Month: May 2004

What is Chiropractic Retracing?

By Super CA Lynne

Chiropractic patients occasionally experience the phenomenon of retracing. Retracing is the re-experiencing or re-awakening of pain or other symptoms, including memories or even emotions that seem suddenly to erupt to the surface. It appears to be a part of the healing process. Some examples may make this more understandable:

1) A person is pleased with his/her chiropractic care but suddenly finds the original symptoms returning. These symptoms clear up within a short time.

2) A person receives an adjustment and, while resting afterwards, suddenly experiences such intense feelings of lightness and happiness that he/she begins to laugh. Or, the reverse occurs and the person begins to cry. Again, retracing.

3) Someone receives an adjustment and shortly thereafter re-experiences the accident in which he/she was injured, being suddenly filled with fear and confusion. The feelings soon pass.

4) A patient begins to recover his/her health after a few adjustments, but one day feels pain. This might be in any part of the body; in the following (true) case it was the wrist: “Did you ever have any problems with your wrist before?” asked the doctor. “Yes, I broke it a few years ago in the very spot I now feel pain.” “You’re probably retracing,” said the doctor. “The area never healed completely and is now completing the healing process. The symptoms will not last for long.”

5) A person receives an adjustment and becomes consumed with memories of childhood. Once again, retracing.

Why Does Retracing Occur?
It appears that the body tissues themselves have a “memory” which records the traumas, accidents and injuries it has experienced. Since feelings of panic, shock, anger and/or hysteria often accompany injuries; the retracing patient may feel these emotions “leaving” as the physical injury begins to heal.

Retracing is not always dramatic. Sometimes it may manifest itself as simply the urge to take deep, satisfying breaths while undergoing care. There may be a release of psychophysical energy going on at this moment, though it may not be accompanied by any conscious memories. Yet retracing may be occurring in such instances.

Retracing is Real
Don’t think of retracing as being imaginary or unreal. Retracing experiences are very real and can be both physically and emotionally quite intense. In such instances it’s often difficult to see the experience as part of the healing process. Patients going though a particularly intense retracing pattern may feel as if they’ve had a serious relapse or are perhaps even getting worse.

Although retracing experiences usually last a short time and often pass relatively quickly, patients have been known to terminate their care as a result of them. During this period it is especially important that the patient tell the doctor what is going on. Patients who terminate their care as a result of retracing symptoms will be cheating themselves of a healing experience. @ 1:52 pm | Article ID: 1083790323

Retracing… Another Word for Healing

By Super CA Jackie

Super CA Lynne recently had a great article entitled, “What is Retracing.” Some new patients stop care when they experience retracing. How scared are they now? They were hesitant about “Chiropractic Wellness” in the first place. They are under care for a short time and feel better, but still aren’t sure where this is all going. Then one day they walk in and express to the CA how lousy they feel. They will tell you how their ailments, old injury pains and symptoms have returned and gotten worse. Patients will also tell you they are not sure if this Chiropractic method of “Wellness” is for them. They may even question if the Chiropractic adjustments are “hurting” them.

This can be a crucial time for patients. Retracing must be correctly explained to them. Patients must understand that it’s normal and a part of healing. We don’t want them confused or frightened away from care. Some patients are aware when they are retracing and some aren’t. Keep a close watch on their care schedules! Have they been canceling their appointments? Do they have excuses why they can’t reschedule an appointment? Are they cutting back their schedule? (Don’t assume it may be a financial or insurance issue. That would be a cow’s thot! Charge! Be a Rhino and find out why they are slipping away!) If you notice this pattern or if patients confide to you how they are feeling bring it to the Chiropractor’s attention! Now, it’s up to the Chiropractor to explain to them about the phenomenon of retracing! (Also, give them a copy of the article, “What is Retracing.”)

We will always have new patients and old patients that are chronic complainers. (Yet we love them all the same!) They never have a good day and aren’t happy unless they complain. Patients can’t wait to tell you their finger nail hurts and what their “symptom of the day” is. You have to be aware of when it’s a regular complaint or something good happening like retracing.

