolve quickly.”

woman chiropractor VegasThe most recent research into neck adjustment further supports the safety record. The results of a collaborative and multidisciplinary six-year study by the Bone and Joint Task Force on Neck Pain and its Associated Disorders into the causes, prognosis and treatment of neck pain were published in the peer-reviewed journal Spine in January 2008. The study concludes that Vertebral Basilar Artery (VBA) stroke is a very rare event in the population. The research indicates clearly that the risk of VBA stroke associated with a visit to a chiropractor’s office appears to be no different from the risk of VBA stroke following a visit to a physician’s office.

The study concludes that this type of stroke commonly begins with neck pain and/or headache which causes the patient to seek care from their chiropractor or family physician before the stroke fully develops.

Similarly, a British study of more than 19,000 chiropractic patients encompassing over 50,000 cervical spine manipulations published in October 2007 in Spine found “no reports of serious adverse events.”

In Canada, a study conducted by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) states, “The evidence to date indicates that the risk associated with chiropractic manipulation of the neck is both small and inaccurately estimated. The estimated level of risk is smaller than that associated with many commonly used diagnostic tests or prescription drugs.” The study was published in 2001 in the medical journal Stroke.

“The call for a limit on adjustment of the neck is unfounded and based on anecdotal reports,” said Dr. Mills. “The body of published, peer-reviewed research internationally clearly supports the safety of this health care practice.”

Chiropractic is a regulated health profession in Alberta. Chiropractors deliver health services under a legislated scope of practice. In Canada, chiropractors require a minimum of seven years of post-secondary education: three years at an undergraduate university level including science pre-requisites followed by an additional four years of specialized training at an accredited chiropractic college.

For further information please contact: Deb Manz, CEO, Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors
11203 – 70 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 1T1
(780) 420-0932 @ 9:39 am | Article ID: 1213979978