Month: September 2001

24 Ways to Get New Patients

By Dr. Gene Orlowski
Comments in blue by Dr. Rick Wren

Initial Telephone Contact
1. On initial telephone contact, the CA not only asks for basic information, but “Who referred you to this office?” You can also ask “Is this appointment for you or your entire family?”

Initial Visit
2. When your CA makes initial personal contact, she would introduce herself, greet the new patient and comment on who referred them to the office.
3. Your history form should ask who referred the patient in for care.
4. The history form should ask how many children the patient has and their ages.

5. The Doctor makes a positive comment about who referred the patient.
6. Hereditary possibilities – “Does anyone else in your family suffer from the same or similar problems?”
7. Ask when was the last time your children had a spinal screening exam.

8. Be sure to invite the spouse to the report of findings. Strongly encourage, because there are serious health issues to be decided on.

Report of Findings
9. Three card technique – Give the patient three of your cards. One has your home phone number on it , the other two are to give to friends or family who may need care. We tell our patients that if they get there immediate family in within 7 days, that we will pay for there x-rays and exams.
10. Encourage the spouse to come to Spinal Care Class or any friends that may want to learn more about chiropractic. We tell our patients they should bring a close friend or family member to be their Coach.
11. Generate a referral letter to the referral source acknowledge and thanking them for the referral.
12. Call the referral source and personally thank them for their referral.
13. Complimentary office visit Gift Certificate-send as a thank you and satisfy the laws of compensation.
14. Spinal Care Class- a great opportunity to increase your new patients. Educate, then ask for new patients. Have an emotional close with a special offer to examine friends and family if they schedule that night or within 7 days, which ever you prefer.
15. Tell your regular patients about a case of the day. Then ask if they know any similar cases or others that should come out, then give them a referral pack.
16. Have business cards printed up for your staff.
17. Educate your patients that chiropractic is for families.
18. Offer complimentary screenings for children.
19. As soon as a patient begins to feel better and get excited about their results and ask them if they have told others. Offer them a referral pack.
20. Hand out 5 health tracks to patient’s within the first 30 days of care.
21. Re-examine patients regularly-It brings you back in touch with patients (PTC) and is good opportunity to ask for new patients. At the report we give them a card, that they can give to a friend, so they can get exam and x-rays at a reduce rate.
22. Have signs in your office which encourage referrals.
23. Have a referral board in your reception room.
24. Educate your patients that chiropractic is preventive and that chiropractic can add years to your live and life to your years.
Drs. Gene Orlowski and Rick Wren are both speakers at The Parker Chiropractic Seminars. You can visit the Parker Seminar website at: @ 11:43 am | Article ID: 1000147391

Are you taking chances with drugs?

Celebrex and Vioxx, two fast selling anti-inflammatory drugs have recently been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular events, according to various news reports.

While some sources have disputed the claims of increased risks, an article from the National Post asks if those risks are really worth it to consumers.

Celebrex and Vioxx are known as Cox-2 inhibitors. They reportedly act by controlling painful inflammation, similar to the effects of aspirin. However, some research reports have found that Cox-2 inhibitors result in fewer ulcers than painkillers such as aspirin. The pills soon became dubbed by some as “Super-Aspirin.”

Fewer ulcers than aspirin may sound like a good thing except that new research is finding these drugs may have a more serious side effect: an increased risk of heart attack. To make matters worse, millions of the same people that suffer from arthritis also suffer from heart disease. This leads us to the question… Are you taking chances with drugs?

While drug manufacturers dispute the results of recent research, other news about these Cox-2 inhibitors has also surfaced. According to an article in the National Post, the makers of Celebrex have been criticized “for releasing only half its clinical trial data on the drug for publication.” When researchers looked at the longer-term data the drug was found not to be any more effective at preventing ulcers than painkillers costing a fraction of its price.

One could conclude that taking these drugs may potentially increase ones risk of ulcers, heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular events. Is it worth the risk?

Source: The National Post / Why should I take chances? @ 5:23 am | Article ID: 1000124589

A Chiropractic Wedding

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On Saturday, September 8th, two of my very dear friends were married. However, I did not just attend as a guest since the duty of Planet Chiropractic news called and I believed this was a story not to be missed.

