Month: December 2003

Pura Vida Chiropractic (En Espanol)

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Desde los comienzos del tiempo, Dios creo al ser humano en su semejanza. Dentro de cada cuerpo esta localizado un sistema interno llamado la inteligencia innata. Esta inteligencia tiene la responsabilidad de controlar y permitir la comunicación entre el cerebro con todo el cuerpo incluyendo los órganos, tejidos, músculos, células, ligamamentos, tendones y sistemas orgánicos.

Cuando existe una armonía interna entre estos sistemas, el cuerpo esta funcionando a su capacidad optima y se dice que la persona esta disfrutando de salud aumentada. Por lo contrario, si existe un desbalance entre el sistema nervioso con la columna vertebral (subluxacion vertebral) todos los problemas de salud comienzan a manifestarse a través de síntomas y molestias.

La Prioridad del Doctor en Quiropractica es de mantener un balance interno utilizando los ajustes Quiropracticos. Estos ajustes no causan dolor y más importante son bastante efectivos y los pacientes comienzan a ver los resultados inmediatamente.

La Quiropractica fue fundada en el 1895 por el Dr. DD Palmer con el propósito de restablecer la conexión entre el hombre espiritual con el hombre físico. Logrando este propósito el ser humano puede expresarse libremente y crear un ambiente interno de paz y armonía. Todos podemos disfrutar de un aumento en la calidad de nuestras vidas si entendemos la filosofia básica de mantener nuestra columna vertebral funcionando a su capacidad máxima libre de interferencias e Subluxaciones.

Es la responsabilidad de cada individuo de buscar la manera apropiada de lograr este propósito de una forma no invasiva. La medicina alópata no puede competir con la Quiropractica por que el propósito de la medicina alópata es de tapar el dolor o molestia con el uso de medicamentos y cirugías innecesarias. Esto no es salud, sino un método de ocultar la causa del problema.

Nuestros cuerpos están diseñados para funcionar al cien porciento siempre y cuando no existan subluxaciones vertebrales en nuestra columna. Es tiempo de permitir que nuestros cuerpos funcionen adecuadamente con su proceso de autosanacion y de autoregulation permitiendo una PURA VIDA. Visite a un Quiropractico filosófico hoy mismo, usted no tiene nada que perder pero si tiene mucho que ganar. @ 12:05 pm | Article ID: 1072901157

What Will Really Matter

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I guess I’m starting to get a reflective this close to the end of the year. What is it that I learned this year? What decisions have I made that I am proud of? What have I stood for? What have I found out about myself that I didn’t know before? Knowing what I have found out, how would I want to change about how and when I make my decisions? What has become apparent that in the past seemed like such a mystery? How have I made this world a little richer?

Having four young, impressionable children I find that what comes increasingly important when I communicate with them is explaining to them how I have come up with the decisions that I have come up with. If it is possible to teach common sense then that is what I would like to teach them. A way of looking at things and a way of choosing the best choices in their lives.

When I think back to my relationship with associates over the year I also see that the thing I most was able to contribute to them was a very similar quality. How do you think like a Chiropractor? How do you think like a successful person? I found little sense in just giving them an answer to a question or situation without explaining the logic. What is Chiropractic logic consist of? How does a successful Chiropractor think? The easy answer is above-down-inside-out. You know, the old innate way. Listening to your gut, listening to that inner voice. Trusting your relationship with God. The Medical Philosophy is outside-in, the Chiropractic philosophy is inside-out. You are good enough. You had a perfect year. You learned the lessons that life taught you. Can’t go back and change a word of it. Accept it. Be complete. Feel grateful. Forgive your past errors. Clean your slate and enter the new year anew.

