Month: December 2002

CCE & FCLB, Some New Info

By Tim Langley, D.C.

Well. Well. Well. Now that the only real opposition to academic oppression in the chiropractic profession been removed, the CCE seems prepared to take over the continuing education of chiropractors. In its latest news release, the FCLB ( announces a major initiative into the takeover of continuing education in the chiropractic profession with the help of CCE. Since this is a combined effort between the CCE and FCLB, it can only be assumed that the entire profession can eventually expect a purging of instruction (and instructors) of chiropractic principles and procedures ala CCE vs. LUCC. I thought FCLB was a non-profit entity. Check out those fees!

It should be noted that in less than one year, CCE has dissolved (seemingly in violation of its own charter and bylaws) the corporation originally granted authority to accredit chiropractic colleges by the US Dept. of Education, transferred that dissolved corporation to Arizona with new bylaws and mission, forced the resignation of the only individual to really stand up against CCE’s shenanigans, attempted to close the largest chiropractic school in the world based on some really subjective criteria, proposed sweeping changes in the perspective of chiropractic education and its regulation and NOW to seize control of the profession’s continuing education. Wow, what a busy year! Now that’s consolidation of power.

Folks, the cost of apathy is the loss of freedom. The price of freedom is the willingness to stand and oppose oppression. The very nature of our profession will change literally overnight if those of us who adhere to the founding principles of this profession remain silent. The “location and correction of vertebral subluxation” as the core of chiropractic practice and education will soon be eliminated if YOU don’t take a stand NOW! It’s a choice that YOU must make. Either ignore it and hope it goes away OR face it and ACT. Inaction is STILL a choice.

If you have not yet decided to join the effort to protect principled chiropractic, I urge you to move NOW. Join the DECE effort by going to and enlisting. The attack against the chiropractic we know and love is under attack from several fronts. It will be fought on several fronts. No one person can fight this alone and win. The strength, will and sheer desire to win on the part of each and all of us is required. PLEASE don’t delay. Every dime you can spare, every e-mail you can forward and every letter you can write is absolutely essential.

Remember, all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing. @ 8:35 pm | Article ID: 1040704510

An Intensive Care Experience

By Anonymous

I stood over her, watery eyes, passion and love consuming every crevice of my soul. I stared intensely through that polyurethane plastic cover as she was clinging for her dear precious life. Tubes going in and out of every orifice of her body, electrodes taped and branded on her like she was a pig awaiting the slaughter. An absolute disregard for the sanctity of her divine body. Strung up like a puppet by the arrogance of a man-made institution whose narrow minded ego has the audacity to assume that if any life was to be given to this creature of God that it would be from their hand and their hand only. Bombarded by the stinging rays of fluorescence above her, the constant monotonous, incessantly piercing beeping of her ECG monitor and the putrid smell of sterilizing agents in the air her young barely developed nervous system screamed in pain. She lay there on her back wanting nothing more than the touch of a loving human hand and the warmth and security of a parent’s cradling arms. I stood, tears streaming down my face. Emotions of rage for what they are doing to her and emotions of love swung violently back and forth inside me like a pendulum out of control.

“Bastards!” I screamed to myself, struggling to stay quiet so as to not be detected. I was here to save lives and as God as my witness nothing was going to stop me from giving this beautiful little baby girl the only gift I have ever known… the gift of love… the gift of life. No sign of “Authorized Personnel Only” was going to prevent me from getting into that pediatric intensive care unit and doing my divinely driven mission.

I reached inside her plastic bubble and cradled her head like it was the perfect snowflake and I didn’t want it to collapse. She sensed my gentleness and love and her body immediately surrendered with the trust of a cub in her mother’s bosom. Then with the force of a butterfly’s wing flickering against your cheek, I adjusted her atlas. The surge of energy through my pinkie finger came from a source that I knew was greater than me. It was like God had reached down, grasped my hand, and guided its every movement providing the perfect vector with the perfect amount of force in this… the perfect moment.