I remember what a bumpy road it was for my friend, Super CA Debbie when she retraced panic attacks. They lessened when she first started care. Then she started calling me with concerns that the adjustments weren’t helping anymore. She was discouraged about care because the panic attacks returned full force. (I had my work cut out for me with this referral!) There were days I had to talk her into getting adjusted. She dreaded the adjustments during this time. Her words to me were, “Why am I getting worse? Soon after I am adjusted, I get a panic attack.” It was time for me to explain to Debbie about retracing. (If I didn’t hear from her, I knew enough to call her to say hi!) I always reassured her that retracing the panic attacks were a part of healing and they would become “symptoms” of her past. If I didn’t reinforce her during this period of healing, she would have stopped care. I kept encouraging her by saying, “You must keep getting adjusted! Don’t cut back your care schedule! The more you are adjusted the faster you will heal! Trust me!” She did and in due time panic attacks became a part of her Chiropractic healing story that she continues to share with others! Why did I support my friend to keep getting adjusted? The answer is simple; I knew she wanted to be better. I promised Debbie that Chiropractic adjustments would help her. She became my greatest retracing challenge that I wouldn’t let quit!

It’s sad when patients fall through the cracks because of retracing. When you’re aware this may be happening to patients, continue to speak Chiropractic to them with faith and authority. Most important is for the CA’s and Chiropractors to communicate about patients’ healings and complaints. Good communication among all staff members allows patient volume to grow and will change one life at a time!

When patients start to complain to you smile and say, “GREAT, I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE HEALING!” (Now be prepared to start explaining what you just said!)

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Dr. Fred Schofield has a great pamphlet on Retracing. I’m not sure how much a package is but you can call the office at 800 554-3260 and ask for more info. We give these to all our new patients on their second visit. – Dr. Mike @ 11:38 am | Article ID: 1083782300

Got lots of love in my chiropractic heart

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Got lots of love in my chiropractic heart. That’s my job. If all the spirituality that I have been practicing is working then the by product would be unconditional love and acceptance of all. Might not like them all yet I love them all. When I am in a mindset of love then I give lots of love and lots of love comes right back at me. Can’t out give the spirit. Don’t have to go at anything alone anymore. Try to avoid judging things right or wrong. How do I really know anyway. Takes up too much of my energy. Just need to be – and discipline myself enough to stay in the moment and to focus on love, not fear. No matter what is happening outside of me it can hardly shake the inner peace and serenity that I have acquired. My mood isn’t determined by any force outside of me. Can’t control other people or the circumstances of my life but I can choose to deal with life by acting and not reacting.

When I stay spiritually connected then my life seems to go much smoother. Don’t have as many highs or lows. Don’t seem to have as many crisis. Keep looking at the good that comes from it all. I know that I sound like an eternal optimist but it works and as my faith grows so does the abundance in my life. If you talk to people who aren’t in this frame of mind they think that there is something wrong with you. You seem odd. Most people determine their mood by the weather, how their children are behaving or the economy. Imagine having an inner strength and inner direction that surpasses circumstance. To me, that is what living an innate life means. I get more of whatever it is that I focus on and if I continue focusing on an abundant life and all that I have to be grateful for then my life becomes more abundant and I have more to be grateful for. Out of the abundance that I have created I can continue to be an instrument of God and effect the world in a positive way as a result of my service.

– – – – – – – – – –
Dr. Sharon Gorman practices in Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of LIFE Chiropractic college in Marietta, Georgia. @ 3:33 pm | Article ID: 1083710014

Success in Chiropractic Practice – What Does it Take?

Bob Simmonetti, D.C.
(From the 34th Principle)

There are many ingredients needed to be successful in chiropractic practice. Some are related to character traits, others to business acumen and to a great degree your success in practice will be determined by how you view your role in our health care system.

After being in practice for nineteen years plus I am not naive enough to think that this article will be so extensive that it will cover all that “it takes” to build a thriving, fun and profitable practice. However, success leaves clues and there is definitely proven factors which must be present to build a prosperous practice. My desire is to break down these factors in a series of articles and help to insure your success in practice. So here we go!

Before you ever open your doors the most important single factor which will determine your success or failure is how do you view your role as a doctor of chiropractic. Do you see yourself as a pain relief specialist? Do you see yourself as a musculoskeletal rehabilitation specialist? Most chiropractors state that they do not treat symptoms and that they correct the cause of health problems. This is a good thing because society is fed up with the medical approach that specializes in treating symptoms and conditions. In fact our society is rapidly moving towards and will demand a health care system that emphasizes wellness and prevention.