For the next week practice being grateful. Write down 5 things that you are grateful for each and every day. It takes discipline. Discipline is good. Discipline creates rituals and successful rituals create successful Chiropractors. Plan to succeed. It is that simple. @ 11:22 am | Article ID: 1072725751

Chiropractic Angel with a Blow Dryer

By Jackie Pepe-Tardalo

“I am a Chiropractic Angel with a blow dryer” …that’s how my friend Mary described me. I am a hairdresser for 23 years by trade, but I earned my wings leading people to Chiropractic care for the past 17 years.

When my Chiropractic healings started to occur, I asked my first healer, Doc Ed, “Why doesn’t the world know how Chiropractic gives the body the ability to heal itself?” I just kept saying to myself, “I wish someone would have told me about Chiropractic when I had my back accident.” I lived in agony for 6 years, and there was no one to tell me it would change my life. I asked my Mom to help me find a Chiropractor. It was the only thing left for me to try. As my healings continued, I decided to tell anybody and everybody who would listen to me. I started shouting from the mountain top and my haircutting chair.

My clients are trapped in my chair for 20-30 minutes as I do their hair. I found myself talking Chiropractic to them and they listened to me. I had such a surge of energy from being adjusted. I couldn’t wait for my next client to get in my chair so I could tell them too. During that time, I gave them the health talk, pulled out the spinal chart, gave them my own opinion how I believed it would help them, but most importantly, I told my story how Chiropractic changed my life. Some listened to me immediately and made their appointment that day. Then there were the others who challenged me. I preferred the challenge, and I usually won. It was only a matter of time before they would become a patient too. I would say, “Now, I don’t mean the Chiropractors who use machines, but a Straight one who only uses their hands! I spoke with authority saying, “You have to go to my Chiropractor. He will help you!”

When Doc Ed sold his practice and relocated, boy was I devastated. After he told me, I had an abandoned feeling with a pit in my stomach. How was I going to find another Straight Chiropractor like him? My friend Theresa debated with me a few years prior about who had the better Chiropractor. She claimed to have the best Chiropractor, but I insisted I did. Well they are both great! The little voice inside me said to go see this “Dr. Mike” who Theresa always bragged about. I made an appointment with him. He thought I was a “new” patient coming through his door. He had no clue how educated I was and what a good patient I am. I went there to interview him to see if he was good enough to get the job of becoming my family’s new Chiropractor. My first question to him was, “Are you a Straight Chiropractor? I just want to make sure you don’t use machines” He told me to lie down, that I needed to be adjusted! Well, I obviously hired him and I promised that “my” Chiropractic patients would be in his office shortly. He smiled at me and that was the beginning. I became Dr. Mike’s patient, friend, one of his Super CA’s, and his hairdresser!

One of my job descriptions is assisting patients to speak Chiropractic correctly to their skeptic friend or family member. I love coaching my team to help someone else. I enjoy having debates with toxic people who laugh at us because we believe in Chiropractic wellness care. These debates are with people I obviously don’t know. I have so many come back lines eventually they give up. Maybe they won’t start care, but they learned not to cross the line with me about my faith in Chiropractic. I presently have over 200 active Well Care patients whom I led to our office from my personal referrals and in house referrals. When patients start care, they’re already educated and plan to stay for well care. I create and visualize them as great wellness patients who love to be adjusted. I see patients healed and wanting to share their Chiropractic healing story with me. Need I say more? I have many awesome healing stories that are written from our patients. I like taking a story and sticking it in someone’s face when they are a “toxic terror know it all” who don’t know anything at all!

You can become a Chiropractic Angel too! All you have to do to get your wings is help someone you love seek Chiropractic care. I would like to say thank you to everyone who trusted me when I told you how Chiropractic will change your life if you let it. Seventeen years ago, I took an oath to always keep you motivated and educated about Chiropractic. I will continue to encourage you to keep at it and to help someone else. I am always happy to hear how it changed your life! Chiropractic is life, and it’s about changing one life at a time. I hope that this helps others out there to have my attitude and to keep charging! @ 3:09 pm | Article ID: 1071788956

A Chiropractic Assistant’s View on Chiropractic

by Brooke McClellan, Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Have you ever asked yourself: Why does a person drink alcohol? To feel good; to cover up the pain. What happens after a person drinks alcohol? You get a hangover; you still feel the pain. Why does a person take medication? To feel good; to get rid of the symptoms; to cover up the pain. What happens after a person takes medication? The symptoms return, and you feel you must take more medication because you have not gotten rid of the cause.