Then, in an instant, the baby girl began to be consumed in life energy again as her respiration settled down to effortless breathing and her heart rate lowered from its previous fight and flight state. The colour in her skin changed from ashen white to pink right before my very eyes. Her eyes then opened from its squinted, clenched state and she immediately focused her gaze directly to me as I stood above her. It could not be described in words what happened next. It was like the floodgates of an unstoppable river pouring love and joy into my body… into my soul. I could no longer contain myself as I cried endless tears, as our souls embraced in a hug that never wanted to part. I could see the reflection of myself in her eyes and knew that by adjusting her, I had adjusted me… the knowing of life’s interconnectedness filled my being, instantly. As I continued to cry, her eyes slowly closed and she fell into a peaceful sleep. It was then, a voice in my head gently whispered “Thank you but there’s more” and I moved to the next bubble.

What’s it going to take for us to get it together and put an end this profession’s dividedness and realize the gift we truly behold? Please, lets come together as one and fight for what we know to be so sacred and precious and for us to share with the world. @ 3:33 pm | Article ID: 1040600029

New Coalition Organized to Defend Chiropractic Independence

Forwarded by FSCO Member Communications

According to a newly formed coalition, chiropractic is in danger of being taken over by a group of medically oriented chiropractors and organizations who are trying to change the very nature of the profession, and in the process minimizing the profession’s unique role in health care and possibly placing the public at risk.

Founded as a drug-free health care system more than a century ago, chiropractic focuses on the normalization of nerve function through correction of subluxations, or misalignments, in the spine. Doctors of chiropractic focus their attention on locating these subluxations and correcting them, not on treating medical conditions. This makes chiropractic a unique service that does not duplicate medical care or attempt to replace medical care.

The Chiropractic Coalition — founded in November 2002 by three major chiropractic organizations, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA), the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO) — cautions that several rogue groups are trying to position chiropractors as quasi-medical doctors, unnecessarily and irresponsibly blurring the boundary lines between the professions and confusing the public.

“There is a role for medicine and a role for chiropractic,” stated Dr. Gary Howrin, president of the FSCO. “Medical doctors cannot do what chiropractors do since they don’t have the appropriate education or training. The reverse is true as well.”

The Coalition specifically referred to the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) and the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) as two of the groups, which were overstepping their authority in an attempt to control the direction of the profession.

“These groups, which are by no means representative of the tens of thousands of doctors of chiropractic active in the United States, are trying to change educational requirements and state licensing statutes to allow, and even require, chiropractors to diagnose and treat diseases and medical conditions, at the expense of the focus on chiropractic’s unique procedures,” noted ICA President Dr. D.D. Humber. “Public interest in and demand for subluxation care is growing, and their needs and concerns must be chiropractic’s first priority.”

The real danger, warns the Coalition, is that chiropractors will be forced to provide services that aren’t within the scope of chiropractic. Expecting chiropractors to act as medical doctors will not only destroy the unique character of chiropractic, but most importantly will put the public at risk, the Coalition says.

Although some chiropractors provide complementary health care services, the majority holds the primary purpose of chiropractic to be the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations. The Coalition reflects this mainstream chiropractic perspective, noting that “the chiropractic analysis which identifies the existence of a subluxation may be the basis for chiropractic care even in the absence of a subjective complaint simply because it is, in and of itself, a detriment to the fullest expression of life.”

By exploiting differences in opinion within the various chiropractic organizations, fringe elements have managed to create a power base that threatens the existence of scientific subluxation-based chiropractic.

Although the first item on the Coalition agenda will be to stop what it sees as an abuse of power by certain chiropractic regulatory agencies, the goals of the organization are far-reaching.

The group’s stated mission is “to protect and support the interests of chiropractic consumers and chiropractors through effective and aggressive unified legislative and regulatory efforts, legal action, and public education” and to “promote chiropractic worldwide as a clearly defined, separate, and distinct profession while protecting the chiropractic consumer’s right to have full and direct access to chiropractic care for the correction of vertebral subluxation.”

“Individually, our chiropractic groups have been effective in promoting and protecting the interests of both chiropractors and health consumers,” the Coalition’s board announced. “By working together, we will compound our strengths and aggressively pursue our goals, and give new voice to the values and vision of the overwhelming majority of doctors of chiropractic who practice subluxation based chiropractic care, and to provide the public with ongoing access to the unique services only the doctor of chiropractic can provide.”

Each of the three founding organizations have had considerable success in their legislative efforts, helping win the passage of several crucial bills that protect the public’s right to receive chiropractic care for subluxation correction. Most recently, a Veterans Affairs bill was modified to specifically refer to chiropractic’s role in the care of subluxation complex.

