Month: December 2000

Chiropractic Folks Focused On Health

From Yahoo news comes two articles today related to the continuing discussion of medical error. The first, titled “Americans’ Healthcare Fears Focused on Medical Errors” is based on a report suggesting that folks in the US are very concerned about the risks involved in American hospitals.

According to the article, the survey finds that 50 percent of all American adults fear “a medical error will affect them or their families when receiving general healthcare services.”

Some researchers are concerned that Americans may not be getting the right information they need in order to make appropriate health care decisions. The study found that most people (up to two thirds) will rely on advice they receive from a family member or friend, according to the article.

A director for a health care quality center stated that “what we really have to do is make those conversations with family and friends as well informed as possible.”

That’s what we do. We engage in conversation so that your health care decisions can be as informed as possible. Although it may sound silly, staying healthy and staying out of hospitals is a good start. It’s a good thing that chiropractors not only focus on keeping people healthy, but work towards educating the community for a better understanding of health and well being.

Doesn’t it make more sense to be focused on health rather than focused on fear?

Yahoo News: Americans’ Healthcare Fears Focused on Medical Errors

The second article is titled “Study Raises New Drug Error Concerns” and it’s focus is on medication errors that are either initiated or perpetuated by healthcare workers.

According to the article, it is the first study to look at “actual reported medication errors” since last years Institute of Medicine report on medical error.

More great news for chiropractic patients. You won’t have to worry about your chiropractor being one of those “healthcare workers” because chiropractors do not prescribe drugs. In fact, chiropractors for many years, have fought vehemently to keep drugs out of the paradigm of chiropractic practice.

The focus of chiropractic is on you and maximizing your bodies innate recuperative ability to heal itself. Have a healthy day!

Yahoo News: Study Raises New Drug Error Concerns @ 8:59 am | Article ID: 976640364

The future of e-health sites

Having first hand experience on this topic, I had wanted to write about it for some time. The Los Angeles Times yesterday, published an article stating that “The curtain is falling on e-health sites as we know them, experts say. What takes their place may be a whole new way of pursuing health care online.”

For those of us that are involved with “e-health sites” that news is by no means anything new. Yet what I find interesting, is what is happening, what changes are being made, and what’s not being said.

The LA Times article discusses, a for profit site that has watched it’s stock deteriorate like a nervous system after a bad vaccine reaction. Today’s check on CNET shows the stock trading at forty-one cents per share. (it was trading at forty dollars per share)

While the Koop site was supposed to be informational, many did not know what was going on in the background. For example, a listing of the top ten hospitals in the U.S., was paid for by the hospitals on the list. Conflict?

The Times article also mentions, stating that they, among other sites, provided “alternative, supposedly independent, sources of medical information.” For those of you that do not know, CNET reported on November 7, 2000, that announced it is shutting down. See the article, can’t weather the storm.

According to the article, business analysts say that “advertising-based” web health sites are not viable and the health portals say some, “need a sugar daddy.” If your a medical web site, you can figure where the “sugar” is most likely going to come from.

The Times article sites a survey suggesting that “some 52 million Americans seek health information online at least once a month, and 21 million of them say that the information affects their decisions about care.” That can be good or bad news depending on how you look at it.

The article also states that “those millions of people generally aren’t paying for the information” (although surveys suggest some are willing to) and that the only possible way to support health care web sites, is going to be through “money from the big players.” In medicine, those big players being drug manufacturers, and possibly even government.

Think for a moment what kind of restrictions might be placed on a web site that is drug company or government funded, not to mention the results on content. Let me stress, industry analysts suggest this is the “only possible way” big health care sites will survive.

Restrictions on the internet? The LA Times suggests that most people find web sites in similar ways: “We simply start with a few search terms… and punch them into a search screen.” After that, according to the article, we are looking at a lot of options. And here is the scary part, ” some e-health observers foresee the arrival of a new type of service–a kind of online filter.” Who sets the standards on the filter, the sugar daddies?

So who do we trust? It is suggested in the article that the one expert most of us trust is “our own doctor.” The article states that “we could pose several well-informed, specific questions to our very own doctor–who knows us, who knows our personal health history, and who could provide just the answer we need.”

And just to put a December glow on your face, who are the best communicating, most caring doctors that you know in your community? You are doctor, and we don’t plan on keeping it a secret!

*Important: When visiting the Times website, save the articles for “offline viewing” by choosing file, save as, on your browser. This link will no longer be active in a week or so.

Los Angeles Times: The Web’s New Role @ 6:01 am | Article ID: 976629696

Researchers Question MMR Vaccine

A report from the Sunday Herald Online questions whether the MMR vaccine, used for measles, mumps and rubella, should have ever been licensed for use.

According to the article, senior clinicians and researchers argue that “the MMR should not have been licensed in 1988 because there was insufficient evidence of its safety and the decision to license it was premature.”

Although the vaccine manufacturer denies any causal relationship, the article states that the MMR vaccine “has been linked to autism in children.”

