Month: July 2000

Creating With The Energy Of Your Mind

Excerpts from a weekly e-newsletter by Beverly Nadler

You Create With The Energy Of Your Mind

It’s vital to understand how your mind functions because you literally “create” your life with the energy of your mind. Everything that exists is energy and all forms of energy have their own rate of vibration (called frequency). ALL energy is electro-magnetic. You “create” by vibrating your magnetic energy field into the magnetic energy field of the universe (quantum physics calls it “the unified field of energy”). Then, by the Law of Attraction, your energy field attracts to you the people, things, conditions, situations, circumstances and events that you are in vibrational harmony with. These become YOUR LIFE. (For further clarification, please visit my website and read the articles, link provided below.)

To change your life, you have to change your vibrations. To do that, you must “change your mind.” Below is a review of what we covered in the last newsletter, followed by information about the critical faculty, the “barrier” of the mind that creates so much resistance to change.

CONSCIOUS MIND – chooses, decides and is supposed to “think.” It is the only part of you that has free will. Unfortunately, this is the aspect of the mind most people don’t use.

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – functions like a computer. It’s programmed with the instructions that tell your body’s immune system and all of its systems and trillions of cells what to do. It is also programmed with beliefs, opinions, concepts, illusions and theories that you have accepted as “true.” Just as computer programs determine outcomes and results, the programs in your subconscious determine the outcomes in your life. Most so-called “thoughts” are really automatic reactions caused by programming.

SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND – also known as Higher Self or Higher Mind. It is the unlimited part of you that “knows” far beyond the limited perceptions of your conscious and subconscious. It is where intuition and inner guidance come from. It is the ‘still, small voice’ most people rarely pay attention to.

CRITICAL FACULTY — The “Barrier” In Your Mind
The critical faculty is not a physical barrier. However, it is so effective at doing its job, it might as well be made of steel. What is its job? To “protect” you by making sure you never change. It does this by not allowing anything to reach your subconscious unless it agrees with your programming.

This barrier is almost non-existent when we are born. That’s why an infant can learn to swim, a baby can learn several languages, and a toddler can explore to the point of exhausting an adult. Everything the infant is exposed to goes right into the psyche and subconscious programs develop.

There is a saying that goes: “Give me a child until it is five years old and I have him forever.” That’s because, by the age of five, a person has many programs in her computer mind and the critical faculty is well developed. Thus, the child grows to adulthood, functioning according to her programming. Knowing this, we can easily see why it is so important to raise children in an environment of love, self-esteem, trust, confidence, joy and respect.

Once the barrier is established, we experience tremendous resistance to change, both from the inside and outside. That is, we “feel” resistance from within when we try to break a habit. We also find that in spite of our desire to make certain changes, we still attract things we don’t want, seemingly from the outside.

As a result of our programs, we view the entire world through the filter of our subconscious mind. This is why people programmed for failure interpret the same events very differently than people programmed for success. Below is a story that illustrates this.

Two men were sent to sell shoes in a third world country where the natives did not wear shoes. One man was appalled and called his boss demanding that he be given another territory, because it would be impossible to make any sales as “no one in this country wears shoes.” The other man joyfully called his boss to thank him for this extraordinary opportunity. He knew he would make an enormous amount of sales, because “no one in this country wears shoes!”

Because of the critical faculty, it can be very challenging to reprogram the subconscious. One way to break through the barrier is with “fascination.” The media spends billions of dollars to capture your mind and fascinate you. Note the imagery, music, dance, lights, color and sensory stimulation of every kind in TV commercials. The images and words evoke emotion, passion, or total dissatisfaction with yourself so that you become convinced you MUST buy “xyz” product or you will be a failure for the rest of your life.

You can also BY-PASS your mind’s critical faculty and go DIRECTLY to the subconscious by agreement (such as agreeing to hypnosis) or with subliminal messages. Once you have access to the subconscious, you can reprogram it.

You got programmed in the first place through repetition and reinforcement. That’s how you learned your name, how to eat, to dress yourself, spell, read and do math, drive a car, use a phone, fax and computer, plus many life and career management skills. In addition, you “learned” confidence (or lack of confidence), you developed a self-image (good, bad or indifferent) and you accepted beliefs about money, health, relationships, etc. You also learned your prejudices and judgments (who, me?).

RE-programming also requires repetition and reinforcement. It is far easier to reinforce negative programs than positive ones, simply because much of our culture thrives on negative data. In order to prevent reinforcing negative programs, it is important for the subconscious to receive positive, success-oriented messages as often as possible.

Beverly offers much more info on her website. She has been teaching on chiropractic programs for over 25 years, first on Dr. Jim Parker’s program and now with Dr. Karl Parker. Beverly also offers tapes and coaching services with more info available via the site. Also, much of this topic is discussed in Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Greenbooks as well as in many chiropractic tapes.

