Month: May 2000

Save Thousands On Your Pharmaceutical Bills

The other day I received an unsolicited email with a title stating “Save Thousands on your pharmaceutical bills.”

It was a blank email, one of those I was supposed to respond to and maybe find the secret of saving huge piles of cash.

What was interesting was the blank page. It made me think. I am saving thousands on my pharmaceutical bills now, how cool.

Years ago, before I was ever under chiropractic care I used to take two Tylenol tablets before going to the gym so that I would not get a headache while working out. (I thought that was the healthy thing to do) To top that off, I used to add an aspirin tablet to my mix of herbal and non-herbal supplements that I took every morning.

Why the aspirin? Well, I heard somewhere (probably in a “health” magazine) that aspirin was good for you somehow and rather than looking into it, I just added it to the mix of stuff I took.

At sometime during my chiropractic care, I noticed that I was no longer taking the Tylenol, the aspirin, or the supplements. It wasn’t because the chiropractor told me not to take them, I just noticed they were no longer “needed” and they all eventually simply ended up in the trash.

Sometime after that I began to realize that I was no longer getting colds like I used to. I still get colds but it seems as though I now know the day before that a cold is coming and for some reason I welcome it. I don’t know why, but it comes — my body adapts, and it’s gone just as quick. I actually feel better after that. (if that makes sense) I’m like a little kid thinking “My body is so cool, it’s so strong. That cold came and I just kicked it’s butt. I am awesome!”

So as I look back on the years behind me, I realize that I have saved thousands on my pharmaceutical bills and I know many others who have done the same.

What’s my secret? I take responsibility for my health, I listen to my body, and I include lifetime wellness chiropractic care as a part of my lifestyle.

Have you stopped to think about the thousands you are saving on your pharmaceutical bills? How about trying a fresh dose of LIFE for a change? @ 9:35 am | Article ID: 958494908

More Ritalin And Prozac Being Prescribed

From Yahoo News comes an article titled: “Ritalin And Prozac Combination Used by More Children”

The article is based on the results from a study that show evidence of an increasing number of Ritalin and Prozac prescriptions, as well as “various combinations of similar stimulants and antidepressants” among children.

According to the article, researchers had found that some children taking Ritalin or drugs that were similar to Ritalin, were also being prescribed combinations of other drugs such as stimulants and antidepressants.

In the article, a researcher was quoted as saying, “I think the safety of these medications–in the young child especially–is not known, and when you take them in combination it’s a whole new level of safety concern.”

The article reports that the findings in the study were in addition to information gathered showing an increasing trend towards more children taking these drugs. “Steep increase” were the words used to describe the growing numbers of users reported from 1990 to 1998.

According to the article, “by 1998, 10% of children aged 6 to 14 years were on Ritalin or stimulants, as were 1% of preschoolers aged 1 to 5 years.”

Why such growth in drug use? In the article, a researcher questions whether medical doctors have just gotten much better at diagnosing these conditions or if the growing trend is one of over-diagnosing children that do not necessarily need to be taking these drugs.

What do you think?

Yahoo News: Ritalin And Prozac Combination Used by More Children @ 8:32 am | Article ID: 958491169

Kids Day New Jersey

While searching for an article about chiropractic on “The Record Online”, the online version of the Bergen Record (a Metropolitan New Jersey Newspaper), I came across some interesting classified ads and wanted to comment on them.

Kids Day America/International celebration focusing on health and safety, noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, Back to Health Chiropractic Center, A&P Shopping Center, 115 Franklin Turnpike. Free. Information on crime prevention and environmental awareness issues. Fingerprinting and ID cards provided by the Police Department. Spinal exams and scoliosis screenings. Face painting, balloons, snacks, prizes. Information: (201) 818-3010.

North Haledon
Dr. Paul Cuva will participate in the sixth annual Kids Day America/International, a health, safety, and environmental awareness event sponsored by more than 1,200 chiropractic offices. The event will be conducted noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at his office, North Jersey Clinical Chiropractic, 886 Belmont Ave. Free spinal exams, visit by McGruff the anti-crime dog, fingerprinting for ID cards, and other activities. Information: (973) 427-6988.

