Month: March 2000

To: My compadres in reconnection – From: Stew Bittman

God, I love adjusting people. It’s my favorite thing to do while being in a vertical position. I love watching the color rush into people’s faces, the light come on in their eyes. I love that sound. Yes, I know, it isn’t necessarily indicative of a successful adjustment, but I love it anyway. So there.

I love the way my hands always seem to know what to do and where to go. I love the fact that I no longer argue with my hands. I love the way babies of all age’s smile and laugh after an adjustment. Or cry. I love what follows every adjustment in my office – a hug. I love getting 200 hugs a day. I love knowing that after an adjustment, that person is not the same. They are, at that moment and forever, closer to their truth. Their passion. Their purpose. Their source. They are a little more, or perhaps a lot more, connected to their plan. And their ability to manifest that plan is instantly heightened. I love that most of all.

I love chiropractors. I love my chiropractic family. I love knowing that I’m not alone. That there are so many warriors. So many missionaries. So much love and support. After connecting with my chiropractic family, I feel myself willingly caught in a wave of love and service. Of optimism for the world. I love watching chiropractors on an innate path; going through the same things I went through and go through. Opening their hearts, dealing with rejection, confronting their demons. All in a day’s work. Never in my life have I known such courageous, selfless, giving people. Knowing my chiropractic family, I know I can never cave in. I love that most of all.

I love our principle. So beautiful. So simple. So life-changing. So hope-inspiring. I don’t think we realize how much people change just through the process of learning that they do the healing. That they are part of a natural, seamless, incredible conspiracy that operates on their behalf. That they have the greatest doctor in the Universe, who specializes in them, right inside. That they are not separate, not deficient, not lacking, not vulnerable, not under attack. That they have choices, and that their choices create their life. I don’t think we realize the impact these truths have on our folks. I love seeing the principle operate in people’s lives, and watching those lives change. Relationships, careers, everything changes when someone starts listening to their inner voice.

I love the memories, so vividly imprinted on my brain, of the principle at work in its purest expression, in Panama. The miracles that flowed like sweet rain. Experiencing an entire country change in energy. I love knowing that our principle will bring health, sanity, wholeness, harmony, and freedom to all peoples, and that we as chiropractors get to be the standard bearers. I love that most of all.

Click here to listen to a Planet Chiropractic interview with Dr. Stew Bittman. @ 7:07 am | Article ID: 953564854

The Power of the Adjustment by Drew Rubin

How many times have you asked yourself, “when am I going to write that book on chiropractic?” Not a book on procedures or how to fill out forms, but a book about principles that is easy enough for the lay person to read, understand, and enjoy. Well, Dr. Drew Rubin has done just that with his book titled “The Adjustment.”

The Adjustment - A Novel by Dr. Drew RubinThe Adjustment, a novel by Dr. Drew Rubin is a fantastic journey into the world of ADIO chiropractic. This book has it all, including the downfall of medicine, the assault on America by the pharmaceutical industry and vaccine initiatives, and of course principled chiropractic from the inside out. Chiropractors in this novel are rocking the globe with the power that made the body and bringing the message to the world. The book is packed full of chiropractic philosophy and includes many enjoyable characters that you will easily relate with.

The book is not available via our buy-books link but you can email Dr. Rubin directly and I am sure he will give you more information on how you can purchase a copy of this book.

One of the things I am learning as I grow in this world of chiropractic is that we are a profession of many talented and creative individuals. Take a moment to click here and just say thank you to Dr. Rubin who has chosen to align himself with the principles and has taken the time to share one of his talents with you. @ 7:27 am | Article ID: 953220430

MD-DC Practice and Consumer Fraud

Reuters reported today that four insurance companies have filed suit against a group of New York doctors “who allegedly sold their names and medical licenses to chiropractors and lay people in order to form more than 40 phony medical professional corporations.”

In the report, Vince Coyne of Progressive Insurance stated that it is against the law in New York for anyone other than a licensed medical doctor to own a medical professional corporation. He also stated “the practice of medicine by someone who is not a physician is a felony.”