To learn more about this topic or about Beverly Nadler, please visit her website at: @ 1:21 pm | Article ID: 964038114

Principle Number Six and Painkillers

From Yahoo and FOX news comes an article titled, “Painkillers Do Not Relieve Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness”

The article opens with the statement that “in a world filled with pain-killing drugs, it may be that only time heals a sore muscle.”

According to a study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, “Drugs from aspirin to codeine seem to do little to relieve the common muscle aches that come with exercise and overexertion.”

According to the article, the study found that neither codeine or acetaminophen (including Tylenol) “has been shown in studies to relieve common muscle soreness.”

Researchers in the study also concluded that “these drugs, as well as aspirin, offer no real relief for the morning-after pain many people suffer when they push their bodies too hard.”

So after all this research, what did they find?
“Only time takes away the pain” say the experts. Reading Stephenson’s Chiropractic Textbook (which was published in the 1920’s) one would be aware of principle #6 which states that “there is no process that does not require time.”

But what about acupuncture, massage, ultrasound, tens, electro-stim, or dancing on the spine from a chandelier? Does that work? Read the principle.

What about a specific spinal adjustment given at the right time in the right place and the right direction? May I emphasize, “there is NO process that does not require time” and to add another chiropractic statement worth putting on the wall, “the process of healing is not necessarily pain-free.”

Yahoo News: Painkillers Do Not Relieve Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness

FOX News: Painkillers Do Not Relieve Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness

APMR: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation @ 9:58 am | Article ID: 964025892

The Art of Healthcare

Commentary by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

From ABC news comes an article titled, “The Art of Medicine, Medical Schools Focus on an Old Skill in the New Millennium”

In my opinion, this is an article that should be read by all health care professionals. The article expresses the importance of the “art” in healthcare rather than the “science.”

“Teaching empathy, effective communication and caring are getting more attention and more space in medical school curriculums in the 21st century.”

According to the article, “schools have seen enough signals to know it’s time to teach doctors to talk – and to listen.”

The statement that, “all too often medical students and physicians do not listen to their patients” was made by an M.D. who further stated that “the history a patient tells is more important than the physical examination.”

A suggestion made in the article for educating empathic doctors included having “classes in which students read essays and poems by doctors and patients and write about their own experiences in the hope that a more self-aware human will become a more sensitive doctor.”

On the topic of Art vs. Science a medical student had this to say, “It’s one thing to come in after the first two years of medical school with a lot of textbook knowledge of what’s wrong with people and different conditions that can afflict them, but to be able to talk with them about it and get the information you need to make clinical decisions is a very different thing.”

And according to the article, “ineffective communication accounts for 80 percent of all medical malpractice suits.”

So why communicate?
According to the article, “communication is extremely important in order to empower patients to make the right decisions.” It was also noted that “the Web is now an important avenue for conveying information.”

Successful chiropractors know that empowered patients make all the difference in the world. But how do they become empowered? Something I have learned from communicating with many successful chiropractors is that health care classes are an essential component of the practice.

Probably the most valuable statement made in the article is that “physicians often fail to recognize the gap between their level of education and that of their patients” as a result of being “overwhelmed by all the information they have to assimilate in medical school.”

Remember that “the gap” is not out there somewhere, it’s inside of you. If you think that the “bone on the nerve” or “foot on the hose” or “power that made the body…” does not work anymore, or is too “old fashioned”, you may want to pay more attention to your “gap” better known as the thing inside your skull.

ABC News: The Art of Medicine @ 9:24 am | Article ID: 964023898

ACA Gets Go to Sue HHS

From Yahoo News comes an article titled, “Chiropractic Group Gets Green Light to Sue HHS”

According to the article, a federal court ruling has found “that the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) may sue the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) over guidelines that the ACA says virtually exclude chiropractic services from the Medicare+Choice program.”

In the article, the ACA claims there is an “anti-chiropractic bias that pervades HHS.”

The first ACA suit was filed in November 1998 against the Health Care Financing Administration, and an “amended complaint challenging the sufficiency of HHS’s report to Congress on the utilization of chiropractic services” was filed in 1999, according to the article.

Yahoo News: Chiropractic Group Gets Green Light to Sue HHS @ 3:22 pm | Article ID: 963958961

Say No To Anti-Bacteria Products

Multiple newsfeeds reported yesterday that anti-bacteria products may be promoting the growth of drug-resistant “superbugs.”

From Yahoo News
“Dousing everything we touch with antibacterial soaps and taking antibiotic medications at the first sign of a cold can upset the natural balance of microorganisms in and around us, leaving behind only the ‘superbugs’.”

According to the Yahoo article, “a recent Italian study found that exposure to bacteria is essential for development of an infant’s immune system.” It was stated that “a baby must be exposed to germs during its first year in order to develop antibodies needed to fight infection later in life.”

