Month: November 2000

Thousands Still Die From Medical Error

It’s been nearly a year since we first reported with news that “thousands are dying yearly from medical errors.” That article was based on a 1999 report that suggested that “medical mistakes kill anywhere from 44,000 to 98,000 hospitalized Americans a year.”

Today, news headlines from Cox read “Medical Mistakes Still Kill Thousands.” According to the article, in 2000, when it comes to your health, “you’re still essentially on your own.”

Everyone had someone else to blame. It was the doctors fault, the patients fault, the HMO’s fault, but it is still happening and according to the article, “consumers are still stuck with a system that can be unreliable at best, a killer at worst.”

Is the problem in medicine solved? Did less people die this year than last? Is it time you can stop being responsible for your own health?

The article included a list of things you should do when going to a hospital. We just had to include some here:

– Before surgery, use a marker to indicate the part of your body being operated on.

PC: Hopefully your not going in for prostate surgery.

– If possible, avoid surgery on weekends, when staff is reduced.

PC: If possible, avoid surgery and hospitals at all costs. These are dangerous places and have been shown to be potentially hazardous to your health.

Cox News Service: Medical Mistakes Still Kill Thousands

Maximize your life – get checked for spinal subluxations today and get adjusted. @ 11:29 pm | Article ID: 974273387

Douglas Di Siena Rocks God’s House

On Sunday, November 12, 2000, Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller’s interview from the Crystal Cathedral which featured Douglas Di Siena D.C., F.I.C.A., co-author of the book “Possibility Living” aired on the worldwide televised program titled the Hour of Power.

Drs. Robert & Douglas

Millions of viewers across the globe tuned in to watch the program that featured two very moving chiropractic testimonials by these gentlemen. Dr. Doug stated that he felt it was “God’s Plan” that he became a chiropractor, a statement that many chiropractors will tell you is true for themselves.

Visit the Hour of Power website to read the article about Dr. Douglas and watch the streaming video clip from the broadcast.

* You’ll need a realplayer installed on your computer in order to watch / listen.

Dr. Douglas Di Siena audio/video @ 56k
Dr. Douglas Di Siena audio/video @ 300k
(For cable and DSL modems – best quality)

Douglas Di Siena: He Helps the Sick Get Well… and the Well from Getting Sick

It’s time to “Drain from our brain the cynical, negative, and destructive thoughts.” – Robert Schuller @ 7:52 am | Article ID: 974130721

Hemorrhagic Strokes and PPA – More News

Although most of the world spent last week watching news of America’s Presidential race, news regarding the recall of Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) continued to stream across the wire.

While most major drug and supermarket chains have chosen to pull products containing PPA off of their shelves, some independent pharmacies have refused to do so, according to reports.

Among the major chains to pull products which have been found to be potentially deadly, are Walgreens, Eckerd Drugs, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Publix, Albertson’s, Krogers, CVS, and others.

A pharmacist that reportedly would like to keep selling the drugs ($$$) stated that “the FDA should have limited its action to appetite suppressants, which aren’t nearly as big sellers as cough and cold remedies.”

So was this deadly ingredient a new discovery?
According to some news sources, medical journals began citing cases of young women suffering sudden hemorrhagic strokes as a result of using products that contained PPA, back in the 1980s.

Those reports were followed by a five-year Yale University study that showed in some cases, using PPA increased stroke risk 12 to 15 fold, according to reports.

Below is a list of PPA related links that you may have missed during the past week.

USA Today: Drugmakers, stores move on FDA ban

MSNBC: Drugstores pulling PPA from shelves

LA Times: FDA Warns Against Using Common Drugs
(be sure to save LA Times articles for offline viewing)

Cox News Service: Drugstores React To Fda Warning On PPA

Yahoo News: Albertson’s Pulls Cold Remedy From Shelves

Yahoo News: Kroger Voluntarily Recalls Products with PPA

Cox News: Did The Fda Use A Sledgehammer On Cold And Diet Pills?

Raising a drug-free healthy family has never made so much sense. @ 5:26 am | Article ID: 974122001

Mexico & Costa Rica Recall Drugs with PPA

According to reports, pharmacies in Mexico and in Costa Rica have announced to pull 53 over-the-counter medicines that contain PPA, an ingredient found to increase one’s risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

On November 6th, the U.S. FDA had issued a warning to Americans, to immediately quit using drugs containing phenylpropanolamine, which is found in dozens of over-the-counter drugs that are currently on the market.

Nando Media: Mexico follows FDA lead, recalls drugs with PPA

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Doctors Say Never Give Aspirin to Kids

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

From WebMD comes an article titled, “Is aspirin safe for kids?”

According to the article, experts say “you should never give any kind of aspirin – even baby aspirin – to kids.” The article goes on to say that, “while so-called ‘baby aspirin’ is still available in stores, doctors today recommend it for adult use only.”

But is aspirin safe for adults?

The medically-minded experts suggest that parents should give acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen instead of aspirin, to children.

In the same article, it is then stated that, “of course, either drug can cause potentially serious problems if given more frequently or in higher doses than recommended.”

The article goes on to state that, “when it comes to medicine, more is definitely not better.”

More drug dependency or more life – the choice is up to you.

Source: WebMD @ 5:21 am | Article ID: 974121663

Is Aspirin Safe For Adults?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

According to a recent article on Yahoo News, titled “Low-Dose Aspirin Does Not Eliminate Gastric Risk”, researchers are saying that there is no evidence that using a lower dose of aspirin will reduce “incidence of bleeding in the gut.”

The use of low dose aspirin was thought to minimize serious side effects but according to reports, researchers state that “long-term aspirin therapy, even at a low dose, carries a risk of gastrointestinal hemorrhage.”