Among the defendants in the case are 26 chiropractoids, 14 medical doctors, and 47 medical professional corporations. According to the report, no lawyers who incorporated the phony corporations have been named in the suit as of yet.

Wonder whether these were so called MD-DC practices or if the chiropractoids involved really wanted to play medical doctor.

Chiropractoids and medical charlatans sharing handcuffs and leg restraints paints a wonderful picture of professional collaboration. You reap what you sow brother, You reap what you sow.

Source and Links:
NY doctors sued over role in phony medical corporations FOX News
NY doctors sued over role in phony medical corporations Yahoo’s Health News @ 3:19 pm | Article ID: 953162379

Anthrax Vaccine: Committee Demands STOP PROGRAM

On March 9, 2000, the subcommittee on National Security, Veterans’ Affairs and International Relations released a report regarding the DOD Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program in the U.S.

According to the report, the program was found “unsustainable in its present form due to unreliable vaccine supply” and it was recommended that the mandatory immunization effort be suspended “until DOD does the clinical research and testing that should have been done before the program began.”

The report states that the current vaccine program is “imploding” and that the “simplistic, one-sided approach to this complex issue only reinforces the legacy of suspicion and mistrust inherited from past military medical misadventures: atomic testing, Agent Orange, Gulf War drugs and vaccines.”

The report states that the anthrax vaccine is “still being studied as a possible causative or contributing factor in Gulf War veterans’ illnesses” and points out the numbers that have become ill after taking the vaccine as well as those that have given up a career of service for refusing the vaccine.

The entire report is available via the link below:
Statement of Rep. Christopher Shays Chairman, Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans’ Affairs and International Relations

Thank you to Dr. Rick Hodish for supplying us with this report and link. @ 7:56 am | Article ID: 953049397

Smallpox – The Sequel, Starring Bill Clinton

It was reported yesterday that researchers at a U.S. university have been asked to study the smallpox vaccine so that the U.S. could be prepared in the event of a terrorist attack.

The reported problem is that there is only a small supply of smallpox vaccine available which is known as Dryvax. The plan in the study is to see how much the remaining vaccine could be diluted and still be effective.

According to the report, there are seven million doses of Dryvax available. The U.S. Government is also looking into other avenues to create new forms of smallpox vaccines.

Wasn’t smallpox eradicated? The World Health Organization declared the world free of smallpox in 1980 and last June, the last known remaining smallpox stock was intended for destruction. The only known remaining stock of smallpox, according to the report, had been kept in secure labs in Russia and at the CDC in Atlanta.

Was it destroyed? If it was, we could not have had the sequel.
Last April, President Bill Clinton announced that he would seek a delay in destroying the stocks of smallpox due to fears the disease may be spread through terrorist attacks.

Terrorist attacks from the CDC in Atlanta maybe?
Coming soon to a news feed near you. “Smallpox 3 – The Resurrection”

Here are your links:

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Why Chiropractic? by Dr. Howard Fleischer

Why Chiropractic? The answer may not be as simple as some of you think. Some of you may have begun care for one reason or another but anyone that has remained on has probably done it for the right reasons. Let’s start with the alternatives to Chiropractic. There is only one that I can think of – running around with a nervous system that is not functioning to it’s optimum capacity resulting in a body that simply will never live up to it’s full genetic potential. How could it? If every command or desire of your body’s Innate Intelligence is not being brought to fruition the body will be lacking – your state of health will be lacking! What is the alternative to taking care of your teeth – cavities and root canals? The alternative to eating well – heart disease, low energy and not being at your ideal weight. Alternative to exercise – osteoporosis, poor lung and heart function, etc. What is more important, your master controlling system or your teeth?