To echo what chiropractors have said for years, the Yahoo article states that, “just as a child needs lot of exercise to develop strong bones and muscles, a child’s immune system needs a rigorous workout to develop normal resistance to infections throughout life.”

From ABC News (which includes a video link)
“The vast majority of bacteria are out there serving a purpose for us. Helping our intestinal track mature, helping our immune system mature.”

From MSNBC News
“People are looking for quick answers, fast solutions, a pill for every ill.”

From Nando Media
“If you’re bacteria, you’re not just going to sit down and give up… You’re going to develop new forms.”

Natural balance, development of immune systems, normal resistance, a pill for every ill? Interesting that all these topics have been discussed at length in Dr. B.J. Palmers Green Books as well as Stephenson’s Chiropractic Textbook which were authored decades ago.

Here are several links:

Yahoo News: Researcher Urges Less Use of Anti-Bacteria Products

ABC News: How Clean Is Too Clean?

MSNBC News: Americans Too Clean For Their Own Good

Nando News: Americans’ preoccupation with cleanliness may be unhealthy, experts say @ 8:29 am | Article ID: 963934179

Mandatory Anti-Cocaine Vaccine

From the Village Voice comes an article titled, “Injecting Big Brother” which discusses new antidrug vaccines from pharmaceutical companies and biotech labs.

Looks like we are soon going to have vaccines for cocaine, PCP, nicotine and other substances, and if the pharmaceutical companies have their way, these will be added to our children’s regular schedule of vaccinations. (That would still be none for most reading this article)

An interesting point brought up in the article is who would get a vaccine such as an anti-cocaine injection?

According to the article, a Dr. Peter Cohen suggests everybody be vaccinated. In the article he states, “the least controversial solution is universal vaccination: You wouldn’t be stigmatizing any one group.”

[Comment From PROVE: Yes, this man is actually advocating for EVERYONE to get a cocaine vaccine so we won’t stigmatize and single out drug addicts – look out for this dangerous philosophy with HIV Vaccines on the horizon! It has been the goal stated publicly by public health officials for a while that all 12 year olds will be targeted. I’m sure the drug companies won’t mind the windfall of profits either. These are just some more reasons why we must work to change state laws to guarantee a parent’s right to chose whether or not his/her child gets a vaccine on the risks and benefits of each individual vaccine for their INDIVIDUAL child. Dawn]

According to the article, Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center had this to say about antidrug vaccines: “To add a vaccine to the mix that doesn’t fit into early-childhood diseases seems amazing,” she says. “That we can get a vaccine to solve every social problem is short-term thinking.”

The Village Voice: Injecting Big Brother @ 8:21 am | Article ID: 963847309

Mercury in Vaccines to be Reduced

From Yahoo News comes an article titled, “US Sees Progress Reducing Mercury in Vaccines.”

According to the article, US health officials and doctors stated that, “progress is being made in efforts to reduce infants’ exposure to a type of mercury used as a preservative in childhood vaccines.”

The article states that the US government has “asked manufacturers to begin phasing out the use of thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative” which is currently used in vaccines.

A very important point to note is that the article states that “new vaccines without thimerosal will reduce mercury exposure from recommended childhood vaccinations by 60 percent” beginning in 2001.

Why did they wait so long? Isn’t mercury exposure a bad thing? What about the current vaccines given?

According to the article, “Federal health officials and the doctor groups have said the slight risk of neuro-developmental effects from the mercury compound in thimerosal is outweighed by the value of childhood vaccinations.”

Officials and doctors in the article further stated that “there remains no convincing evidence of harm caused by low levels of thimerosal in vaccines.”

Yet they have “asked manufacturers to begin phasing out the use of thimerosal” and state that vaccines being used this year that contain thimerosal are “acceptable” until the new vaccines are available.

Can you imagine you find out your child is eating the pealing lead paint over at the public school yard and public officials say, “don’t worry, we’re going to have new paint next year that contains 60 percent less lead, your child will be fine till then.”

It is important to realize that this recent decision to decrease mercury exposure in vaccines comes as a result of years of hard work and dedication from parents and many doctors of chiropractic to expose the truth about vaccines and the risks associated with them.

Yahoo News: US Sees Progress Reducing Mercury in Vaccines @ 11:22 am | Article ID: 963598937

America’s #1 Choice For Healthcare is Chiropractic

From Yahoo News comes an article titled, “Patient Empowerment Drives Healthcare Changes.”

According to the article, “the patient empowerment movement” is changing healthcare and its effects are being felt nationwide.

The article points out that when there is a “4% unemployment economy” and employees are not happy with the healthcare options given by their employers, the employer had better pay attention.

The article suggests that employers give money directly to the employee to allow them the freedom to choose their own healthcare providers and insurance.