You see, both are chiropractors. Not only are they both chiropractors but they were married by a chiropractor, who happens to also be a minister. The friends are Danella Maxwell and Jason Whittaker. Jason and Danella met while attending CMCC in Toronto. (chiropractic college)

I met Jason at an ICA convention as we were both student ICA presidents of our schools during the same time. Danella was also a SICA president at CMCC. I met Danella in Panama during one of several chiropractic missions we each participated in.

The minister was Dr. Stew Bittman (no stranger to Planet Chiropractic) and the ceremony was a spiritual and joyful event. The room was filled with chiropractors, chiropractic staff and families as the wedding was held in the same hotel as a the Sigafoose Chiropractic Gathering.

The ceremony was to be held on the beach but weather conditions did not allow so it was instead performed inside the Four Seasons Resort hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. If all goes well, I will have photos from the wedding posted tomorrow and will eventually have a video clip.

We all wish Danella and Jason many years of happiness and joy. @ 7:02 pm | Article ID: 1000087367

Expect To Be Well

A recent study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that optimism may be good for your health. The study, a review of scientific papers from 1966 – 1998, found that when patients had positive expectations about their care, they tended to have a better results.

According to a Yahoo News article on the same topic, the studies lead author stated, “There is scientific evidence that when patients have positive thoughts and expect to recover well, they usually do.”

Authors of the study suggest it is important to foster patient behaviors that “not only require positive motivation but also the knowledge and skills to pursue the desired goals.” Motivation and better education are both beneficial.

The study touched on “mind-body” connections and their role in health outcomes. For more information related to that you may want to view the Feb. 2000 Mayo Clinic study titled: “Optimists vs Pessimists: Survival Rate Among Medical Patients – Over a 30-Year Period”

Canadian Medical Association Journal: Does how you do depend on how you think you’ll do?
Yahoo News: Patient Expectations May Influence Recovery
Planet Chiropractic: Optimists vs. Pessimists: Optimists Prevail!

Mayo Clinic (PDF File): Optimists vs Pessimists: Survival Rate Among Medical Patients @ 7:34 am | Article ID: 999786885

You Either Get It or You Don’t

By Dr. Debora Logan
(inspired by Dr. Rick Wren’s close at the August PSPS in Toronto)

The number of people killed each day for taking the properly prescribed medication is equivalent to 3 jumbo jets crashing each day, killing all aboard.

You either get it, or you don’t.

Japan recently made it illegal to vaccinate children under 2 years of age. The result has been a 75% decrease in the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome.

You either get it, or you don’t.

Americans consume half of the drugs in the world at a rate of 25 million/hour. Americans consume 15 tons of aspirin per day (about 19 billion tablets per year), and is the leading cause of kidney disease.

You either get it, or you don’t.

Over 100 years ago, Chiropractic was labeled “quackery” and only 11% of the population was taking adjustments. In the early 60- 70’s, it was called “unorthodox” and several chiropractors were jailed for practicing medicine without a license, yet 23% of the population was getting adjusted. In the late 80’s-90’s, 30% of the population was under chiropractic care, which was labeled “alternative.” Today, 37% of the population is getting adjusted and chiropractic is considered “complimentary care.” It is estimated that within this decade that Chiropractic will become the norm as at least 50% of the population will be under regular chiropractic care.

You either get it, or you don’t.

30 years ago, a 6 year old boy fell in a pool and lay drowning on the bottom. A chiropractor pulls him out unconscious. The boy was adjusted and the next day, stood on a stage in front of hundreds of other chiropractors and proclaimed, “Yesterday, I was drowned, but today I’m alive because of Chiropractic!” Today, this boy is a chiropractor, also.

You either get it or you don’t.

Somewhere: a 3 year old boy was adjusted yesterday and no longer has an ear infection.
A 43 year old woman was adjusted yesterday and no longer has symptoms of IBS.
A newborn was adjusted yesterday and was taken off of life support.
A 15 year old teen was adjusted yesterday and her menstrual cramps stopped.
A 50 year old man stopped drinking and beating his children, 60 days after beginning chiropractic care.
A world class athlete was adjusted yesterday and won his 3rd Tour de France.

You either get it or you don’t.