Medications, among other drugs, are temporary solutions to underlying problems. Chiropractic is a permanent way to achieve optimal health for a lifetime. Your body was built to be perfect and run efficiently. When you take drugs or medication, they tell your body that nothing is wrong. Which is smarter — your body or a pill? Which will last longer — your body or a pill? How would you rather spend your time and money — on your body or a pill? By taking drugs and medication you conceal the underlying problem which, in turn, makes the problem much worse. Do you want to keep taking medication or drugs over and over? This is a vicious cycle and only Chiropractic can help.

Symptoms are warning signs to underlying problems. A warning sign is given by your body to tell you something is wrong. Not everyone gets symptoms, only those who are fortunate. A lack of symptoms does not determine how healthy you are. For example, a person may not know if he/she has cancer or heart disease until he has symptoms — he/she has a heart attack or a cancer, which is now large enough to detect physically.

Sometimes you may not have symptoms, but you can still have underlying problems. It is important that you do not focus on symptoms nor should you compare health to symptoms. Therefore, symptoms are not the problem — subluxation (Sub-Luk-SA’ Shun) is the problem.

What is a subluxation? A subluxation is a misaligned spinal bone that puts pressure on a nerve and keeps vital messages from being sent to and from your brain. When this happens, bodily functions slow down and your health decreases. Ultimately, your body cannot do what it is supposed to do–to heal itself and function perfectly. In order for the body to heal itself and function perfectly, you must get adjusted regularly by a Chiropractor. An adjustment moves the bone off the nerve, and allows nerve impulses (life) to flow. Continuing regular adjustments increases your health potential.
Causes of subluxations are the three T’s: Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts. Trauma can happen from an automobile accident, a slip and fall, or even birth. Toxins are drugs, medication, nicotine, food additives, vaccines, antibiotics, bee stings and much more. Thoughts are emotions, such as anger, guilt, or stress. All of these things cause subluxations. Imagine how much pressure trauma, toxins, and thoughts put on your body year after year. This pressure literally “gets on your nerves”. Chiropractic is the only way to get the pressure off the nerves and allows your body to heal itself.

Although Chiropractic is known for helping people get rid of various symptoms, this is not the intention of Chiropractic. Chiropractic focuses on interference to the nervous system by detecting and correcting subluxations. Your body would not operate at its full potential without a properly functioning nervous system. Chiropractors are not here to make you “feel” better. Chiropractic care allows your body to express 100% life. Is your body functioning at 100% life?

– – – – – – – – – –
Brooke McClellan is a Chiropractic Assistant at Thiede Chiropractic in Edgewood, Washington. @ 11:27 am | Article ID: 1071689269

Raised in Chiropractic

By Dr. Robert Crystal

A big concern from many students and new DC’s is whether our philosophy is practical. Please allow me to share my feelings on that. I was raised in chiropractic. It is something I do not take for granted, and appreciate so very much. Not that I was taught the words to express our philosophy, but that our lifestyle was a living example of it. I was always confident that the body would heal itself from the injuries, and illnesses encountered while growing up. I knew that being adjusted would assist my body to work its best. Although chiropractic, in my opinion, should not be anti-medicine, I can count on one hand the number of medical visits I had growing up. These were to attend to broken bones. I never had an issue with vaccination, we just didn’t do it. I never took antibiotics, or pain killers, or any other medicines. I got to see my body deal with all of its challenges on its own, and nobody can tell me it can’t do it.