Chiropractic is many times referred to as alternative health care. That title has recently gone by the wayside quite frequently as the American public has now begun to get adjusted to the point that we are considered “mainstream” (I’ll come back to that later). You do have another choice – neglect your body long enough that you may start to have symptoms if you are lucky enough and you can be like the majority of Americans and pop pills. Two problems though – One: most pills, potions and the rest of that junk only cover up the symptoms, not fix the problem. Second: they all work against your body’s wishes and inborn intelligence (relieving pain that may be there as a warning signal or to prevent you from doing further injury, stopping a fever that may be trying to destroy foreign invading bacteria or viruses, drying up your nose and preventing you from expelling germs that need to come out, etc.) and they are dangerous. From the Journal of American Medical Ass. Itself – drug related deaths account for over 100,000 deaths per year in this country and are the 4th leading cause of death behind only heart disease, cancer and strokes. And only one tenth of those deaths are from illegal narcotics. The other 90% are from prescription and over the counter drugs. Even if they don’t cause death, do you think that even just a few will have no effect on you. Think again. If you gave half of the stuff that people regularly take to a healthy person – what would it do to them – it would probably make them sick. How is that supposed to make a healthy person well? The only thing that can actually heal you is you and your innate’s ability to heal you. The power that made the body, organized it from 2 cells (mom and dad), has kept it running all these years through all the crap you have put it through, has the power to heal itself. Trust in it! It definitely works better with no interference in its nervous system.

Really quick: back to that point on mainstream – Who cares? Do you have to be “mainstream” to be right? Ask Christopher Columbus (the world is flat – remember), Copernicus who was imprisoned as a “heretic” because he said the sun is the center of the universe – not the earth. The Wright brothers who were actually told after their first small successful attempt by a prospective lender that “they were actually not successful because their plane was heavier than air, so they really could not have been flying” True story! Mainstream means nothing – either something makes sense and is right or it doesn’t and it’s not!

Why Chiropractic for everyone? Have you ever seen a baby delivered? Whether with a vacuum extraction on their delicate little heads, a forceps pull on their delicate little heads, or the good old figure 8-vortex maneuver while pulling on their little necks. Birth is highly traumatic, and if you are not getting all the children you know in here or to another Chiropractor, then you are depriving them of a service that will add years to their lives and life to their years. There are enough Chiropractors in this area to take care of you and all your friends and family. Get off your butts and help someone. Help them live a more productive, more fruitful, and a more healthy life.

I would like to leave you with a quote from B.J. Palmer, developer of Chiropractic:

“You never know how far reaching something you may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of countless millions tomorrow!”

And now one of my favorites:

“Have you helped your fellow man today?”
Dr. Howard Fleischer @ 3:07 am | Article ID: 952978046

Medical Breakthrough – Compressed Spinal Nerves May Cause Disease

Friday’s 20/20 on ABC featured a method of neurosurgery to help chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia sufferers. The procedure was performed by cutting out parts of the skull and upper cervical vertebra, to decrease compression of the spinal cord and nerves which affect normal function in the rest of the body.

Gives new meaning to upper cervical specific don’t you think?
Visit the ABC News site for the article and video clip.

Thank you to Dr. Madeline in Boise for notifying us of the broadcast and Dr. Julie in Los Angeles for supplying the link.

ABC News Dr. Johnson: Brain Surgery for Chronic Fatigue? @ 10:55 pm | Article ID: 952962943

Mission to Nicaragua – Will Brooks, D.C.

Completely and totally stuck. Or, at least so it seemed at that moment.

Bruceville, Maryland
At that moment in time, I was sitting in the cab of my 4-wheel drive, 1990 Ford ranger pickup truck that had become bogged down in the 30 inches of snow that had been dumped on the ground as part of what the people who live on the Eastern part of the United States quaintly refer to as a “Northeaster”. This particular example had come out of nowhere to make a mess of things in the middle of the Delmarva Peninsula in short order; it had only taken half of the afternoon to accumulate and the winds had arrived to cause the drifts.

Some other considerations of my present state of non-mobility: it was 2:17 am, there was no one living within a mile of the truck’s location, and I had a plane to Nicaragua to catch in a few hours.