Looking forward to the new Congress that will convene in January, the Coalition adopted an extensive legislative agenda that includes:

  • Amending Title 38 of the Veterans statute to provide authority to hire doctors of chiropractic as career employees. The Coalition will seek to work with all chiropractic organizations, including the American Chiropractic Association to secure this important priority in order to assist the timely deployment of DCs in the Department of veterans Affairs.
  • Legislation to secure program-wide chiropractic coverage for all federal employees.
  • Legislation to expand the list of chiropractic services covered under Medicare to include examinations, x-rays and to provide for other administrative improvements in this vast and expanding federal program.
  • Efforts to secure research funding for subluxation research.
  • The Coalition will also explore means to secure the goal of military commissions for doctors of chiropractic, acting upon legislation passed in 1992 that provides the Secretary of Defense the authority to do so.
  • The Coalition’s primary concern is to ensure that consumers of all ages will continue to have access to subluxation care at the hands of the best trained and qualified professionals, doctors of chiropractic.
  • “For too long, mainstream chiropractic organizations have disagreed over minor points, allowing marginal groups to exert undue influence. With the creation of the Chiropractic Coalition, we are putting aside those minor differences and focusing on our shared vision of chiropractic,” explained Dr. Terry Rondberg, WCA president. “We are going to mobilize in defense of chiropractic’s unique and powerful principles and work to keep the profession on its rightful course as a non-medical health care system offering a unique and vital service – the correction of vertebral subluxation.” @ 7:30 pm | Article ID: 1040355038

    Step Seventeen to a Hundred a Day

    By Dr. Rick Wren

    Step Seventeen to a Hundred a day is actually Advanced Success Principle #7 (Set Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly / Lifetime goals). You have often heard that most people plan more for their vacation, than their whole life. Setting goals for your life takes time and effort.

    If you think about something you wanted really bad, you got it. I am talking about something you could see, smell, taste, and hear with your eyes closed. I can remember when I was 10 years old, I wanted a Mini-bike. The kind with a Briggs and Stratton 3 horse power gasoline engine. Back then you could not buy a small motorcycle. I would lay awake every night seeing, feeling, smelling, and hearing the mini-bike I wanted. Even though it was a huge financial burden for my parents, I got it for Christmas months later.

    The goals should be set, written down, and read daily. They should be broken down in smaller pieces to make it real. For example if you want to save a million dollars in 20 years. That means you have to save 50,000 per year, 961.53 per week, 137.36 per day, 5.72 per hour, and 9 cents per second. You can save 9 cents a second can’t you? When you break your goals down in smaller increments they seem more realistic and make it evident what you have to do now and daily to achieve them.

    You also want goals for all aspects of your life. Dr. Larry Markson refers to the Six P’s (Purpose, Personal, Professional, People, Prosperity, and Play). Larry has been hounding me with write and read your goals since 1978, so I thought it was appropriate to use his idea. Each of the Six P’s has 4 parts (What do you want, When do you want it by, What are you going to do to get it, and How will you benefit).

    When you are setting Practice Goals you have to connect the pieces of the “practice puzzle”. You should consider how many weeks you are open, how many days each week you are open, how many hours you schedule adjustments, how many hours you can schedule new patients, and what is your PVA. All these pieces of the puzzle will affect the overall picture.

    Below you will find an MS Word document link for the Practice Goal worksheet for a half million dollar practice. Just change the figures to fit your goals. You will also find a simple Six P’s goal setting work sheet to get your started. Take a few minutes to set a destination for your life.

    We are only six weeks from Vegas, so make you plans now (

    LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

    MS Word: Chiropractic_Practice_Goals.doc
    MS Word: The_Six_P’s_of_Goal_Setting.doc @ 8:12 pm | Article ID: 1040184769

    Bad Things Happen To Good People

    By Adam R. Tanase (Tri-7 Student, Logan College of Chiropractic)

    Bad things happen to good people – It’s a part of life. Events occur that we simply cannot control or explain. Although we
    might not like them, we have to find the strength and courage to work our way through. I was raised to believe that all things, good or bad, happen for a reason. As hard as that is to do at times, it’s a belief that has always steered me in the right direction. It’s something I try to apply to all things in my life. I enjoy thinking about the events that occur as the years go by – Why did I meet that person? Why did I go this way instead of that way? It’s an activity that can put a lot of things into perspective. Time and time again it shows me that I am an instrument working in a plan; working for a power that’s much greater than anything we could ever imagine!