When I went to so called chiropractic college, I was actually taught a medical way of thinking. It was very foreign to the way that I was raised. There were students taking antibiotics (self prescribed) for sore throats. As convinced as I was that a body can recover from a sore throat on its own, that is how convinced they were that it could never get better without the drug. It seemed that the school was more in line with their way of thinking than with mine. The teachers were not chiropractors, and if they were they were not recognizable as such. They were MD wanna be’s with white lab coats and stethoscopes around their necks.

Our philosophy is practical. For those not raised in the chiropractic lifestyle, where will they learn about it? Where will they see that it is not just castle in the sky stuff, it is for real. Philosophical meetings are so important. They are a place where students and DC’s can go to get immersed in the ideas of chiropractic. Of course, if those ideas ring true in their hearts, they can then go out and live the chiropractic lifestyle. Keep yourself aligned structurally, and keep yourself aligned with the principles of chiropractic. The word practical means able to be put into practice. I can tell you from personal experience that chiropractic is practical.

Talking to many young children, I will ask questions to draw out an understanding in them. When asked if they have ever gotten a boo-boo they all respond by showing me them. When asked how the boo-boos go away, all too often I hear that it was the band-aid, or the medicine that made it go away. That is the superstition that DD Palmer referred to when he said in his 1910 book: “it is the entering wedge destined to split the therapeutical log of superstition wide open, revealing its irrational and ignorant construction.” Yet, in 2003 our public still holds to that superstition as true. When my son was 4 his preschool teacher called us in a panic. Why, because when my boy got a scrape from a toy that some other kid threw, he wouldn’t let the teacher put anything on it. Like me, he was and is being raised by example to understand that the body heals itself. In fact, that is what he told the teacher, that “the body heals itself.” Wouldn’t it be a better world if we all knew this? What great respect we would have for ourselves and for others. It is our philosophy that sets us apart, it is a simple truth and yes it is practical. @ 9:57 am | Article ID: 1071683846

Love Your Chiropractic Life

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I think I have hit a temporary Monday Morning Message writers block. Now what do I want to tell you today? Already deleted the last message as I was proofreading it, deciding I didn’t like it. Well here goes again. My mind is spinning with all that is going on. How do I focus? I do when I have to. When do I have to? Obviously now would be a real good idea. When Life presses me to focus I usually come through. So what do I want to tell you?

Here it comes, real simple message today. Do you love your life? If you don’t love it now when are you planning to start loving it? What can you do today that will put you in the right direction? It is all about today. Can’t re-live yesterday or project about tomorrow. It’s about today. Are you in love with your life?

Close your eyes for a minute and visualize how it would look if it was even better. Dream what the life of your dreams would look like. What is your purpose? Are your living your purpose today? Realize that you have choices concerning how your life turns out yet realize that you are not in charge. Take God’s love that is inside of you and express it today. Today I pray for God’s will for me and the power to carry it out. Today I am grateful and choose to look at the gifts not the challenges. I don’t ignore the challenges but I don’t become challenged. I am centered and strong living in God’s light. Nothing can effect me unless I allow it in. I use my educated brain but I am not my educated brain. I am an expression of life. I am perfect even though things don’t always seem perfect. I am a perfect expression of God’s love and all that is happening around me is the perfect situations that challenge me to grow. They are all lessons of love. Can I walk through life, living on life’s terms and keep my head up high and my heart full of love? I only can keep what I give. Can I see my life full of abundance and can I give that miracle to others? Hope I got you thinking. Life is real simple. Some of us make life very complicated. Keep your eye on what is real important in life.

– – – – – – – – – –
Sharon Gorman on the Chiropractic Blogs pages. @ 5:44 pm | Article ID: 1071625485

My 37th Sigafoose Gathering

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

My 37th Sigafoose Gathering (oh my God!) has just come and gone, and I’m feeling really good about life, liberty, and the pursuit of my mission. The Gatherings just keep getting better and better. The love that is shared so freely and unconditionally there; the heart opening and growth and sharing and fellowship and spiritual connection that we experience; it’s like a family reunion with people I actually like! And I’ve come away from this one with a deep and serene acceptance of the perfection of life’s design. Every step of this journey, I’m becoming more and more convinced, has been (and will continue to be) choreographed by Innate. Every step, every stumble, every proud stride, every crawling, whining inch. And the journey continues; the destination being right here at home in my heart, by what exact route God only knows, and She ain’t divulging the itinerary. As the years go by, I am increasingly OK with the mystery as I work toward becoming zero.