There are, I suppose several shades of difference in being stuck. Thankfully, I was not stuck to the degree that a bug is stuck in a chunk of fossilized Amber, but rather to the degree that a cork is stuck in the top of a wine bottle. I put the truck in its best “pulling tree stumps out of the ground”- mode and commenced the scary process of getting myself out of the 350 foot long snow drift. Which is a process whereby forward progress is made slowly and carefully: one backs up into the tire tracks that have already been made 5 or 6 feet and then plows forward into the drift. The momentum of this forward plow will gain a distance of 2 feet, or possibly as much as 5 precious feet of space. And one continues to repeat this same process until such time as one is eventually through the drift, and in a position to continue the rest of the trip to the airport. A trip, I should note that took 5 hours to travel a distance that usually is finished in less that 2 hours.

THEN: at Baltimore-Washington Airport (a facility that was at one time named “Friendship Airport”, but was eventually changed to reflect it’s international status, and to make it possible for a 3 letter code to fit on the baggage claim tags. [BWI] Too bad), I arrive to find that the airport is snowed-in, and that all flights are very much delayed owing to too much snow, no equipment, and airline employee short-handedness. The flight to Miami that my group is to take is eventually boarded several hours past its scheduled time of departure. The plane taxis across the tarmac to its take-off position. The plane increases speed. The plane’s nose begins to slightly rise. The pilot then throttles back the engine. The plane slows down. The plane returns to the terminal. It seems that this particular take off needed to be aborted; as part of the de-icing procedure, pieces of duct tape are applied to the aircraft by the ground crew as a sort of reminder that this, that, and various parts of each aircraft have been properly de-iced. The ground crew had unfortunately forgotten to remove a key piece of tape near the intake of the engine and this piece of tape was reacting to the increased wind pressure of take off and was in peril of peeling away and flying directly into the churning turbines of the starboard engine! Doesn’t exactly make for a smooth, uneventful take off.

EVENTUALLY: the piece of tape was removed. The flight landed in Miami. 4 hours past the connection that we needed to make to continue on to Managua, Nicaragua. The storm had the effect of slowing the entirety of airline service throughout the country and our aircraft was still waiting for us on the other end of the Miami airport.

COMMUNICATION: Nichi nichi kore ko nichi: Every day is a beautiful day

WHY: I had willingly endured through all of this winter fun to take part in a mission trip to Nicaragua, which had been arranged by Angel Nunez Ministries. This is an organization that is located in Baltimore, Maryland that makes various Christian missionary trips throughout the world. In fact, this was the second time that I had gone on a trip with them to Nicaragua as the sole chiropractor. I was to go with this group to provide chiropractic adjustments to the people that were to attend the revival meetings of the group in a church located in Managua, the Capitol City.

Try Jesus
Our group was met at the airport and taken to the home of Guillermo Osornos. Mr. Osornos is a very gracious host as well as the titular head of one of the 3 political parties currently in Nicaragua. His home is a compound that is surrounded by 14-foot tall masonry walls topped with shards of broken glass to discourage unwanted intruders. We were met at the gate by a guard that was equipped with a fully automatic AK-47 sub machine gun. Again, too many potential intruders. The place is laid-out somewhat like a small motel: there were about 15 rooms whose purpose is to house the many visitors to the Osornos’ home, a staff of at least 17, including cooks, housekeepers, groundskeepers and various other functionaries that comprise the noblisse oblige of every Latin American majordomo. But, the beds were comfortable, the pool was warm, and the food was quite good, so the Kalishnakov Automat 47 was hardly any kind of bother. The perpetually cold showers weren’t so bad either.

Our 5 days of the mission itself consisted of driving 30 minutes to a large church with a thin roof located in the middle of Managua. On our arrival at the church in the morning, it would invariably be filled with 400 to 500 people who were there to attend the services of the missionaries. I would set-up my “office” at the entrance of the church. In this case, my office consisted of 6 or 7 rickety wooden folding chairs that I had good-naturedly purloined from the inside of the church. Ushers would then pass among the pews of the church directing the worshippers to step outside to receive their seated upper-cervical adjustments. I would then have the privilege of adjusting all comers until everyone in the church had been adjusted.