    The recent approval of the Homeland Security Act was one of those events that baffled me… no, it infuriated me! I couldn’t help but think how preposterous the smallpox vaccines were; I still do… but then I got to thinking – All things happen for a reason. What could the reason behind this be? I’ve read article after article, and watched numerous news segments on the subject. Finally it hit me. If it hasn’t hit you yet, perhaps it will now. Have you noticed how much free publicity those of us who educate the public about the dangers of mandatory vaccination are getting? Sure, it’s mostly about smallpox, but the fact that vaccines aren’t the ‘bulletproof vest’ against disease, like Medicine loves to claim, is spreading fast! Cover stories on America’s biggest news sources are plastering titles like “Is it worth the risk?” all over their headlines. I believe this could be our blessing in disguise, but we need to handle it properly. If we do, the domino effect will begin, the flood gates will open, and the truth will be heard!

    Let us seize this golden opportunity and use it to our advantage! Make sure your patients know that at least 15 people per million could die from complications of this vaccine. Ask them why they think this is such a controversy. Ask them how they’d handle it if their husband or wife were one of those who suffered needlessly from the shot. Then show them that at least 3,750 people could die in the US if everyone received this vaccine. Put the math down on paper for them to see! Next to that number, write another number: 3000. That’s the estimated number of people killed in the World Trade Center attacks. September 11th was a tragedy in and of itself. It was the event that sparked the whole Homeland Security Act and its infamous vaccination clause. After you show them these two figures, ask them if it’s safe that our own government is allowing that many people to die again.

    Educating the public about the dangers behind vaccination may or may not have been a difficult task for you in the past. Either way, use this chance that you’ve been given… It’s rock solid proof that will also help you teach others about the power of Chiropractic. You were chosen for a reason to see the patients that visit your office seeking help. Show them love. Show them compassion. Show them truth. @ 6:07 pm | Article ID: 1040177279

    Chickenpox Vaccine Not as Effective as Thought

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    One Dose, two Dose, three dose, four, five dose, six dose, seven doses more… just how many chickenpox vaccine injections does it take to prevent one from actually getting Chickenpox?

    The following news headline this morning caught my attention, “Chickenpox Vaccine Doesn’t Ensure Protection.” It turns out, that a single dose of Chickenpox vaccine may just not be effective in preventing the viral outbreak. The news is everywhere, however, different experts are saying different things.

    Who’s right who’s wrong?
    On December 10th, news reports revealed that the state of New Jersey is planning a mandatory chickenpox vaccination program for all kids. On the number of doses, Chuck O’Donnell, who is the chief of the New Jersey state health department immunization program, told local news sources, “it’s a one-dose vaccine.” That was reported just two days ago.

    If I were the chief of a state health department immunization program should I be up on the latest research? I would think so. Funny that the vaccine was compared to Hepatitis B injection which requires 3 doses and was made mandatory in New Jersey earlier this year. How long before 3 doses are required for the “one-dose” chickenpox vaccine?

    According to the New Jersey proposal, children who already have had the chickenpox would not have to be vaccinated. Why, because contraction of the viral infection provides lifelong immunity. That’s one dose naturally!

    Let’s go outside the US to Bahrain, where another health official expert is in today’s news discussing chickenpox.

    Dr Amal Al Jowder, Health Ministry Health Education Chief says…

    • Adults who caught chickenpox before can rest in comfort that they are forever immune from the viral infection.
    • Chickenpox is a self-limited viral disease which goes by itself, whether treated or not.
    • People need not be concerned about it as it is a benign disease.
    • As it is a viral disease, antibiotics may not work. Infected people will be cured with or without treatment within two to three weeks.
    • The disease is mild when contracted by children, but could be severe for adults.
    • Once infected, he/she acquires lifelong immunity against the disease.
    • Vaccination against chickenpox is available in some private hospitals and clinics in Bahrain.

    Interesting that U.S. news reports paint the condition as much more serious especially when tax payer dollars will pick up the expense of any mandatory vaccine campaign. This may seem silly but if you get chickenpox naturally you are immune for life, correct? If you get the vaccine, it is likely you will have to get it again since it is now believed it “wears out.” Note that in the articles experts say that two doses “should” be effective, not “will” be effective. That’s science for ya!