Chiropractic saves and changes the lives of thousands each day. September 18th marks the 106th birthday of Chiropractic. This is the day that DD Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard and his hearing was restored. September is Chiropractic Outreach Month and we’d like you to share the benefits of Chiropractic with as many people as you know to help make our world a better place.

After all, you either get it or you don’t. @ 7:40 am | Article ID: 999614450

Passion is Breaking Down the Barriers

By Lynn Rivard, Principled CA

I am inspired to write this article, to provoke thoughts deep within you. Chiropractic has undoubtedly made a profound impact in our lives – our adjustments connect us with the God within and unleashes human potential in the highest form. It gives us life – free of nerve interference and a reality that is clear and safe to perceive.

Chiropractic brings so many blessings into our lives. The most profound gift that Chiropractic has given me is a mind, body and soul that are deeply connected, without barriers – a clear vessel, the chance to be the “me” that the Creator intended me to be! We all have been touched by what the adjustment has done in our own lives, in our offices, in our patients and families lives.

The power of an adjustment is endless and it is transforming our generation and will greatly impact those generations to come. Consider these thought provoking questions…
What do you stand for? What do you bring to the table? Do you have PASSION for what you do? Do you OWN the Chiropractic principle? Are you part of an office that just delivers an adjustment, completes a business transaction and then sends the patient on their merry way? Or are you part of an office that is not afraid to stand up and tell the Chiropractic truth? An office that is truly connecting with patients and enhancing the profession by serving without conditions?

To stand up and be counted is one of the most empowering experiences there is. Our challenge as Chiropractic warriors is to change our world by spreading Chiropractic to as many people as we can. Passion is the key and it has to happen in and out of our offices – any chance we get.

What good is a fantastic Chiropractic education system if the people delivering the education have the passion of a dew worm? It is HOW we tell the story that makes an impact – we need to get pumped about what we are telling people. What would you do for Chiropractic? We have all been in those circumstances where we have the chance to tell someone about Chiropractic and then are shut down when the person does not accept our intent and what they are hearing. We cannot blame them – so many of us were molded into the medical mindset. We can break down those barriers by finding the passion and commitment to not get discouraged when someone we care for will not listen. Just don’t give up and trust that they will come when they are meant to be there.

Have you ever noticed that when you get your educated mind out of the way and let innate take over, how confident you become? When you talk from deep inside you and throw away the wordy scripts and let your heart do the talking? Wow… is there anything more powerful? I spend a lot of time thinking about those people out there who are not under Chiropractic care and what it would take to get them into our offices? I truly believe it won’t be any “fancy shmancy” Chiropractic lecture or ad – I am convinced it will be PASSION that gets them in, it will be the passion of those who have heard you and I talk about the amazing life force that is released into the human body with each adjustment. Passion is breaking down the barriers!

We have to get pumped, energized, outrageously enthusiastic and excited. We can NEVER stop looking for the chance, the moment, the second that the window of opportunity opens for us to tell the TRUTH. Let’s get talking in our offices about amazing stories of healing! Let’s get talking about our personal experiences with Chiropractic! Let’s get talking about miracles.

Miracles present themselves to those who are open to receive them! Let’s get up from behind our desks and get hugging our patients… let’s remove the barriers and make a personal commitment to help improve humanity. It is easy to get into the passionate mindset… attend Dynamic Essentials, a Wonders seminar, find any motivating seminar.

Maybe we will have to make changes in our personal lives – get right with ourselves. Just get feeling glad to be alive! Find a mentor whom you can count on – live by positive affirmations, put them on the fridge, your desk, your forehead if you have to. We get out of our minds what we put into it.

We have so much power in our profession. We are part of a life-changing process and our unique part in Chiropractic is invaluable, we just have to not be afraid to stand tall with passionate intent and be counted.

Whether we are seeing 120 patients a week or 1000 patients a week – we are collectively making a contribution to the great profession of Chiropractic, so we need to be strong in Principle and Passionate in Heart!

So the next time you feel your principle weakening – get back to the basics of why you love Chiropractic. Find your passion, because you have the greatest gift on the planet, you have a story that is worth telling and you have a job to do – and that job is quite simple – JUST TELL IT! @ 5:48 am | Article ID: 999607702