Month: June 2001

Time for a Public Service Announcement

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Los Angeles – Much has happened since I published an article last Monday (MD’s Say NO To Drug Advertising) and stated that the MDs involved were inspiring. The article was followed on Thursday by a second article (MD’s Say YES To Drug Advertising) which included excerpts from a Public Service Announcement (PSA) authored by Dr. Bob Sottile in the 1980’s. I have been responding to numerous emails regarding the article and the PSA since.

First the Medical Doctors…
For MDs to reach a point where they are publicly making statements requesting bans on prescription drug advertising for television, newspapers, and magazines, suggests to me that there is a serious problem.

Apparently, the original news release on Monday came from the first day of the American Medical Association’s five-day annual meeting. I would imagine that since this issue had been brought up it must surely have concerned many medical practitioners. It was a medical doctor that stated, “ads by their nature are biased and compressed and are driven more by drug companies’ financial concerns than by concern for the patients’ best interest.”

Somewhere in the collective group of doctors gathered for this meeting was an individual or individuals who wanted to “do the right thing.” However, what the AMA had decided instead to do was ask that drug companies “voluntarily” include information in advertising that would display language telling patients that medical doctors may recommend other or more appropriate treatment options rather than what’s being advertised. The collective consciousness takes over and the individual is lost.

These folks have been squashed by an entity that quite possibly has other agendas more valuable to them than serving “best interests” which involve the health and welfare of Americans.

If drug advertising was no longer on television, in newspapers and magazines, would people take less drugs? If people took less drugs, would there be less visits to medical doctors? If there were less visits to medical doctors would medical doctors notice a decrease in income? Are medical doctors with lower income more likely or less likely to pay dues to organizations such as the American Medical Association?

And what about the pharmaceutical industry? Do they really want to go up against them? When I say “they” I mean the AMA, not the individual medical doctor that is attempting to do the right thing and wants to better serve his/her patients. Those individuals should be recognized, for they are the ones that will eventually lead to change in their industry.

What is our role in all of this? I have received many emails from chiropractors across the globe that would like to re-introduce Bob Sottile’s PSA. I have updated most of the statistics (what you saw published was from about 20 years ago) and the numbers are enough to make one numb.

There will be much more news coming on this issue.

And the numbers?
From the PSA: 7.7 million are victims of Diabetes
6/2001: Approximately 16 million Americans have Diabetes (American Diabetes Association)

From the PSA: 4.5 million children suffer with chronic sinusitis
1996 Figures: 33 million Cases of Chronic Sinusitis Reported Annually in the U.S. (all ages)
(Vital and Health Statistics Series 10, No. 200)

(1996) Heart Disease Cases Reported Annually: 21 million (all cases for U.S.)
(Vital and Health Statistics Series 10, No. 200)

How long are you going to wait before you tell others about chiropractic? @ 9:28 am | Article ID: 993832126

Hepatitis B Vaccination For Inmates & Infants

According to a recent article published by Yahoo News, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is calling for hepatitis B vaccination to be offered to inmates in the United States.

Apparently there has been an outbreak of hepatitis B virus infection among male inmates. The article suggests that the hepatitis B virus is a liver infection that is typically transmitted through unprotected sex, injection drug use and the exposure to infected blood. Prisoners that are having unprotected sex are putting themselves at risk for infection of hepatitis b virus, according to the report.

From the 1997 CDC Prevention Guidelines: A Guide to Action…
“People at high risk for getting hepatitis B disease (which is transmitted by coming into direct contact with infected person’s body fluids) are IV drug users, prostitutes, prisoners, sexually promiscuous persons and babies born to infected mothers.”

Do your children fall into any of these categories? Why are some recommending hepatitis B vaccination for our children? If your thinking “early protection” read this statement from Merck and Company: “The duration of the protective effect of [the vaccine] in healthy vaccinees is unknown at present and the need for booster doses is not yet defined.”

Perhaps it’s because it is such a debilitating disease?
According to Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 90-95% of all hepatitis B cases recover completely after 3 to 4 weeks of nausea, fatigue, headache, arthritis, jaundice and tender liver.

