Month: May 2001

How to Repair Damage from a Hoax

Restoring Sulfnbk.exe
This article is being posted to counter the hundreds of emails we received yesterday regarding a virus many of you were sure you found on your computers.

The hoax email which was forwarded with good intention by many of you included this message:

After you have deleted the virus (windows file)

“The GOOD NEWS is you should now be safe.”
“The BAD NEWS is that if you detect the virus, you in turn need to contact everyone you have sent ANY e-mail to in the past few months, and share this warning with them.”

In reality, the GOOD NEWS is that this was a hoax.
The BAD NEWS is that some of you did delete the file and told your friends and family to do so as well.

So what do you do now?
Sit back and smile. You have witnessed the power of the internet and you have been duped. There is a lesson here, learn from it and be thankful you did not delete a critical file.

Here is a great article on repairing the file and the virus hoax… About: Restoring Sulfnbk.exe
And for some more technical info… Symantec: SULFNBK.EXE Warning

This article will be deleted within a few days.
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This is a Country with Drug Issues

From Dayton, Ohio comes a commentary on drugs in America titled, “Rx for America’s Drug Issues Is Not in A Pill.”

This is certainly an article you will want to print and save. Perhaps we will have some commentary written later but for now, click the link and save the file for future use.

Your Health Daily: Rx for America’s Drug Issues Is Not in A Pill @ 7:33 pm | Article ID: 991276438

Are You Taking Useless Drugs

Are you uselessly taking drugs that are doing you no good, costing you lots of money, and possibly putting you at risk of suffering from more serious health conditions?

According to an article on MSNBC, “Americans are expected to spend $4.7 billion this year on prescription allergy medications like Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec. But a new study finds that almost two-thirds of those who take the drugs don’t need them.”

The article states, “People who are misdiagnosed can waste as much as $80.00 a month for the prescription drugs, taking medicines they don’t need. And although side effects are rare, the medications fail to solve the real problem.”

If you gave a drug daily to a person that was healthy, would they get healthier? If you are taking medicines that you do not need are you producing more health or less health? How about the side effects, will you take more drugs to cover up the symptoms created by the drugs you “do not need?” Why would you do such a thing?

You are being marketed to and it’s not all your fault. According to the article, “There’s also an incredible influence for marketing where patients will watch television and they’ll see commercials or they’ll be on a bus and they’ll see ads for medications and they want these medications.”

The reason you may want to take drugs is because you have been conditioned by years of advertising that these drugs will solve your problems and make you healthier. You want to do the right thing. There is indeed an incredible influence to get you and your family to take more drugs and to not solve “the real problem.” Take responsibility, invest in your health, and you’ll be less likely to become a drug study statistic.

MSNBC: Two-thirds of those taking allergy drugs may not need them
Update 6/12 – Time Magazine: Sometimes, A Cold is Just a Cold @ 11:22 am | Article ID: 991246938

Medical Incompetence

The New York Times yesterday published an article titled, “Incompetent Physicians Are Rarely Reported as Law Requires” which suggests that health maintenance organizations (H.M.O.’s) and hospitals rarely report incompetent doctors to the government as they are required to.

According to the article, “in the last decade, 84 percent of H.M.O.’s and 60 percent of hospitals never reported a single ‘adverse action’ to the government.” Ask yourself, do I know anyone who has suffered an “adverse reaction” while in an HMO or hospital setting in the past decade?

The Times reported that a “low level of reporting occurred even though a government study found that tens of thousands of Americans die each year because of medical errors.” The Times suggested what Ian Grassam, D.C. had said several years ago, HMO’s do not provide “health maintenance,” they provide “cost maintenance.” Helping individuals maintain health is something chiropractors do.

New York Times: Incompetent Physicians Are Rarely Reported as Law Requires
(The N.Y. Times website requires you to subscribe for free in order to view content. This article is worth taking the time to do so.)

ABC News: HMOs Not Protecting Patients – Managed Care Fails to Report Doctors
MSNBC: ‘Problem’ doctors often not reported – HMOs fail to inform government of all disciplinary actions
(Both links supply the same article, we just want you to have the best opportunity for availability)

Update 5/30
Yahoo News released an article today on this same topic.
Yahoo News: Inept Doctors Not Being Identified As Required

MSNBC has joined in with commentary: “Recent studies suggest that medical mistakes cause more deaths than gun violence, bus crashes and airplane accidents combined.”
MSNBC: Does your doctor have skeletons in the closet?