    Here are lots of links…
    Yahoo!: Chickenpox Vaccine Doesn’t Ensure Protection
    Gulf Daily News: Fear of chickenpox outbreak dismissed
    The Star-Ledger: Chickenpox vaccination for all kids
    CNN: Double chickenpox shot may be needed

    Other Chickpox Articles…
    Moms Plan Lawsuits over Vaccine Contents
    Serious Side Effects From Chickenpox Vaccine
    Mandating Chickenpox Immunizations @ 10:15 am | Article ID: 1039716940

    Chiropractic and another World Champion

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    It’s happened again, another world champion athlete says thank you to chiropractic.

    World bodyboard champion Stephanie Pettersen has finally fulfilled her dream. She won the world bodyboard title just two weeks ago.

    Stephanie had fractured her C4 vertebrae surfing the famous Flow Rider artificial wave in Texas nearly six years ago. She has been receiving chiropractic care from chiropractor Grant Phillips, who, she said, has “worked wonders” on the injury.

    In an article on the Association of Women Bodyboarders website, Stephanie thanks Hinterland Chiropractic along with her sponsors for their awesome support.

    Congratulations to Stephanie and to her chiropractor!

    Here are some links…

    The Courier-Mail: Stephanie’s on a roll
    Association of Women Bodyboarders: In her own words – World Champion 2002 Stephanie Pettersen
    Surf Life For Women: 2002 World Tour of Womens Bodyboarding – Stephanie Pettersen takes the Title! @ 11:46 am | Article ID: 1039549613

    ¿Es Mi Salud Mi Prioridad? (En Espanol)

    Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

    muchisimas personas piensan que si no tienen dolor o síntomas que están bien de salud. La mayoría de los seres humanos estamos acostumbrados a pensar que los síntomas son indicaciones de que algo anda mal en nuestros cuerpos y que debemos acudir inmediatamente al Medico Alópata. Esto no es totalmente cierto ya que nuestros cuerpos están diseñados para poder funcionar a su capacidad optima cuando el sistema nervioso esta libre de interferencias a la columna vertebral y el sistema nervioso.

    Cuando existen interferencias a la columna vertebral la señal del sistema nervioso esta impedida o interferida y esto es lo que disminuye el potencial humano que poseemos internamente y nuestros cuerpos comienzan a no funcionar correctamente y nos enfermamos.

    Nuestro cuerpo tiene la capacidad de auto curarse y de auto sanarse a si mismo cuando todos los sistemas están funcionando en balance y harmonia internamente. Por tal razón es sumamente importante tomar responsabilidad de nuestra salud y la salud de nuestras familias y hacernos una evaluación Quiropractica. La única manera de mantener una calidad de vida aumentada es tomando prioridad de nuestra salud antes de que nos enfermemos.

    Toda la familia se puede beneficiarse de lo que ofrece la Quiropractica. Dejemos de envenenarnos con fármacos y químicos que no funcionan para corregir la causa del problema, lo único que hace es tapar los síntomas temporáneamente. Usted y su familia no tiene que sufrir innecesariamente. El Doctor en Quiropractica es el único profesional adiestrado en localizar y corregir estas interferencias a la columna vertebral. Esto se hace fácilmente a través del ajuste Quiropractico a la columna. El ajuste no causa dolor y sus resultados son inmediatos. Tu prioridad debe ser tu salud siempre ya que si ella no tenemos nada.

    – – – – – – – – – –
    El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en: @ 7:09 am | Article ID: 1039446595

    New Jersey Site Team Approves Life University

    Decision Rebukes CCE Accreditation Policies

    In a stunning victory for Life University, and a stinging rebuke to CCE’s accreditation policies, the New Jersey State Board of Chiropractic Examiners provisionally approved Life’s chiropractic program.

    In a unanimous vote, the Board accepted the recommendations of its Site Team, which performed an exhaustive on site review of the entire campus. Led by Anthony DeMarco, D.C., a former president of the NJ Board with extensive experience evaluating
    chiropractic programs, the team also included Lawrence O’Connor, D.C., Robert Apuzzio, D.C., and Kevin Earle, Executive Director of the Board.

    After spending two full days comprehensively reviewing all aspects of the chiropractic program and talking with administrators, instructors and students, the team was satisfied that Life University’s chiropractic program qualified for approval. The report indicates that Life had implemented, or was in the process of implementing, all criteria necessary for approval.