Is it maybe because hepatitis B virus is so prevalent in U.S. society?
According to the National Vaccine Information Center (using data collected by the CDC), for 1996, there were 10,637 cases of hepatitis B reported in all of the U.S. with 279 cases reported to have occurred in the U.S. in children under 14 years old.

The Yahoo News article suggests that one of the barriers to administering the hepatitis B vaccine is cost. Who is to pay the bill when American prisoners are vaccinated regularly?

Yahoo News: Hepatitis B Vaccination Recommended for Inmates
Hepatitis B: The Disease & The Vaccine @ 8:01 am | Article ID: 993826874

A Thot on Chiropractic Pioneers

By Dr. Bruce A. Parker

I recently watched the movie “Pearl Harbor”, a piece of history that I am embarrassed to say I didn’t really know that much about. Before coming to the movie I did listen to the critics and had decided that the movie (at least the war part) was factually based. As I was watching and the invasion was well into swing I began to leak! Water began coming out of my eyes, I thought I was shot! My nose also began to run and I felt very sad, as I witnessed the massacre.

At that moment I understood why so many people from that generation are so disgusted with the newer less patriotic population of today. Our forefathers gave their lives so we could have the freedom we have today, and for that they were proud.

That was an era when it was cool to be a hero. Giving unselfishly of yourself for the betterment of a cause greater than you.

I then think of the chiropractic pioneers who went to jail for a principle. The chiropractors that were jailed were in most instances jailed for practicing medicine without a license. All they had to do in many cases was to plead guilty and they would have had a suspended sentence, yet they opted to stay in jail because they refused to say that they were practicing medicine when in fact they were practicing chiropractic.

In 1915, a lawyer fought in Kansas for a jailed chiropractor arguing by definition of both scopes of practice his client (the Chiropractor) was not practicing medicine, and the first recognition of chiropractic was born followed by the first license.

Again, that gentleman went to jail so you could have your freedom today. Well, we are now the fore parents (fathers and mothers) of the next generation. In what condition will we leave our chosen profession to those coming forward. Will the principle be intact for them, or will it long be gone, sold for the comfort of today?

Bruce Parker, D.C.
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Breast-Feeding & Good Health

According to a recent Yale University study, breast-feeding a child for one year can reduce a mother’s risk of developing breast cancer by about 50 percent compared with women who never breast feed.

An epidemiologist at Yale strongly advised that mothers breast-feed their babies, stating, “it’s for their own benefit.”

Another recently published study found that women who breast feed for two years or longer had about half the breast cancer risk as women who breast feed for less than six months.

And a third study suggests that breast-feeding may cut an obesity risk in kids, helping to produce leaner adolescents.

Reduced risk of cancer, better immune protection for children, decreased risk of obesity, the list goes on and on. Breast-feeding was as nature intended and it provides many benefits science has yet to become aware of.

If you would like more information on breast-feeding, there is a ton of information available on mothering magazines breast-feeding discussion board. Click here for more information.

Yahoo News: Breast-Feeding Cuts Mom’s Breast Cancer Risk
MSNBC: Long-term breast-feeding cuts post-menopause cancer risk, too
MSNBC: Breast-feeding may cut obesity risk in kids @ 3:47 pm | Article ID: 993768468

Super Stunt Performer Jill Brown

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Venice Beach — On June 16th, ABC hosted the first ever World Stunt Awards. When most recipients step up to the platform they usually first thank God, or their manager. When stunt performer Jill Brown stepped up to receive her award for “Best High Work” in the movie “The Cell” she first thanked her chiropractor for, “keeping her body working.”

Jill Brown was the stunt double for Jennifer Lopez and the scene was the fall from a box (Three Falls from Box) about an hour into the movie. Jill has performed stunts in many other films such as Bandits, The Wedding Planner, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Inspector Gadget, Enemy of the State, Home Fries, Lethal Weapon 4, Small Soldiers, Armageddon, Godzilla (1998), Starship Troopers, Titanic, Conspiracy Theory, and many others. (below is a link to films and TV series Jill has performed stunts in)

The award ceremony was held on May 20th at the Barker Hanger at Santa Monica Airport and was televised on ABC on June 16th. Arnold Schwarzenegger (not to steal the spotlight from Jill) received the first Taurus Honorary Award for best-action movie star. He can put that next to his Honorary Doctor of Chiropractic diploma that he was awarded from Cleveland Chiropractic College.