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Cancer Treatment & Mis-Diagnosis

A May 23rd article on highlights the story of a young woman wrongly diagnosed with cancer in 1998. According to the article, Jennifer Rufer went from a “pretty young newlywed to a cancer patient hiding her hair loss under a baseball cap” and had received chemotherapy, a hysterectomy and lung surgery due to a cancer marker that “would not go away.”

Jennifer now knows she never had cancer. According to the article, she underwent 44 tests, and all were wrong. The “marker” was the result of a false positive.

A Washington chiropractor writes…
Her story absolutely saddens my heart. Why does this have to continue? When will everyone realize that making your body a toxic waste site of chemicals and radiation will not make it healthy. What effects will these treatments have on her future health? Imagine If she had been a chiropractic patient, would she have submitted her self to this?

KomoTV: UW Doctor Defends ‘Cancer’ Treatment @ 9:14 am | Article ID: 991152882

The “Medical Excuse” Diagnosis

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

“Nothing can be done to help you because you have _______________ and it’s incurable.”

I recently spoke with a nurse who was having problems with her hair falling out in large amounts. She has been through many difficult situations in her life and, therefore, told me she thought it was due to “stress.” This is typical medical thinking (the way we’ve all been “programmed” to think in the past). And I’m sure this would probably be the “diagnosis” most MD’s would give her once they knew the circumstances-especially if the tests they run are negative, which they so often are. This would be a quick and easy medical diagnosis and the MD would then be able to say “There’s nothing that can be done for you. Just take this Prozac, Valium, etc… forever and it will help you deal with the stress in your life.” A convenient excuse as to why medicine could do nothing to help her and a convenient way of holding on to patients and preventing them from looking into other avenues of healing.

Here is her background: This young lady has been trying to lose a great deal of weight so she has been eating, at the most, one meal a day (and often that is of questionable quality-refined carbohydrates, etc…). Working at a hospital, she drinks large amounts of coffee each day (often up to 24 cups a day in the recent past). She has also been involved in several auto accidents, some of which involved serious injuries, and was given the usual medical treatment to simply cover up her symptoms-in other words, nothing was done to take care of the resulting spinal problems. So, in all likelihood, this patient would have become simply another reason for the drug industry to rejoice – she would be on expensive, dangerous drugs for the rest of her life.

Another man was referred to a psychologist by a local psychiatrist for the treatment of chronic depression. The psychiatrist had been treating this patient for 5 long years with little or no results. The patient was told that he was “resisting therapy”, therefore there was nothing the psychiatrist could do for him except give him more drugs – forever. The psychologist immediately began to delve into this man’s diet and discovered the patient was addicted to Pepsi-Cola and had been drinking a case a day of the beverage for many years (with 8-12 teaspoons of refined sugar in each bottle). Over that 5 year period, the psychiatrist had not once asked him about his diet. The psychologist immediately sent him to a Chiropractor for care, took steps to get him off the soft drinks, and began to work with him using NLP. Within 4 weeks his depression was totally gone.

A 38 year old patient came to me about a year ago with very severe sciatic pain down his right leg. He’d had this condition for more than 4 years and surgery had only made the condition worse. He’d been told by his MDs that nothing could be done, that he would be on strong narcotic drugs for the rest of his life, and that he would “just have to learn to live with it.” He flatly refused to take the drugs but, instead, he would “drink myself into a stupor every night in order to get any sleep at all.” Six weeks of Chiropractic care cleared his pain completely and he is continuing periodic care to fix his problem.

Are we going to abandon patients like these to a life of dependence on dangerous and costly drugs? How many millions of patients are out there right now just waiting for someone to tell them that there is hope? That there is help available? That there is Chiropractic? It’s all up to us!

Sid Mouk, D.C.
Baton Rouge, LA
e-mail: [email protected] @ 5:46 am | Article ID: 991140376

Deadly Dollar Bills

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A recent ABC News report suggests that the cash you carry may be “contaminated with so much bacteria that it could make you sick.” Fortunately for you, there is a solution to this potential problem.

According to the article, researchers had collected dollar bills and studied them for bacteria content. Sixty-eight bills were studied and research found “five of the bills contained bacteria that can cause an infection in perfectly healthy people.” No mention was made as to what determines if a person is “perfectly healthy.”