Kids Day America/International celebration focusing on health and safety, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Fairchild Chiropractic, 93 Franklin Turnpike. Fingerprinting and photo IDs provided by the Police Department. Posture and scoliosis screenings. Appearances by Fudgie T. Clown and Ayk the Dog. Face painting, snacks, prizes. Free. Donations will be accepted for the Make A Wish Foundation. Information: (201) 445-8091.

Most of us in the profession have at least heard of Kids Day America/International, a chiropractic community awareness program created by Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner.

Back in September of 1999, Planet Chiropractic went on location in Los Angeles to interview and photograph a group of dedicated chiropractic students that volunteered their weekend to help promote a vertebral subluxation free world by participating in a Kids Day America/International event.

Take a look at the ads above. I must say that it is a wonderful thing to see advertisements such as these in major metropolitan newspapers. Notice there are three separate ads from three different DCs yet they are all congruent. Notice that all are focused on Health and Safety.

Are “Health and Safety” things you are promoting in your community? Do you think we are all making a greater impact by working together as a team?

I’d like to wish all of you participating in Kids Day America/International a very successful event. I will be in Costa Rica participating in the first CREW chiropractic mission to that country. Please send us your photos and stories from your Kids Day events so that we can share them with others.

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The Art & Science of Drug Pushing

From New York magazine comes an article titled: “Inside the Happiness Business”

The opening statement to the 6-page article states that “Before a drug like Celexa can ease the minds of patients, marketers must capture the minds of doctors — using free gifts, dinners, propaganda, and research funds. A hard look at the hard sell.”

New York author David D. Kirkpatrick takes a look at the world of pharmaceutical representatives and their relationships with medical doctors.

The article asks the question: “You may have reason to wonder: Is your doctor doing what’s right for you, or for him?”

There’s a lot of drug pushing going on. The article states that “drug makers command an army of more than 68,000 salespeople, one for every eleven doctors in the U.S.” Imagine if there was a school yard crack dealer for every eleven children in the U.S.

According to the article, “pharmaceutical companies justify high drug prices by pointing to astronomical research and development costs” yet it was further stated that “many who study the industry say drug companies spend more on marketing and promotions.”

A doctor that was interviewed for the article had this to say about prescribing drugs: “you have to understand that we really don’t know what we are doing.” (Actually, I think most of the world has already figured that one out but thanks for sharing.)

You’ll probably want to read this article in it’s entirety. Visit the link below or consider purchasing a copy of New York magazine for your office.

New York Magazine: Inside the Happiness Business

Thank you to Drs. Bart Espinoza and George Logothetis for notifying us of this article. We appreciate your efforts. @ 9:07 am | Article ID: 958406834

Push the Drugs or Go to Jail

YourHealthDaily reports today with an article titled: “Dilemma For Parents Who Are Told To Keep Child On Ritalin.”

The article begins by stating that “like thousands of children, 7-year-old Kyle Carroll takes Ritalin for a diagnosis of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.”

Keep Kids Off DrugsThe article then goes on to state that “like thousands of parents, Michael and Jill Carroll worry about the drug’s side effects… But they keep their child on the medication, in part because they fear child welfare workers will take him away if they don’t.”


According to the article, administrators from the school district called child protective services, alleging child abuse when the parents said they wanted to take their child off the drug and now the parents are on a statewide list of alleged child abusers.


According to the article, one parent stated that “It’s beyond the point of whether he should be on it. Now it’s the point of them telling us what we’re going to do… They’re telling me how to raise my child.”

And this problem is not isolated according to the article. The article notes that “observers say public schools are increasingly accusing parents of child abuse and neglect if they balk at giving their children medication such as Ritalin, a stimulant being prescribed to an increasing number of students.”

According to an Attorney that was interviewed, the article sates that “schools are now using child protective services to enforce their own desires and their own policies.”

In the article, a parent was quoted as saying that “this thing is so scary” remarking that the school district had called police and child protective services when she decided to take her son off of a prescribed “drug cocktail” and who now attends private school.