The program was hosted by Alec Baldwin who according to rumors, knows his chiropractic listings quite well. (notice a pattern here?)

Thank you to Jill Brown for recognizing her chiropractor and chiropractic on National Television and for doing so many cool stunts in so many movies I have been to see. (all except Bandits) And thank you to Jill’s chiropractor (who’s name I will add as soon as I get it) for keeping Jill subluxation free. Hopefully we’ll have a photo of Jill soon.

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Another Child Tragedy

By now, many of you have heard or read the news regarding the five young children that had been drowned by their mother in Houston, Texas, last Wednesday.

A recent article published in the Dallas morning news stated that the mother, “had taken a number of anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medications since the birth of her fourth child in 1999.” According to the same article, the woman had been taking the drugs Effexor and Remeron as early as the past week and had previously taken the drugs Risperdal, Wellbutrin and Haldol.

I have lost count of how many articles we have published involving the death of a child and the use of psychotropic drugs. It was only a week ago (one day prior to the drownings) that we published an article in which a jury found a drug company at fault in a wrongful death civil suit. Many will be as disturbed by this article as they were with the previous one.

I was watching a network news channel when the news broke concerning the drowning, and I noticed a shocking statistic…

According to the broadcast, in murder cases involving children under the age of 5, one of their parents was to blame in sixty-one percent of all cases. 31% of cases involved the father, and 30% involved the mother. In comparison, about 2-5 percent of the crimes were committed by strangers.

While they may not all be related, it would be interesting to discover how many times drugs were involved. Whether those drugs be illicit drugs, prescription pharmaceuticals, or over-the-counter medications is not my concern. I just want to know if any were involved. How many of those cases involved drug-free families?

And if we continue to help others raise drug-free families, would there be a change in the number of cases we would see?

Womens Health: Husband says woman changed medications @ 5:50 am | Article ID: 993559800

Hard Core Sport & Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Venice Beach California, June 23 & 24 – This past weekend, some of the world’s best BMX bike riders, mountainboard riders, inline skaters, and scooter riders came out to compete in Round 1 of the Panasonic Shockwave Core Tour. The event was covered by major news media, including FOX Sports, ABC, and NBC. Chances are you’ll get to see some footage from the event televised this summer. Thousands gathered in the land of sunshine, tattoos and body piercings for a day of blaring hip-hop music, “big dirt” thrills, and lots and lots of excitement.

Core TourIt was a busy weekend for this chiropractor as I was on location for the West coast start of this tour. Dozens of riders received adjustments throughout the weekend, and what a weekend it was. The individuals in these events are expressing life to its fullest. My job was to keep them clear so they could perform at their best. Their bodies may take a heavy beating but as one rider said, it’s not about the pain, it’s about the experience. (and the cash)

Many riders were adjusted before they went on the course and again when they came off the course. EMT’s on the scene commented that they were amazed with how few injuries were occurring throughout the weekend. While the EMT’s were located at the end of the big dirt course (presumably the most likely place for serious injury), chiropractic care was provided inside the riders tent. (definitely a place rocking with high energy thrill seekers)

Core TourWhat interest do tattooed, body pierced, twenty something-year-olds have in chiropractic care? Lots! The art of chiropractic, the philosophy of chiropractic, and the importance of chiropractic, was discussed all weekend in a way that this young generation could easily relate to.

Over and over again I listened to riders talk about their gear and how a BMX rider could sit on his bike and just “feel” if it needed to be adjusted. The same went for mountainboard riders as well as the other riders. Explaining the role of the nervous system and innate intelligence was not only easy, there was a good understanding expressed by even some of the youngest riders. The term we used was “dialed in” as that is what they referred to the feeling they had when their board or bike was at its optimum. Nobody wants to come down the big kicker (a masonite covered 50+ foot ramp) with their gear working less than its best. Having one’s body in optimal shape just made so much sense.

