Month: December 2002

Sid Williams calls for federal probe of CCE

Dr. Sid Williams, former president of Life University, has called for a federal probe of the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE). According to news reports, the probe was requested after Life announced that they wouldn’t be able to apply for accreditation from the CCE until June 2004.

The CCE’s actions are reportedly also being investigated by an independent “watchdog” organization known as DECE. Life University founder calls for federal probe
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Life U founder wants inquiry @ 8:22 pm | Article ID: 1038975774

Show Who You Are

By Kevin Ehl, D.C.

Duality is a Universal Law of man the physical. Oneness is the Universal Law of the spirit. Chiropractors take man the physical and, by adjusting, reconnect them with their spiritual being. Thus creating oneness, spiritual evolution and knowing of self.

Chiropractors who live by this Law understand subluxation is not a bad thing but is perfection because it allows man the physical to experience duality. Subluxation is incomplete/disconnected and adjusted is complete/oneness. The subluxation allows us to know ourselves, to know what beautiful beings we are, to realize what our purpose in life is and to reach that potential. This is chiropracTIC, pure and simple. This is where our profession should be.

I am not the first person to say this, but the world is evolving. People’s consciousness are shifting, even the medical profession is beginning to shift. The medical profession is starting to shift while the majority of our profession is still trying to gain respect or fight the battle of M.D. vs. D.C. The battle is over! We are being left behind in the ruins. Take a look at studies being done, books on the top-seller list and changes in media. Listen to our dialogue as a profession and see if it matches the new consciousness. We talk about improved motion/mobility and posture/biomechanics. If you put Joe chiropractor on Oprah’s television show and he started spouting his dialogue of, “adjusting to increase range of motion, you can see on this x-ray the spine is in stage 54 of spinal degeneration, to get rid of that deadly rat in your spine called subluxation, to restore natural curves, or dissaferentation…,” blah, blah, blah. How bored do you think Oprah’s viewing audience would be? Channel surfing time! But, put someone on speaking about spirituality and health and the audience eats it up and craves even more. Have you noticed most people speaking about spirituality and wellness on Oprah’s show are MD’s? We are so busy trying to do studies and convince people chiropractic works; we have lost sight of what the public is craving.

Ever since the medical profession attacked the chiropractic profession the majority of chiropractors and the profession as a whole has sought acceptance from the medical community and their insurance companies. Why? What is more important, acceptance and respect by the MDs or the public? Why did our chiropractic forefathers go to jail? Did they go to jail because they thought they would gain respect from the medical community? On the other hand, was it because of the amazing things they were seeing in their practices and the love the people had for pure chiropractic and the understanding that chiropractic is not a form of medicine or a treatment?

I think it is time we stop hiding ourselves behind the mask of the medical version of subluxation. The medical version would be the subluxation that kills. Subluxations do not kill. How many people in china over 90 have had chiropractic to address their subluxations? My grandmother did not have an adjustment until she was about 88 years old and she is doing great at 98. Besides, if a subluxation kills, then why do “bad” adjustments not kill people? If a “bad” adjustment is given, does the subluxation degeneration increase? Please, look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are saying what you are saying to people? Are you adjusted to stop subluxation degeneration? Did you x-ray all of your family and friends before you adjusted them and if not, why do you x-ray everyone who walks through your door? Furthermore, why do you use a sEMG? Do you charge for it? Why do you charge people for a scan? It is time we step back and look at what we say and do, are they congruent? Are we charging money for services to make money or are they valuable? Are you doing things because you have not found or sought out a better way of communicating the importance of chiropractic? Are we becoming lazy with the introduction of technology? Is the adjustment enough? Is chiropracTIC enough? Do you need a coach? Why do you need a script? Are you afraid to be open and be yourself?

I just opened my practice and these questions run through my mind on a daily basis as I concentrate on building my practice. I meditate on the people I want to walk through the door and although they have yet to bust the door down, they will. There are people out there who desire to grow and evolve. The Vitalistic principles of chiropractic are based on universal truths, love and respect for the body. I would not want to be a chiropractor without the philosophy because, ultimately, it is what drives me on a daily basis. I use it to guide my actions on a moment-to-moment basis, this is why I will thrive, and I know you will too. @ 6:31 pm | Article ID: 1038969091

Military on Chiropractic, “It’s good stuff.”

In October of 2002, Fort Bragg began offering chiropractic care to active-duty soldiers for the first time in history. Since that time, chiropractors at Fort Bragg have been pretty busy.

Dr. Brent Sanders, is one of two chiropractors now at Fort Bragg providing chiropractic care to soldiers. Chiropractic, which is now available at a handful of military installations besides Fort Bragg, is expected to be offered to all active-duty service members within the next five years.

Since places like Fort Bragg focus on strenuous training, parachute jumps and road marches, soldiers had often been seeking care for injuries. In the past, some of the soldiers had been going off post and paying out-of-pocket for chiropractic care. They are now able to get that same care without the hassle of going off post.

Fayetteville Observer: Relief from pain @ 8:10 pm | Article ID: 1038888627