    The highly detailed report addresses all aspects of the institution including its Organization, Faculty, Interviews with Department Chairs, Plant, Library, Medical Museum, Auxiliary Equipment, Clinical Facilities, Resources, Administration, Records, Requirements for Admission, Publications and Curriculum.

    Although the report included recommendations for improvement, as well as the recommendation that the team return in one year to ensure that all recommendations have been implemented, the Site Team commended the University for the significant and substantial improvements in its program, curriculum, and governance since June 2002. In presenting their findings to the full Board, team members stated that they were enthusiastically received by Life’s administration, and were afforded full cooperation and total access to all areas of the campus as well as access to all documents.

    In commenting on CCE’s refusal to reconsider Life’s accreditation for two years, Dr. DeMarco stated, “Not having been at the CCE inspection in April, I can only speak to what we saw when went down there, and what we saw when we went down there was certainly an adequate institution that more than meets the particular standards of this state. We believe they are educating and graduating good chiropractors that are safe for the consumers of New Jersey.”

    Dr. DeMarco further added, “I do believe, as far as CCE goes, not looking at them (Life) now after changes have been made is probably doing a disservice to the college.” Joseph Lauro, D.C., one of the State Board Members also questioned the purpose of CCE’s appeal process if changes made during that time period would not be considered in their final decision.

    While this decision to allow Life graduates to qualify for NJ licensure is certain to lift the spirits of many Life students, it is also likely to put further pressure on the CCE. The CCE has thus far steadfastly refused to reconsider its decision that the institution must wait two years before it can regain its accreditation. As a result, there is a large and growing segment of the profession that views CCE’s refusal to reevaluate Life’s chiropractic program as a political ploy primarily designed to contain and eliminate traditional chiropractic programs. This perception is strongly supported by CCE’s decision earlier this year to restructure its corporation and reduce the number of votes that both Palmer and Cleveland Colleges receive on CCE’s Council. It is anticipated that NJ’s decision will now prompt other states to question CCE’s motives and possibly send their own Site Teams to Life for evaluation.

    Additional information concerning questioning of CCE’s policies can be found at @ 7:14 am | Article ID: 1039187641

    Step #16 to a Hundred a Day

    By Dr. Rick Wren

    Step #16 to a Hundred a Day is actually Advanced Success Principle #6 (Use precision adjusting with high energy). This is a difficult concept for new practitioners. We graduate from Chiropractic College thinking that an adjustment doesn’t compare to medical surgery in value. So we think that we have to move every bone they have to make the visit valuable.

    Back in 1997 I went on the first mission to Panama with Jim Sigafoose and seventeen other Chiropractors. In six days the 19 of us adjusted over 46,000 people. The greatest lesson I learned on that trip is the less you adjust, the more miracles you will see. The Chiropractors that adjusted only C1 and C2 were the only ones to see miracles in six days. The Chiropractors who insisted on adjusting more including extremities, saw no miracles. The less you adjust, the more energy goes into each adjustment.

    I get ten times better results now, than 22 years ago, when I use to adjust all 24 vertebrae if possible. I now adjust C1 and C2 only for 10 to 50 visits. Once they are holding well, I then graduate to another area if necessary.

    For those of you that concentrate on Basic Neuroanatomy, this will drive you crazy. This reminds me of a patient named Doris. She had been to five different doctors for her severely numb feet that she had for five years. Her feet were so numb that she could not feel socks or shoes on her feet. Every time I adjusted her C1 and C2, she would get up off the table and look at me and say “Dr. Wren it is my feet, not my neck.” All other five doctors were treating her numb feet with shots and pills and some Chiropractors would be adjusting her feet. I would look at her and say “Doris we have to get more electricity to your feet for your feet to get better.” She would look at me with confused eyes and walk out. She would say the same thing every visit. Thankfully, on about her 6th visit she came in with a huge smile and said “I can feel my socks on my feet for the first time in 5 years.” Then I said “Doris, I never touched your feet.”

    Some of you will never be able to back off your 24 bone adjustments. For those of you that want to have more fun and get better results, adjust less.

    See you in 7 weeks in Vegas ( There are only a hundred rooms left out of 2,000 at the Hilton, so call soon or you will have to stay somewhere else.

    LLL, Dr. Rick Wren ( Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher) @ 11:47 am | Article ID: 1039117653