What is going on here? Have we reached the stage of ultimate inversion? Are the schools and protective services free to do anything they please? There is no possible justification for this behavior and it represents, not a source of benefits, but a deadly threat to our children’s survival.

YourHealthDaily: Dilemma For Parents Who Are Told To Keep Child On Ritalin @ 1:47 pm | Article ID: 958164421

Are Chiropractors Treating Cancer?

From Yahoo news comes an article titled: Spinal Surgery Can Relieve Cancer Pain

The article discusses a report from British researchers offering spinal surgery to relieve the pain caused by some forms of cancer.

The article states that, “in some breast cancer patients, tumors can spread to the spine, weakening bones and causing debilitating pain.” Discussed in the article and according to a study that was performed, some women that had been diagnosed with breast cancer had experienced bone pain at some time.

The researchers found that tumors from breast cancer were “more likely than any other cancer to spread to and destabilize the spine” and that this spinal instability can make “simple movements agonizing” in some cancer patients, according to the article.

It is important to note that the researchers found that the pain came from “bone deterioration and not the cancer itself” and therefore, the researchers noted that “cancer therapy cannot treat these symptoms” or the problem in the spine.

In order to address this problem, the researchers suggested that “these women need surgery to stabilize the spine and relieve compression of the vertebrae and nerves” according to the article.

One researcher in the article noted that taking care of these women that have cancer requires a “multi-disciplinary approach” and that “the goal involves more than killing tumors.” Most importantly, the researcher stated that another goal is to “give patients the best quality of life during the time they have left.”

Some questions to ask:
Are these spinal surgeons treating cancer?
Does treating the cancer address the problems in the spine?
Are spinal surgeons doing what they do best based on their knowledge and education, are they the experts in their field?
Are there other methods available to help stabilize the spine and relieve
compression of the vertebrae and nerves?
When a chiropractor adjusts a spinal subluxation in a person that has cancer are they treating cancer or are they addressing the problem in the spine?
When a chiropractor adjusts a spinal subluxation are they doing what they do best based on their knowledge and education, are they the experts in their field?
Is quality of life important?
How long should one wait before one decides to improve quality of life during the time they have left?

Click below to read the article:
Yahoo News: Spinal Surgery Can Relieve Cancer Pain @ 9:07 am | Article ID: 958147671

Just Say No to Antibiotics

From Yahoo News comes a report from the CDC titled: “CDC Warns About Overuse of Antibiotics”

The CDC report was issued “in an effort to reduce the growing numbers of drug-resistant bacteria” and CDC officials are “urging physicians to stop prescribing antibiotics where the drugs are not necessary” according to the article.

According to the article, a director for the CDC told medical doctors that they are writing, “$50 million worth of prescriptions that are ineffectual and unnecessary.”

The article points out that the reason for all these “unnecessary prescriptions is patient demand for treatment” for things such as ear infections and the common cold. The article goes on to state that medical doctors are “facing a crisis because doctors are pressured to prescribe antibiotics.”

The excuse that patients are to blame for the increase in drug-resistant bacteria is often brought up by the medical profession and government has decided to step in to “fix” the problem. How convenient.

This excuse is a blatant contradiction to the report in this week’s British Medical Journal which stated that among patients “most unvoiced concerns”, were “fears about the side effects of medication, and concern about being given an unwanted prescription.”

Is the Medical profession saying that this problem is the patients fault because they are not telling the MD what kind of treatment they want? What happened to being a doctor? What happened to communicating with a patient?

The BMJ article even states that in one case, “a doctor prescribed antibiotics to a child because he thought the mother wanted them, when in fact, the parent had concerns about giving her daughter unnecessary medication.”

The article states that Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Bill Frist will be introducing legislation to the U.S. Congress to address the “growing problems of antimicrobial resistance and its threat to public health.”

And according to the article, Senator Kennedy feels that U.S. state and local public agencies should have improved capacity to monitor and combat infectious disease. Kennedy also states that “we must also educate medical professionals and the public alike to reduce unnecessary prescriptions.”