The researchers also found that fifty-nine bills (87 percent) “were contaminated with bacteria that could cause an infection in anyone with a compromised immune system”, according to the article.

Let’s take a look at clean and dirty.
We have two garbage pails. One garbage pail is clean (perfectly healthy), one is dirty and full of garbage (compromised immune system).

Question: “Where do the flies go?” To the dirty garbage pail, correct.
Question: “Did the flies cause the garbage, or did the garbage cause the flies?” The garbage caused the flies, correct again.

Question: “Do the bacteria on the bills cause infection, or does an infection cause the bacteria?” That one is not so easy is it? Perhaps it is because you have been told for years that bacteria cause infection. (the article even stated that bacteria can cause infection in “perfectly healthy” people)

Bacteria are scavengers, they are opportunistic just like the flies. The researchers studied 68 bills, 64 were contaminated with bacteria. Yet the article stated, “four of the bills were relatively clean.” Why didn’t all the bills contain bacteria? Do some bills travel around the globe in plastic bacteria-free bubbles or do they come in contact with one another?

I did say there was a solution. 1) Always give your dirty bills to your chiropractor. Since your chiropractor does not believe in the medical germ theory they won’t be concerned when you hand them cash. 2) Get your spine checked for subluxations and get adjusted. A nervous system free from interference will allow your body to function at its best. (its like having a clean garbage pail)

In conclusion, get more bang for your bucks with chiropractic!

ABC News: Dirty Money – Dollar Bills Carry Potentially Harmful Bacteria @ 10:23 am | Article ID: 990724997

Chiropractors On The Radio 2

Many chiropractors throughout the United States and the rest of the world regularly host radio and/or cable television programs that feature various chiropractic topics.

Thanks to the internet and streaming technology, several of those broadcasts are available for listening via your computer. A program known as “Waking Up in America” is one such program and it now features regular Wednesday afternoon content from chiropractor Dr. Jeff Ptak.

The Wednesday afternoon program, which is hosted by, Valerie Anne Kirkgaard, M.A., is described as “Talk Radio for the New Millennium.” The weekly show is broadcast on Wednesday afternoons @ 1:30pm PST via station KNFX 1100AM in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Jeff is a regular on the show and so far, the chiropractic content I have heard has been great. You can visit the program website at: and you can click here to listen to the internet radio broadcast.

* Remember, this is a live broadcast so you want to check and see what time is right for you before clicking on the link. A Windows Media Player will appear and will ask you to register although there is no need to.

Here is the radio link:

Planet Chiropractic is compiling a list of chiropractic radio shows and cable television shows that are hosted by, or include guest appearances by chiropractors. We would like to hear from you!

If you host a radio or cable television show or if you know of a chiropractic hosted radio or cable television show please let us know.

E-mail us at [email protected] and include as much information as you have available. For example, the name of the D.C., the name of the radio or cable show, the city and/or state the radio show is broadcast from, etc…

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The Angels I Call Friends

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Smack dab in the middle of my second day of “poor me”, I take to pen because, for me, clarity often follows writing like a dutiful hound. Things have been so incredibly wonderful, and I’ve been feeling very much focused on and connected to Innate, while being very much aware of the often-instantaneous and bountiful manifestation of all my desires. Opportunities have arisen in abundance at every turn, events have followed a clear rhythm of synchronicity, people that I have needed to connect with have appeared magically, blessings and gifts have rained on me in a deluge.

I find myself, literally daily, sharing a private chuckle with myself, amused over the repetitive thot of, “wow, didn’t THAT work out perfectly?” Yesterday, for instance, I learned that a cruise ship that my family was originally “supposed” to be on (but for various reasons we had rescheduled for later in the year), had a “minor mishap” at sea in which at least 3 people sustained broken bones and a ton more had the crap scared out of them. That is just the latest example of the perfect flow that has been my life.

So, what happened yesterday? All of a sudden, I found myself focusing on things I thought I had pretty much let go of. Things like jealousy and judgment and lack. And this was going on while I was adjusting! It has become so rare to be anything but totally focused and connected in the office that at first I was unsure what was happening. When I heard myself asking, “where is so and so”, and when I heard myself barking at family and staff like a frightened mongrel, I started to get the idea. So I used my tools. I directed the luminescent beam of my presence and awareness on these thots. They very calmly put on their sunglasses. I loved them and blessed them. They really liked that. I laughed at them. They laughed right back. I did my Chi Gung exercise specifically for getting rid of bad chi. They simply laughed at me in Chinese. I replaced them with thots of gratitude, connection, abundance, and Spirit. As soon as my back was turned, they gleefully stole the spotlight once again. I surrendered, and they’ve been waltzing across the dance floor of my consciousness ever since.