At question, were the lengths of time spent on observational studies. Researchers stated that they were too short, lacking to include “the time of onset of delayed neurological or other adverse events”, according to the article. MMR vaccine should not have been licensed @ 7:37 am | Article ID: 976549063

HMO’s in the year 2001

On December 8th, 2000, USA Today ran a front page article highlighting the current state and the possible future of HMO’s. According to the article, “medical inflation is back, besting managed care at the very thing it was supposed to solve.”

It was supposed to solve the rising costs related to health care? Would that not be managed cost, rather than managed care? Has the management of health, not the cost of health, seen any improvement in the past ten years?

Where are the wellness programs? As Dr. Ian Grassam has so often said, industry wants a wellness program, government wants a wellness program, the public wants a wellness program. And to many, that amounts to a mammogram, a pap smear, and a vaccination.

According to the article, the costs of managed care in the coming year, are going to rise substantially. Consumers (those seeking health) are expected to pay more out of pocket as they watch those 2001 health care premiums rise.

But does that insure better health? It’s time for wellness, it’s time for chiropractic. Wellness and the expression of health, is what chiropractic is all about.

USA Today: What happens after the Band-Aids run out? @ 7:03 am | Article ID: 976547032

Chiropractic, Sex & Reggie

“Chiropractic is like sex. When it’s good, it’s wonderful. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” – Reggie Gold

Reggie says chiropractic is O.K.

Dr. Reggie Gold (along with his wife Dr. Irene Gold) came out to visit Southern California during the past week. Reggie spoke at the Orange County Chiropractic Philosophy Society’s monthly meeting and it was a hot night!

It did not take long till those in attendance began to realize that there would not be enough chairs in the room to support the audience that came out to here Reggie’s message for the new millennium. (He stated there was no year zero-zero and that therefore 2001 would be our year to celebrate.)

It was a night filled with talk of vertebral subluxation and chiropractic philosophy. Reggie suggested that it was time to think, “think dammit think.”

Students from LACC

You will find chiropractors along several different points of the paradigm stated Reggie. A line was then drawn on a board from the left to the right. You’ll find some doing proctology over on the right, thinking they are some sort of diagnostician. For the most part though, Reggie stated, you’ll find many in the middle. “Where am I” Reggie asked? He stood far to the left of the board an smiled.

“What are you going to do different next year than you did this year?” Reggie asked of the crowd.

Those in attendance ranged from fresh chiropractic students to DCs that had been in practice for many years. I watched as chiropractors glowed with a look of passion and warmth as the night unfolded. Remember the first time you listened to Reggie speak? The students were having a marvelous time, many wanting to have photos taken with Reggie afterwards.

Reggie & a happy DC

I was pleased to see Irene as well as she has touched so many of our chiropractic lives. Both Reggie and Irene looked great and there were ear to ear grins all night.

We’ll have some audio from the evening uploaded next week. There is a great message regarding the new year and a positive message about chiropractic.

Many thanks to all of those at OCCP who put forth the effort to put on such a stunning year of chiropractic events in the year 2000. Best of health to all of you.

Happy Holidays @ 9:09 pm | Article ID: 976252156

Toss The Back Belt – Get Adjusted

According to a recent study reported by several news sources today, those back belts frequently worn by workers to prevent lifting injuries, may just not provide any benefit.

According to several articles reporting on the study, the results were gathered from interviews with about 9,000 employees from Wal-Mart stores in 30 U.S. states.

Researchers found that “back belt use is not associated with reduced incidence of back injury claims or low back pain in material handlers,” according to the reports.

Maintaining a healthy spine in today’s work environment is critical. Regular chiropractic care, proper postural and work techniques, adequate rest, and good nutrition should be a part of everyone’s health plans.

Don’t wait until you are suffering from an injury before you seek chiropractic care. Do you wait until the tires on your car have worn on one side before you bring it in for an alignment?

Remember, function is always related to structure. Insure that your structure is in optimal shape so that you may function to the best of your abilities.

ABC News: Back Belts May Not Matter
MSNBC: Back belts may not prevent injury

Yahoo News: Back Belts Offer No Benefit for Back Breaking Work
Nando Media: Study concludes back belts don’t stop injuries @ 7:14 am | Article ID: 976115697

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Authored by a Mother of an Autistic Child

Disclaimer: If any name in this story resembles that of a multi-billion dollar vaccine manufacturer, it is purely ‘coincidental.’ The author was merely searching for a word that rhymed well with Jerks.

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through Merks house,
not a study was completed,
not even on a mouse.
The vaccines were injected,
hastily and without care,
in hopes that the mothers,
would not be aware.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
while bacteria and viruses,
danced in their heads.
And mamma in her kerchief,
and I in my cap,
had just settled down,
for our usual peaceful nap.