In an article on MSNBC regarding the same topic, a doctor stated that “It may be more appropriate for some people to eat an apple rather than an aspirin a day.”

An apple a day and an adjustment at least once a week sounds like a better plan to us.

Yahoo News: Low-Dose Aspirin Does Not Eliminate Gastric Risk

MSNBC: Low-dose aspirin still carries risk of stomach bleeding, study finds @ 5:19 am | Article ID: 974121599

Chiropractors Provide Care to Actors

From the Birmingham News comes the headlines “Chiropractor joins team providing actors’ health care.” The story focuses on three chiropractors. Two are Drs. Bill and John Cocke, who provide chiropractic care to traveling theater professionals and other members of the performing arts. And Dr. Keron Vickers of Back on Track Chiropractic who regularly sees dancers from the Alabama Ballet.

In the article, Dr Vickers states that “dancers are very involved in wellness.” With that he provides some valuable information about chiropractic, stating that “Chiropractic has a lot to do with the wellness part of people’s lives. After all, your spine protects your nervous system, and that controls your whole body. To be healthy, you want to make sure the nervous system is functioning at 100 percent.”

Dr. Vickers further talks about “optimum functioning of the spine” and discusses subluxation and it’s effects on good health.

The Birmingham News: Chiropractor joins team providing actors’ health care

Something that was very pleasant to see was the newspapers “facts” they listed about chiropractic. The newspaper stated that “Chiropractic attempts to remove the interference that causes the subluxation. Once normal nerve expression is restored, chiropractic philosophy holds, the body can rectify other imbalances that still exist and thereby restore total health.”

The Birmingham News: Some facts about the chiropractic art

Thank you to John A.Hofmann, D.C. for forwarding us this article link. @ 11:22 am | Article ID: 973884137

Familiar Words From Possibility Living

The following comes from Dr. Robert A Schuller, co-author of the book Possibility Living. Dr. Schuller talks below about words he learned as a teenager from W. Clement Stone. Many chiropractors will recognize them from DE.

When you think positive thoughts and say positive words, they have a direct and immediate impact on you physically. So you have a choice: you can get out of bed, and even if you’re not feeling all that great, and when your spouse asks you, “How do you feel today?” If you answer “Fine,” then the process starts to degenerate from there.

On the other hand, when you get out of bed and you’re not feeling all that great and your spouse asks, “How do you feel today?” And you say, “I feel happy! I feel healthy! I feel terrific!” Your spouse might call a psychologist, but your brain releases chemicals that ingest the cells of your body.

Tell your body positive thoughts and it produces healthy cells. When you tell yourself, “I feel terrific,” even when you don’t – you actually do feel better than when you tell yourself you feel awful.

Who wants to feel happier, healthier and better today? Then recite these words with me: “I feel happy!” “I feel healthy!” “I feel terrific!” Now get your arms into action. Get into your affirmations physically. Raise your arms with each sentence: I feel happy! I feel healthy! I feel terrific!

Try it. WOW! That feels good, doesn’t it? You already feel better.

We cannot begin to measure the power of the brain to release all the positive chemicals that go into our cells as it constantly is re-manufacturing the new you. You think day-by-day you’re getting older? No. You’re getting newer. Every day you are creating newer cells. So we must think happy, productive, healthy thoughts.

Visit the Hour of Power website to read the above article in it’s entirety.
Hour of Power: Click Here @ 8:47 am | Article ID: 973874841

The Hour of Chiropractic Power

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On Sunday, November 12, 2000, Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller will be interviewing Douglas Di Siena D.C., F.I.C.A., co-author of the book “Possibility Living” on the worldwide televised program titled the Hour of Power.

Both Dr. Schuller and Dr. Di Siena will be telling their chiropractic testimonials to millions of viewers across the globe. The program is broadcast in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

Douglas Di Siena

For TV Listings in your part of the world check your local broadcasting station or TV channel guide.

In a recent discussion with Dr. Di Siena, Planet Chiropractic learned that according to major book reviewers, the only criticism the book received was that it was “too chiropractic” and may lead people to believe chiropractic care could work miracles. (that was the criticism!)

If you have not yet purchased the book, you can order it online via your favorite online book store. It will make a great gift for the holiday’s, for yourself, and the folks in your life.

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Isn’t It Curious?

The following comes from Dr. Ryan French of Hamilton, Ontario, in response to the recent news regarding PPA and strokes.

Re: Cold Medication Warning

Isn’t It Curious?

Isn’t it curious that the FDA is now banning drugs that have been available for plenty of years?

Isn’t it curious that these “side effects” haven’t been discovered sooner?

Isn’t it curious that society fails to realize that we are all a part of massive drug studies?

Isn’t it curious that no one becomes outraged when drugs are taken off the shelves, having been previously duped into thinking that they were good for us?

Isn’t it curious that there are people all over the world right now masterminding ways to get new drugs into our bodies; and we buy into it?

Isn’t it curious that people are rarely dying of old age anymore, even though the new drugs are getting “better”?

Isn’t it curious that the medical population will attribute this decrease to better diagnostic skills, and not a failure of their healthcare model?

Isn’t it curious that the American Medical Association’s own statistics ranks them as the third leading cause of death, and no one complains?

Isn’t it curious that an estimated 7,500 people die every year from the use of over the counter NSAIDs but nevertheless, sales of these rise with the increased advertising every year?

Isn’t it curious that the human body produces over 65,000 different drugs each day, and yet we think that we need to put more into our bodies?

Isn’t it curious that this letter, if published, will likely evoke more criticism than otherwise?

I find it curious.

Dr. Ryan French @ 11:24 am | Article ID: 973711467