Who must educate medical professionals? What in the world did they go to medical school for? And who must educate the public, since the medical profession has clearly shown they are incapable of doing so? Also, the term “improved capacity” sounds a lot like ‘spend more money’ to me.

Attention Chiropractors Worldwide: As a leadership profession you have a responsibility to educate your communities and your government regarding this crisis in healthcare. You have a responsibility to tell the world the truth about what it is that you do.

Let the world know what it is that you offer. There is chiropractic, and then there is the alternative to chiropractic. The alternative is ignorance.

Yahoo News: CDC Warns About Overuse of Antibiotics @ 10:28 am | Article ID: 957979717

Does Ritalin Kill?

From comes an article titled: “Ritalin’s long-term effects questioned – Death of 14-year-old boy highlights concerns over popular drug”

The article reports that ritalin, “is getting a nervous second look by medical groups and pediatricians due to potential long-term health effects — a concern highlighted by the recent death of a 14-year-old Michigan boy that was reportedly caused by the drug.”

It is well known in the health care community that Ritalin is being prescribed to children as young as one year old. Yet there are no studies to show what Ritalin’s long term effects are on these children. What potential risks to a child’s health do Ritalin and the many other psychotropic drugs being prescribed to children present in the future?

We reported on this topic back on April 17th with our article Death by Ritalin and felt the WorldNetDaily would be a good article to add to you arsenal especially for those DCs in Michigan since the article reports that “Michigan ranks third in the nation in Ritalin prescriptions.”

Here is the link: Ritalin’s long-term effects questioned
Planet Chiropractic: Death by Ritalin

Thank you to Dr. Brian Dickert for supplying the link. @ 9:14 am | Article ID: 957975244

Court Rules Anthrax Vaccine Unsafe and Hazardous

The headline reads: “Anthrax vaccine unsafe – Airman will not face court martial”

Many of you may have heard about Sgt. Mike Kipling, a former air force sergeant who refused to take the anthrax vaccine and was to face a court martial for doing so.

As reported in the Alberta News, on Friday, May 05, 2000, a judge has found the Anthrax vaccine in question to be “unsafe and hazardous.” The judges decision was based on evidence given during testimony.

Notice that the decision was based on evidence and not pseudo science and hearsay. Evidence, as in evidence-based guidelines or evidence-based science is far different from pseudoscientific ga-ga, popular opinion, or misinformation.

According to the report, “testimony indicated some of the vaccine was nine years old, the vials did not contain the doses indicated, and some vials were contaminated and unsterile and contained foreign material.”

The following statement was quoted in the article: “The government . . . could never be justified to impose inoculation of soldiers with unsafe and dangerous vaccines.”

Interestingly, I just came across the following quote yesterday, “Odd, that government sponsored research is always completely valid in their eyes, even though 99.9% of the time it calls for more government power and intervention.” – Tom S.

Hats off to Sgt. Mike Kipling for being a Man of principle and conscience.

Alberta News: Anthrax vaccine unsafe

Thank you to Drs. Connie Miller and Michelle Whitney for supplying the link. @ 1:31 pm | Article ID: 957904278

More visits to MD’s does not bring better health

From Yahoo News comes the article: “More Doctor Visits Do Not Mean Better Outcome”

According to the article, a medical school researcher has “debunked the idea that more visits to a physician will automatically lead to a better outcome for patients.”

Dr. John Wennberg said that, “there is no evidence that more care is better care” and as an example Dr. Wennberg stated that “research found that patients who saw their physician every 3 weeks in the last 6 months of their lives did not live any longer than those who stayed at home.”

The information comes from the Dartmouth Atlas of Healthcare which looks at healthcare trends in different markets across the U.S. and looks for ways to improve the quality of healthcare in the U.S.

This article echoes the sentiment from the report in the May/June edition of the journal Health Affairs which highlights that the U.S. is spending more than double on “healthcare” than in other industrialized countries and yet has little to show for it.

Again, more drugs, more surgery, and more costs, does not equal better health.

Yahoo News: More Doctor Visits Do Not Mean Better Outcome @ 10:45 am | Article ID: 957894314