It would behoove you, the upstart practitioner, to view yourself as a “health coach”. That is, you should be knowledgeable of all of the proper lifestyle choices to promote health and at the same time you should not hold yourself out as someone who treats conditions with any of these lifestyle choices or any other adjuncts. You see treating conditions or symptoms is a losing proposition for the doctor of chiropractic for several reasons, foremost because of the aforementioned trend in society. The other reason is because medicine does it quicker and better. Another often-overlooked reason is that treating symptoms or conditions is not chiropractic.

The doctor of chiropractic should imbue and teach healthy lifestyle choices. At the center of the lifestyle choices is having a nerve system free of interference. This must be the most important lifestyle choice emphasized by the doctor of chiropractic. It is not something to be considered only after symptoms or a condition exists. Would you consider eating good foods only after you were fifty pounds overweight and had stomach pains? Keeping my three children’s spines functioning free of subluxation is what I do before they have a “condition” develop. Keeping spines in my office free of subluxation is one critical factor that will determine my success in practice. If my emphasis is on treating symptoms or a condition, once it is gone so is the patient.

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For information on the next New Beginnings Chiropractic Seminar, visit this website… @ 1:16 pm | Article ID: 1083615415

Fellow Strollers of the Principled Chiropractic Path

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

“The path of least resistance”, according to BJ Palmer, “is what makes rivers and men crooked.” When I choose to look honestly at my practice and my life (as if I’m fooling me when I choose otherwise), I see the truth of that statement. All too often. And after 15 years on a principled path, it is humbling, to say the least, to discover areas in which I haven’t quite gotten “there” yet. Areas thru which I still tend to take the path of least resistance. I already knew about some of them, of course. But recently a few more have floated into my awareness, and sometimes I wonder if “there” is even possible to reach in this lifetime.

Hopefully it is enough to be heading “there.” And since there have been so many gifts and blessings and realizations of dreams along the way, I suppose it is indeed OK to simply be on the path. A couple of weeks ago at the Gathering, I realized how much I still compromise the principle to some degree in the office. Two young chiropractors gave a presentation on Upper Cervical technique, and I was quite impressed with how beautifully principled it was. Especially the fact that they never, ever, adjust someone when the scan indicates that Innate is in the process of adapting, regardless of how miserable the person might be feeling. In response to my questions about it, one of them told me that when someone consistently whines about getting their L5 adjusted, for instance, he’ll send them down the street for that. I immediately thot about all the times I’ve adjusted someone, somewhere, when Innate told me they were already clear. Yes, it gets tiring explaining the same things over and over. Yes, sometimes it easier to just go ahead and address symptoms. Yes, there are always excuses and justifications and rationalizations for stepping off the path of principle. Yet here were two warriors that never budge from their beliefs in a rather difficult area, like two lighthouses firmly anchored in the storm.

At the previous Gathering I ruffled some feathers with remarks about insurance billing being a less-than-absolutely principled thing to do. I still believe that. But I realize now that I said it from a place of ego. It was pure “principled snobbery.” Perhaps my practice is “more principled” than some, perhaps than many, and so what? I’m still heading in that direction, as we all are. Now I understand that we are all on this path, and that the less we judge each other as to our relative positions along it, the more we can help each other overcome the distractions and detours. The challenges are many. Brainwashing by society did not stop the moment we decided to become principled. People didn’t suddenly get together and decide not to test us. On the contrary, it seems as if they made the opposite decision. And that’s good. Trial by fire leaves us strong, tempered, and sharp, assuming we don’t melt. And when we support each other, nurture each other, and love each other as we travel together on this road, we help each other to become melt-proof. We help each other to make choices that involve taking paths other than the aforementioned one of least resistance.

Indeed, how much distance truly exists between the rankest medipractor and me? Considering my start in chiropractic and the many seemingly random, coincidental, and unrelated events that brought me to where I am now, all I can say is, “there but for the Grace of God goeth I.” Instead of judging the distance, I choose to see us walking together on the path. What they see is their concern. In the meantime, the principle continues to stand as a beacon toward which my life and practice proceed, even if sometimes it seems more like stumbling. As I continue to walk this road by faith, not by sight, working on becoming the shepherd of the principle I know I am, maybe I can help pull some people along. And then we can stroll along the crooked rivers of this life together, serving the world with our message of hope and healing.

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