According to the article, Dr. David M. Eisenberg, director for alternative medicine research and education at Harvard Medical Center stated that,
“In 1997, Americans spent more than $30 billion on alternative therapies like chiropractic, herb supplements, massage and acupuncture–most of it out of pocket.”

Dr. Eisenberg further stated that, “Each year, patients make nearly 200 million more visits to complementary providers than primary care physicians in the US” according to the article.

It is important to note that of those 200 million more visits, the majority were made to chiropractic offices making chiropractic the #1 choice for healthcare in the US.

Chiropractors have been educating the public for years and have created more “patient empowerment” than any other healthcare profession in the world.

Through chiropractic, the world has learned that the kingdom of health lies within. Just yesterday, a person (non DC) at a business gathering told me they had just been to their chiropractor that day. The person then said to me, “isn’t innate intelligence great?” Yes it is I commented, yes it is.

Yahoo News: Patient Empowerment Drives Healthcare Changes @ 10:26 am | Article ID: 963595610

ICA Issues New Practice Guidelines

Forwarded by the ICA

Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada in early June, ICA’s Board of Directors gathered to celebrate the Association’s 74th year of service to the chiropractic profession and the public, and to map out an aggressive set of goals for the coming year. Reporting to the Annual Meeting of the Association, ICA’s President, Dr. Robert Hoffman told that Association that: “Thanks to the determined and highly disciplined efforts of the ICA, there indeed, has never been a better time to be a chiropractor.” Dr. Hoffman presented a detailed Annual Report which outlined the growth and aggressive new initiatives and programs undertaken in the past year on behalf of chiropractic worldwide. ICA invites the profession to read this landmark report in its entirety, which can be found on ICA’s website at

At the top of ICA’s Board-adopted agenda was the approval and immediate release of ICA’s new Recommended Clinical Protocols and Guidelines for the Practice of Chiropractic. This exciting new guidelines document was nearly three years in the making and involved input from hundreds of practicing DCs, educators, attorneys and members of the public. This document presents a detailed set of clinical protocols for the practice of chiropractic, based on available evidence, more than a century of clinical experience, the laws establishing chiropractic, the chiropractic educational process, and ICA’s Code of Ethics and policy positions.

The new practice protocols offer a detailed and comprehensive narrative that seeks to explain and validate chiropractic procedures, with a focus on the subluxation and its neurological implications. The unique aspects of the specific chiropractic adjustment are dealt with in great detail in an effort to define, clarify and validate this uniquely chiropractic procedure. “ICA takes great pride in the release of this historic new chiropractic resource”, said ICA President Dr. Robert Hoffman. “This historic undertaking has produced a strong, defensible, practical advocacy document that marshals and arrays a well-researched, accurately referenced and substantive explanation for chiropractic procedures from the ICA perspective. I do not believe that a more complete, accurate and well-defined practice protocols document has ever been produced for the chiropractic profession.”

ICA’s guidelines process has been an open and wide-ranging endeavor, with the draft document available for profession-wide and public review via the Internet for over a full year. ICA received massive input from the field, receiving hundreds of comments from DCs, educators, students and other professions as well as more than 100 comments from consumers. “I believe that the public comment period via the Internet will lend significant additional credibility to the document, both because of the open and far-ranging comment opportunity this medium offered, and because of the careful consideration ICA’s Guidelines Working Group gave all comments.” said Dr. Hoffman. “No other guidelines document has had the benefit of such an open and widespread opportunity for profession-wide and public review and comment.”

ICA’s Recommended Clinical Protocols and Guidelines are now available on ICA’s Internet website at A copy will soon be being provided to every ICA member and available to the profession in both a printed edition and on CD-ROM. ICA also plans an unprecedented distribution campaign to provide the guidelines and protocols to the insurance industry, health care policy makers and other professions in an effort to build a greater understanding of the unique and powerful nature of chiropractic science. @ 6:58 am | Article ID: 963496707

ICA’s New Focus On Membership Services

Forwarded by the ICA

ICA’s Board enthusiastically endorsed a major enhancement of membership services ranging from new insurance and financial planning services in partnership with John Hancock to important new product discounts and public education efforts. New programs were approved to enhance ICA’s patient referral efforts and, as part of ICA’s strategic planning effort, a goal of 10,000 patient referrals to ICA members was set for the coming year. ICA’s Board also voted unanimously to increase the funding of membership services and staff four-fold, marking the largest single spending increase in this vital area in the Association’s history. “ICA belongs to its members and is obligated to serve and support those who comprise our dynamic world-wide community.” Said Dr. Hoffman. “We are proud that ICA chiropractors are the most successful chiropractors on earth and ICA’s leadership will continue to invest heavily in enhancing and expanding this a reality for more and more DCs around the globe. @ 6:57 am | Article ID: 963496662