Month: October 2000

A Grateful Panamanian

Below is a letter that was sent to one of the doctors who attended the recent CREW chiropractic mission to Panama. We wanted to share it with you.

Drs. Laura Swingen & Danella Maxwell

Dear Dr. Swingen et al:

On behalf of all of us who benefited from your expertise, your humanity and dedication during your recent Mission to Panama in October, I wish to express our deepest appreciation to you and to all the members at CREW for a job well done.

In a world growingly filled with violence, hatred, corruption and a total lack of moral values, your work here made the difference. All of your members showed patience, love and understanding making us feel well, stress-free and comfortable.

Some of you even gave abundant TLC to our people ( I myself got a kiss and a hug), all of which justified our heartfelt thanks.

Please come back; this world needs lots of people like you for all to hand down to our children a better model of the world we all want to live in.

May God bless you all!
Pedro I. Cohen, Ph.D.
A grateful Panamanian @ 8:10 am | Article ID: 973008655

Psst… Wanna Buy Some Ritalin?

12:00 p.m. in the local school yard. For some it’s time for lunch, for others it’s time to get high. And just what do you get high on when your a ten-year old? You got it mom, your little boys riding high on ritalin.

Not only are your kids being drugged by school nurses and local pediatricians, they get an extra dose or two from the school yard drug hustler.

That’s the news according to yesterday’s Nando Media headlines which plainly read “Ritalin becoming school yard hustlers’ newest product.”

Thousands of youngsters across the US snort it, pop it, grind it up and inject it. And there is only one reason why it’s so popular, it gets you high.

Ritalin is a prescription drug that is supposed to be used in treating ADHD? Is it safe and effective medicine when given by the school nurse? Is it a dangerous and illicit drug when handed out in the school yard?

According to the article, many are concerned regarding the “double messages schools send on drug use.” The mother of one youngster on ritalin was concerned her son would become confused since he was being prescribed a controlled substance yet should not be taking drugs. The same youngster, “ultimately got into a host of illegal drugs,” according to the article.

Tylenol is a drug, Ritalin is a drug, Cocaine is a drug, those little pink chewable baby tablets are a drug. Drugs are drugs.

But what about responsible drug use? You mean like only smoking dope after class or only using 10% of your paycheck to quench your heroin habit? Does that sound silly to you?

Check out the article, there is nothing funny about it.
Nando Media: Ritalin becoming school yard hustlers’ newest product

Would you like to give your kids a chance to live a life free from drugs? Try Chiropractic. @ 5:38 am | Article ID: 972999513

Something You Just Don’t See Enough

Below is a photo of Dr. James Stucky adjusting a child while on a recent chiropractic mission to Panama.

Dr. Jim Stucky adjusts a child inside the classroom

You may notice that the photo was taken inside the classroom of an elementary school. Chiropractors attended to the children (and teachers) at this particular location daily while they were in Panama.

Take a look at the photos from the Panama missions. (Click the image to go to the CREW homepage) You may notice that in nearly every photo of an adjustment being made, there are many eyes intently watching the person being adjusted. One of the most popular exclamations to be heard in Panama after an adjustment is the word … WOW!

Are the people of Panama different from the people in your community? Are the bones in the same place? Is the chiropractic adjustment that is given any less powerful? Are you having as much fun as the man in this photo?

By the way, he has been in chiropractic practice more than 30 years and still lights up the room with his energy. Way to go Dr. Jim! @ 10:58 am | Article ID: 972669526

FDA Plans To Ban Poultry Antibiotics

Both the Washington Post and the Associated Press reported today that the FDA will ban two widely used antibiotics used by poultry farmers due to the risks the drugs pose to humans.

According to the reports, this will be the first time that the government has stepped in to pull a drug “to combat infections that have grown resistant to antibiotics” off of the market.

Despite the risks posed to humans, drug manufacturers are expected to protest the move to ban their products. According to the articles, drug makers want to look at the “basis” for the FDA’s decision to ban the antibiotics.

Who is affected most by these drug-laden animal products? The articles state that the antibiotic use “could be life-threatening to the elderly, to children and to people with depressed immune systems.”

They will put drugs in your food, drugs in your water, drugs in your pets, and drugs in your children. A depressed immune system is something you definitely do not want. And just what system controls and coordinates the immune system?

Click the links below to get more info on this topic
MSNBC: FDA to ban 2 poultry antibiotics Agency cites drug-resistant microbe danger to humans

Nando Media: FDA plans to ban poultry antibiotics, report says @ 7:35 am | Article ID: 972657341

Polio Vaccine Pulled Due To Mad Cow Disease

Three articles recently crossed the news wire related to Mad Cow disease (BSE) and a Polio Vaccine recall. Click the links below for the source articles.

From the Electronic Telegraph: Polio vaccine withdrawn after mad cow contamination fears

According to the article, “Eleven million doses of polio vaccine containing material from British cattle have been administered to children and adults since BSE vaccine guidelines banned its use in 1989, the Department of Health said yesterday.”

The article states that “production of the vaccine ceased last month, but supplies continued to be sent to doctors.” The article also states that since the “guidelines have no legal force, no action can be taken.” That means drug-pushing vaccine makers can poison the public and yet not be held accountable for their actions.

From The UK Times: Vaccine recalled over BSE fears

According to the article, the polio vaccine was pulled as the result of “a breach of health guidelines in the manufacture of the vaccine.”

From JAMA: FDA Calls Bovine-Based Vaccines Currently Safe

According to the JAMA article, even though the FDA recommended in 1993 that US manufacturers of vaccines “not use materials from animals in countries reporting BSE”, some manufacturers continued to do so ignoring any advice the FDA had given seven years ago. @ 4:23 pm | Article ID: 972602605

Halloween and Life Decay

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, we have a party every few weeks or so to promote the practice and to break the monotony. Any time we have a party we schedule every patient on that day for an extra visit just for the health of it. If it is scheduled as an extra visit that week it is free (example: 3x per week people will come in 4x.) We put a table full of food and goodies in the reception room and play Abbott and Costello horror movies on the TV’s for Halloween (example: play “I Love Lucy” for Valentines day.)

This generates extra volume for the day and the whole week. You create a “Vacuum” when you demonstrate to the team what being busier feels like. You also demonstrate what the next growth step feels like. It is also a very fun day for staff and the patients. It breaks the monotony and creates synergy.

For Halloween we are also having a Costume Contest for the little ghouls and goblins. They can come in any time on Halloween day and we will take a Polaroid picture of them. We will post it on our bulletin board. The next day (Wednesday) all our patients will vote on their favorite costume. We are giving gift certificates to Toys R Us for first, second, and third place based on the patient’s vote. The staff is allowed to dress up in funny or friendly costumes, so the little ones are not frightened.

Remember, If you always do exactly the same things, you will always get exactly the same results. You have to step out of your comfort zone to grow. To stay in your comfort zone will create “life decay.”

Hope to see you in Cancun (November) and in Vegas (January) at the Parker

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of Society of Chiropractic Masters) @ 1:32 pm | Article ID: 972592370