Two bits of what seems like good news just occurred to me. One is that through this whole thing I (Innate) have been watching. Observing. Noticing. Feeling. And in doing so I have discovered how much my mind still limits Me. What nerve! I created the damned thing! Its physical nature and its thots are made of My Divine Substance, and all it wants to do is screw Me up. Here I am continually pouring out My Essence of love and service to this body, this mind, and all creation, and the best my mind can come up with is, “where’s so and so”? Yapping, whining, groaning, and sucking its thumb? Yep, full of shit, all right.

Even while I have focused on feeling the stuck energy inside of me, intending to be with it and let it go, my mind has cut in on my attention like an over-eager suitor at a dance, wanting to characterize and label the feeling. Well, my little demon mind, you are nuts, yet I know deep in my Being that as I continue to watch you, you will shape up. And, in the meantime, I must admit that you have served me rather well on occasion.

Which brings me to the second bit of good news. In the book “Das Energi”, by Paul Williams, he says something to the effect of, “To go 95% of the way is to suffer total insanity; to go all the way is to be free.” I can relate. This has seemed like insanity. I realized at times over the past 2 days that I was just being tested, and my mind clung to its mantra of “I don’t need this test anymore.” I guess it was wrong. For now I see very clearly that I have not gone all the way. I am not yet free. And this insanity is as perfect as everything else has been. It is ego mind’s last stand (hopefully!). It is its desperate attempt to get me to continue to identify with it. That’s why it has taken such lengths to get me to figure all this out. “Maybe”, it dreams, “if I figure this out for him, he’ll let me back on center stage. Maybe if I keep him busy with my yarns of separation he’ll forget everything he’s learned.”

I realize now that I have been observing and noticing my thots with my mind. I have been judging them from a place that I thot was Me, but was merely a different facade. What I didn’t do was accept them as perfect. Perfect because they clearly point out where the cracks in my sacred container are, perfect because they clearly show me the piles of excrement that they manifest, perfect because they are born from Perfection. Certainly no less perfect than all the “good” stuff that has shown up in my life lately. Maybe I’ll never get “all the way there”, but the next time I am in this place, I will not judge it as anything other than perfect.

Well, I’m not sure if you would call all that clarity, but I sure as hell feel a lot better. I feel as if another layer has been peeled; another mask discarded. How many more remain is a mystery. And all this has been a further unfolding of the Great Mystery. I am left with gratitude for my process, gratitude for my mission, gratitude for all you fellow servants of that mission, and, mostly, gratitude for the perfection that is, and for the Source of it. On to the next layer!

Dr. Stew Bittman’s video, “The Mission of Chiropractic” is now available from Planet Chiropractic. In this video, recorded at one of his weekly evening talks, Dr. Bittman communicates the big picture of chiropractic – the ability to express our life’s full potential free from interference.

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Chiropractic Soprano’s Style

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The state of New Jersey is an interesting place to say the least. The “Garden State” is often referred to as a less than pretty and/or friendly place to visit.

Quite a few chiropractors practice in the state of New Jersey and while it may come as a surprise to some, a number of the world’s most principled DCs call this state home.

You may be more likely to associate the state with the Soprano’s HBO series rather than principled chiropractic but I assure you, chiropractic is delivered with much love and principle in this beautiful state. I had been to New Jersey many times but had yet to visit a chiropractors office until this past weekend.

I had many questions which led to my taking this recent visit. Just how does a loving, serving, giving chiropractor practice in this state? Why do so many of them see such volume? How do they keep them coming back and why do so many folks refer? What is the secret? As a reporter of chiropractic news, I felt it was my moral duty to find out the answers to these and other burning questions.

While in Clifton, I discovered a gem of a chiropractic office. The “family chiropractic” sign outside was inviting and warm. But it was what I found inside that answered my questions. On the wall among chiropractic posters and many photos of young and old children was a notice, a notice that let all know just what they could expect in such a loving place of healing.

A notice from The Management

“Patients that do not refer others to our office will have their kneecaps removed.” – Signed “The Management”

Notice the pretty flower in the lower left corner. After all, I did say it was the Garden State. smile @ 3:33 pm | Article ID: 990484417