When from down the hall,
there arose such a clatter!
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to my child’s room, I flew like a flash,
tore off all his covers, what is wrong? I did ask.
My child was screaming, for why I didn’t know,
he was so hot and sweaty, he had a toxin like glow.
When what before my wondering eyes did appear?
It was an allergic reaction, from his toe to his ear!
Being a sharp little mommy, very lively and quick,
I knew in a moment – it was from those triple-sticks!
More rapid than eagles, my anger did rise,
as I cursed and I shouted,
and called out bad names!
You Idiots! You Jerks!
You are Harmful and Lame!
Injecting mercury in a child,
you must be insane!
To the triple combinations!
To vaccinating them all!
Now dash away! dash away!
You’ve poisoned us all!


As I cope with my child,
like a wild hurricane he does fly,
so many odd behaviors,
he no longer looks me in the eye.
So back to my Pediatrician’s,
me and my child we flew,
after days worth of tests,
it was Autism,… who knew.
When finally back home, I felt so aloof,
no more singing or pretending,… not under my roof.
Sometimes banging his head,
sometimes spinning around,
he could climb over a fence, with a leap and a bound.
He could not handle touch,
on his head or his foot,
when he did keep on clothes,
they were often tarnished with soot.
A roomful of toys, he doesn’t really care,
he is happiest when alone,
acting as if we’re not there.


I miss when his eyes they would twinkle!
How he would eat a strawberry!
He loved to smell roses, he would laugh and be merry.
Now his sweet little fingers,
can no more tie a bow,
why the change that occurred?
Merk says they don’t know.
As I listen to their nonsense,
tongue pressed hard in my cheek,
I feel the smoke circling, my head like a wreath.
They are two faced and smelly,
they say they’ve researched,
their research I’m afraid, is as solid as jelly…. .
With ego’s so plump, they’re like a pompous old elf:
And I laughed when I listened to them,
in spite of myself.
With a wink of their eye, and a twist of their head,
they assure us, and lie to us,
that with vaccines, there’s no dread!


I spoke not a word, as I set out to work,
to urge all the lawyers,
to sue the pants off of Merk.
Their shield was then lifted,
because of someone in Congress who knows,
and giving a nod, the class-action suit arose.
Their testimony began,
“There’s no evidence vaccines are scary!”
But our researchers they proved,– quite the contrary.
The judge read the decision:
“You have stolen their health,
and for that we award parents, all of your wealth.”
Merk sprang to their sleigh,
after they were denied an acquittal,
and away they all flew, like the down of a thistle.

In the courtroom mothers exclaimed,
as they held their children tight,
“Finally a Merry Christmas for all….
….and for all a Good Night!” @ 5:28 am | Article ID: 976022916

Who’s Your Doctor, Doctor?

According to a new study reported on yahoo news, no one likes visiting a medical doctors office less than medical doctors themselves. According to the article, medical doctors often neglect their own medical care and there is a concern that their personal health care decisions may reflect upon the choices their patients make.

The study found, according to the article, that “more than one-third had no regular source of medical care.” It was found that some physicians were less likely to get vaccinations such as flu shots, and were less likely to participate in various “health” screenings.

Interestingly, chiropractors by and large, are under regular chiropractic wellness care and have often been so for many years. (some since birth) Some will surely disagree, but if your chiropractor is not under regular chiropractic care, it’s probably time for you to find yourself a new chiropractor.

The next time you see your doctor, whether they be your chiropractor or medical doctor, ask the question… Who is Your Doctor, Doctor?

Yahoo News: Doctors Neglect Their Own Medical Care @ 5:32 am | Article ID: 975936732

Chiropractic Giving Dallas Texas Style

by Rick Wren, D.C.

We had our usual Thanksgiving buffet at the Texas Stadium parking lot before the Dallas Cowboys / Minnesota Vikings game (we won the first Quarter). We have always had dinner on the parking lot for over 20 years (less mess in the house).

I wanted to let you know that we collected close to a thousand cans of food for the Women’s Crisis Center again this year. It was so cool to watch their truck drive off with its headlights pointing up in the air, because of the weight of the cans in the back. This is so vitally important because the United Way dropped them from their budget.

We will now collect toys almost the exact same way we collected cans. We put up flyers all over the clinic that say for each $10 toy a patient brings in, we will put them a chance in our drawing for $100, $75, and $50 credit toward their account. It also states that their friends and families can become new patients with a $25 toy and it will cover the cost of exam, x-rays, and ROF.

The same 4×8 ply-board we used for Thanksgiving we will now cover in red and green felt to now place pictures of the patients that bring in Toys. We also change our message on the TV’s throughout the clinic (it looks like a weather bulletin) announcing the Toy drive.

Starting Monday, (one week break between drives) it will be very important for a flyer to placed on each chart, so the doctor can personally ask each patient to participate. There will also be a special card placed on each chart for the patient to give to family or friends so they can become new patients for a $25 toy.

We have done this for years and the Crisis Center depends on these toys for the Children stuck in the center during Christmas. Any excess toys are saved for birthdays. Last year we collected over a hundred toys.

Remember, “You have to Give to Receive.”

Hope to see you in Vegas By the way you need to make arrangements soon the flights and the Rio are getting full. I made my flight arrangements today and I had limited choices on times.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of the Society of the Chiropractic Masters)

Happy Holidays! @ 5:28 am | Article ID: 975936534