Core TourUnfortunately, I didn’t have my regular photo gear to capture images from this incredible weekend but I did grab some shots so that you could see a few of the things these riders are capable of doing. You may notice the palm trees in the background. To put these photos in perspective, in most I am standing at least 4 feet off the ground and the riders are least another 8 to 10 feet above me.

I’ll have an update on this article before the finals roll into Santa Monica in September. It was such a thrill to hang out with these guys and girls, they have an inspirational passion for life. Many thanks to everyone involved for such an exhilarating experience. @ 12:11 pm | Article ID: 993496287

Doubts Grow Concerning Hormone Therapy

A recent article in USA Today suggests that women should not count on hormone replacement therapy for several conditions that it is currently being used to treat. According to the article, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy “are becoming murkier, the potential risks of long-term therapy – mainly increased risk of ovarian cancer and blood clots – are becoming more worrisome.”

If you were reading Planet Chiropractic news in June of 2000 you may have seen an article by Dr. Madeline Behrendt titled “women do not want to be on hormonal drugs.” In response to the recent USA Today article Dr. Behrendt writes, “With so many prescriptions being written, there’s no doubt that there are women in our practices who have been exposed to this drug – but not to this info – you may want to post the article in your office, or use it as handouts.”

USA Today: Hormone therapy: Doubts grow
Planet Chiropractic Archives: “Women do not want to be on Hormonal Drugs” @ 9:40 am | Article ID: 993487223

4 Generations Served Chiropractic

It is a wonderful experience when one can provide chiropractic care to more than one generation of a family. Sometimes, we are blessed to serve not only two generations, but three generations from the same family. Serving so many from one family is a good sign that the chiropractic message is being told by all in the office.

Recently, a chiropractor in Santa Monica California, had the pleasure of serving four generations from the same family. Below is part of a letter from one of his dedicated practice members. The words written express that the chiropractor is successfully spreading the message of chiropractic and that his practice members are getting it.

Thanks – 4 Generations Served!
“It was such a pleasure seeing you recently. As of now, you have adjusted four generations of my family, including my mother, all three of my children, three of my four grandchildren, and of course myself. The best part is that you have adjusted not only our spines, but also our way of thinking about our bodies, health and life in general. I really thank you for that.”

Begin your week knowing that together, we are adjusting the thinking of millions throughout the world! @ 8:37 am | Article ID: 993483447

Where do we go from here?

It was a Monday in June of 1999 when the first official article was published on Planet Chiropractic. While the website had been in operation for several months, the news service at the time was sporadic and required manual updating. An intensive and time consuming task.

The plan was to create a web-based news service that served chiropractors throughout the world and to combine that news service with the e-mail service that I had been providing for the previous two years. The system created (with much thanks to Grant Williams) allowed me to upload content from any computer anywhere in the world as long as it had a connection to the Internet. It’s been a longtime since that day in June.

Two Years Later
I have uploaded news from airports, hotel rooms, and countries across the globe. Today, I am in the Planet Chiropractic news office. Articles such as today’s news which included a former public service announcement from the late Dr. Bob Sottile required about 30 minutes to prepare. That includes gathering the information, writing the content, and publishing the content to Planet Chiropractic using a combination of text, html coding and a programming language called Perl.

Three computers were directly involved in the process. One connected to my voice activated headset which records my spoken words, the second which I use to prepare the article and research related information, and a third which holds the content you are viewing at this moment. These computers and I work together as a team. From concept to content in 30 minutes or less, the information becomes available to every chiropractor on the planet.

From where I sit, this becomes a very efficient and effective means to spread the word of chiropractic. Didn’t somebody once say we should be “low cost – high tech”?

I have been doing this for some time now and it sometimes amazes me how easy it has become. I am typically up at 5 a.m. Monday through Saturday so that I can be in the office by 6 a.m. to serve. While preparing the content does not take long, recently I have only been getting a fraction of the intended content posted to the website. With an expanded territory, I believe we can publish six to ten articles daily, six days per week.

There are several related projects in the works to create an even more advanced news system and I am gathering the feedback I get from you to make appropriate changes. In an effort to sooner achieve that, there are plans to bring new staff into the office this summer. There is plenty of work to be done. I could go on and on about what I want to do, plan to do, and so on but today is not the day for that.

Yours in Chiropractic,
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