Stew Bittman It is critical for me to have a safe and nurturing place to do this work, alongside others who are on the same path. That’s what the Gathering provides. If you have never experienced it, I urge you to. I know of no other place in which the principle of chiropractic so beautifully echoes and resounds. At the Gathering, we are all working toward becoming maximum expressions of Innate, and we’re all learning to surrender the fears and belief systems and ego-based lunacies that prevent us from achieving that state. And tho the folks that attend all come from different backgrounds and have different stories and even different ways of practicing, there is no judgment. We discover that we all have issues, that we all have fears, and that we are all full of shit to some degree. We honor the fact that we’re all on the on ramp to the highway of pure principle, and that where each of us happens to be at this point in time and space is precisely the result of everywhere we’ve been up to now. Within this circle of safety and love, miracles always happen, and lives are forever enhanced.

James Sigafoose The profession and the world need us to do this work. As we become whole, so does the world. As we each let more of the light of Spirit in, the world is invariably led from the darkness. As we observe and experience the miracles that burst forth as we learn to live the principle, we realize the same miracles are possible for our practice folks. And as we hold the space for that, as a united, unstoppable team, we become a brilliant beacon of light in the storm. I hope we continue to support and empower each other, at the Gathering or wherever, so that someday we can all cruise down the highway of principle together, unencumbered by our egos, and pull the rest of the profession along in our draft. I can feel the world salivating over the possibilities. @ 10:55 am | Article ID: 1071082535

Joy Brings Happiness

by Dr. Will Tickel

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

– Nehemiah 4:8-10

Could the scripture just as easily have said the happiness of the Lord is my strength?

Seems to me there’s a distinct difference. But allow me to backtrack a bit to describe just how I found myself pondering on what some might, at first glance, dismiss as a question of semantics. After all, joy or happiness seems pretty much the same.

Here’s how it all got started. A man approached me after the sermon a couple of Sundays back and asked offhandedly: “Well, is the Lord taking care of you? You’re happy? And things are going your way?”

I hesitated a bit and, for some reason, did not simply offer a casual reply. Instead, I answered each question. “Yes, the Lord is taking care of me. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. But, no, I’m not particularly happy. And most things do not appear to be going my way at the present.”

My response was more than my acquaintance had wanted, for sure. And we talked it out for a bit and all ended well, but the thought process had started for me.

Once a week I have the privilege of serving in an Amish practice my wife and I have developed. Among the families I serve on a “house calls” only basis is a man and his wife and their five children. Two of the children, ages 6 and 8, are severely challenged with cerebral palsy and require constant care of the most basic sort. They must be fed one bite at a time. They must be clothed and bathed daily. And they must be transported, as both are wheel chair ridden. There are no hired hands – no nurses or nannies. The Amish man and his wife are also dairy farmers which is a twice a day, seven days a week enterprise. Need I say these people are busy? Burdened is more descript.

Without fail, I seem to mention to these two parents how impressed I continue to be with their stamina and determination. Their wearied countenances belie the pleasant manner in which they conduct themselves. For some reason, on this particular visit, I mentioned to the man that I had been tossing around in my mind the definitions of happiness and joy.

To my surprise, the Amish dairyman, normally reserved in nature, uncharacteristically pounced on the subject. “Well, there’s difference alright. Let me tell you.”

I let him.

“Happiness usually comes out of your circumstances. You know, when things are going your way, so to speak. Joy, on the other hand, comes from knowing God’s in charge no matter what the circumstances.”

This is a man, I thought to myself, who knows from whence he speaks. I could see he was not finished. So I let him continue.

“Now, the devil likes to work your circumstances to take the smile off your face. He wants you unhappy. That way he figures he can weaken your walk with the Lord. My wife and I figure the best way to defeat that old codger is to keep it in mind that he wants us unhappy. So we figure God gave us these kids and in the condition they’re in for a reason. The Book says His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts, higher than our thoughts. If God wants it this way then we best find a way to appreciate ourselves. That’s what I’d call joy. Happiness? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes we’re just bone tired of the whole picture. But the joy comes in knowing that God’s in control.”

I was both speechless and convinced. This man had obviously been working for quite some time on finding joy in the midst of his surroundings. The model these two parents had shown me down through the years left me without argument. If their example was proof enough, then there definitely is a difference between happiness and joy.

My next patient was himself a bishop in the Amish settlement. An elderly man, he had suffered an aneurysm at a fortuitous moment, I might add, while visiting a friend in the hospital. Because he was in the hospital, his life had been spared. “Right place at the right time,” the bishop had told me once when I visited him during his recovery. On this particular day, I mentioned to him that his color was particularly good and that he was carrying himself with renewed strength and confidence.

“You’re looking fit and fiddle,” I said.

“Fiddle’s more like it,” he joked.

Then he shared with me how there was a time during the darkest hours of his setback that he had actually wished it were over, that he could have gone to his eternal resting place.

“That bad?”

Yes, that bad,” replied the bishop. “I was hurting so and the fatigue was so heavy that I just wished that the aneurysm had hit me harder or at a different place and time.”

The man walked outside with me as I prepared to depart from his home, having adjusted him, his wife, and two daughters. Out in the lane, a group of five or six kittens were tumbling each other about as the mother lay out flat in the gravel.

“Ornery little things,” the Amish man said with a grin, gesturing toward the newborns.

“Yes… and it sure is good to see you smiling and happy,” I said. Which, of course, renewed my pursuit of the difference between joy and happiness. I asked, “Do you find there’s a difference between joy and happiness?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, I do.”

The bishop told of a “car wedding” he had once gone to. “You know, a how do you say it a ‘ceremony’ conducted by a preacher who wasn’t Amish,” he explained. Anyway, I’ll never forget his statement to the couple. He prayed that they would “find joy amidst their sorrows.”

There it was again, I thought to myself. The joy of knowing that a sovereign God is in charge regardless of circumstances or how things appear.

My appreciation for the difference between the two words joy and happiness might best be summed up during a wake I attended for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 4-year old Amish girl who had died from morphine intoxication administered during what many today consider as routine surgery -tonsillectomy. Which, seems to me, begs the question: “How do we factor in cultural differences and any fears or misgivings those might evoke in a patient prior to the administration of anesthetic?” I had seen the girl the week prior to the scheduled surgery and I was not particularly pleased with the parent’s decision to proceed, but their minds were made up after months and months of tonsillitis in their child. It was not a visitation I was looking forward to, but I had received a phone call, detailing the times and place which, of course, was the home and felt “called” to be there.

At the open casket, I lost composure and began to shake a bit in the room full of men dressed in black and white and women in plain, dark dresses and bonnets. The child’s grandfather who had been seated right near the casket immediately stood and rested a hand on my shoulder with these words, “The Lord’s in charge here. She’s truly in a better place.”

I could see the joy, the strength, in this man’s face. There was no denying it. The joy of the Lord is his strength.

So, yes, indeed there is a difference between joy and happiness. The joy is knowing that God is always in charge, no matter the circumstances. Recognizing that joy can lead you to discover the thread of happiness that flows from it.

– – – – – – – – – –
The author: Dr. Will Tickel is a practicing chiropractor in southern Ohio and Cincinnati who particularly enjoys his work among the Amish. He is a published author of two books relating to health and healing. @ 3:54 pm | Article ID: 1070927651

Es Mi Salud Mi Responsabilidad?

Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

Una vez había dos ninos muy travieso, esto dos ninos querían engañar a un gran sabio. Ellos querían hacerles dos preguntas al sabio para ver si podían confundirlo. Se pusieron de acuerdo y buscaron un pajarito, su meta era de esconder el pajarito en sus manos y preguntarle al gran sabio, Que tenían en sus manos? Obviamente el sabio iba a responder que era un pajarito. Luego la próxima pregunta, Este pajarito esta vivo o esta muerto? Tan pronto el sabio les respondiera la segunda pregunta ellos iban a hacer lo siguiente:

Si el sabio responde que el pajarito esta vivo ellos iban aplastar el pajarito en sus manos matando al pajarito. De tal manera equivocando al gran sabio. Si el gran sabio respondía diciendo que el pajarito estaba muerto ellos iban a abrir sus manos liberando al pajarito. Este plan no les iba a fallar. Lo que estos dos ninos no sabían era que el gran sabio era mucho más inteligente que ellos. El sabio les respondio de una manera inesperada. El respondio de tal manera a las dos preguntas. Que tenemos en nuestras manos? Mis hijos, ustedes tienen en sus manos un pajarito. CORRECTO, respondieron los ninos. La segunda pregunta, Este pajarito esta vivo o esta muerto? El sabio responde, En tus manos esta si este pajarito vive o muere.

La moraleja de este cuento es la siguiente, Nuestra salud esta en nuestras manos y la responsabilidad de cada persona es de cuidar y aumentar su salud a su máxima capacidad. Usted no puede echarle la culpa a su Quiropractico si no se esta mejorando de los ajustes Quiropracticos si usted no esta siguiendo las recomendaciones que su Quiropractico le a recomendado.

Usted tiene que comprometerse para su propio bienestar y permitir que la inteligencia innata pueda expresarse óptimamente cuando el doctor en Quiropractica remueve las interferencias (Subluxaciones vertebrales) al sistema nervioso y la columna vertebral con los ajustes Quiropracticos. Usted no tiene nada que perder pero si tienes muchísimo que ganar. Visite a su Quiropractico hoy mismo, y siga las recomendaciones que el o ella le esta ofreciendo para que su cuerpo funcione en armonía interna y permitir el proceso de auto sanción que posee cada ser humano.

– – – – – – – – – –
El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. @ 6:47 pm | Article ID: 1070592474

No Justified Resentments

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

A justified resentment is a resentment. When you are resentful you feel resentment. You give off resentment you get back more of the same. By assigning blame on other people serves no purpose. You can’t change others you can only change yourself so if you convince yourself that life is happening to you and you are a mere victim of your circumstances then you resign your ability to change the circumstance because the only person that you can change is yourself. It is awfully hard to change yourself if you don’t take responsibility for your part when it comes to the relationship or event. First you have to be willing to see the whole truth and then you have to isolate your part and then you have to see how you might have acted differently and why you acted the way you acted.

I always get plugged in when people talk about drugs side effects. What is a side effect? There are only effects, not side effects. When it comes to our life, there are only actions what is a re-action? Is a re-action a justified action coming from a justified resentment? You can only be responsible for your actions, not the actions of others. In every action you are responsible for your action.

Like that old definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you are still re-acting to life then you can even see what the same thing that you are doing is. When you are willing to look at your part then you can actually look at the situation with some clarity. Before you can change it you have to be able to see it. Once you see it then you can choose or not choose to change your behavior.

Once I realized that I am not responsible for other people’s actions, only my own, then and only then could I be truly free and actually be clear on when my behavior is appropriate and when it has not been appropriate. People often ask me how I can be involved with so much and get so much accomplished in my life and the answer lies in this principle. If I can isolate what is my business vs. what is not my business then I realize that I only have to keep my side of the street clean. The other side of the street is not my problem. We waste a lot of time worrying about things that we can’t or shouldn’t change. @ 11:10 am | Article ID: 1070478606