One afternoon in the early 70s, I had the happy occasion to attend as a spectator a master class for guitarists being given by the late Andres Segovia, as part of a concert tour that he was then taking throughout the United States. The class was proceeding badly for all the performing students as well as the Master; the students were attempting to incorporate into the pieces that they were playing the methods that Segovia was teaching them with little to no success. The tone just wasn’t coming out properly no matter how hard the students were trying. This was visibly discouraging to Segovia. He was eventually rattled to the point where he sought momentary refuge and a glass of water at a table located upstage where Mrs. Segovia was seated. The stage crew had neglected to turn off the wireless lavaliere microphone that they had attached to Segovia. As he spoke to his wife, the entire audience heard him say: “Que lastima! Que todos tienen MANOS DURAS!” (“What a shame! They all have such HARD HANDS!”)

What if I now ask a bunch of questions?
Will that make things clear?
What is an adjustment?
What is a subluxation?
Is a subluxation that is located in the spine of someone that is seated in a chair outside of a church in Nicaragua any different than a subluxation located in the spine of someone laying on an adjustment table in a chiropractor’s office in the United States?
Is what’s clear to me clear to you?
People aren’t subluxations, are they?
Are people who have just been adjusted starting to become subluxated again?
If I don’t hear an audible release, have I done an adjustment?
Which is more necessary, adjusting the spine of a politician or adjusting the spine of a newborn?
Is the tone that is produced by a guitarist with “hard hands” any more or less stifled than the effect of an adjustment that is performed by a chiropractor with “hard hands”?
Is there such a thing as silence?
If you were to perform complete physical exams on all of your patients, would you adjust them any differently than you would if you didn’t?
Is this the 14th question?
Do I have 2 more questions?
And, now, do I have none?

Now that I’ve asked 16 questions, can I ask more?
I can, but may I?
Why must I go on asking questions?
Is there any point in asking why?
Are there rules about how to adjust people properly?
If there are rules, who made them?
Are we getting anywhere asking questions?
Is it possible that I could go on monotonously asking questions forever?
What’s left?
If we didn’t adjust people, what would we have?
If we adjusted all people what would we have?
Have we got a religion?
Do we have a mythology?
Would we know what to do if we had one?
Have we got a way to make money?
And if money is made, what will we spend it on?
How long will we be able to be alive?

When I was much younger, my parents would tell me that when I was older I would understand nearly everything. Now that I’m fifty, I understand nearly nothing.

Waiting Room
My patients in Nicaragua were a mixed lot. Young to old, healthy to infirm, mothers suckling their babies that they would hold as I adjusted them, people on crutches that would wander over in curiosity from the bus stop in front of the church, ministers, members of the group that I was traveling with, announcers from the local radio station who were at the church to cover the meetings for their listeners, a welder that momentarily stopped his repair of the axle of a horse-drawn wagon, shoe cobblers at their benches in open air markets, and a seemingly endless procession of people with deep, beautiful brown eyes.

One of the people who were seated in my chair to be adjusted was an elderly, dignified gentleman that was dressed in a threadbare suit. This was a very unusual thing to see in the 90-degree weather of Managua and the man was sweating profusely in the heat of the sun. I asked him if he would like to remove his jacket while he got adjusted. He declined my offer by explaining that he felt that both going to church and being seen by a doctor were somewhat formal occasions that it was best to dress-up to attend. When I insisted, he sheepishly told me that he preferred to keep his jacket on due to the fact that the back of his shirt had a hole in it. I said, “Well, I have a hole in my sock, and, if you like, I’ll take my shoes off.”

In the full richness of time, our morning sessions at the church would draw to a close and we would return to the comforts of Casa Osornos to get out of the heat, take a cold shower and rest for a little while before our return to the church later that same evening. A new group of people was by then in place. Different faces but more numerous than the morning. As they would file into the church to hear the Word, they would all receive their adjustments.

Stuck, no more.

Click below to view photos from Dr. Will Brooks Mission


For more information on chiropractic mission worldwide, visit CREW. @ 1:23 am | Article ID: 952712638

Leading Cause of Death in The US – Chiropractors Did Not Tell Truth

The news has now been out for months, as many as 98,000 people per year are dying from medical error, which is ranked by their standards as the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. Hospital acquired infection or iatrogenic disease is closely trailing behind as the eighth leading cause of death in the US according to figures reported by the medical profession and the media.

These figures are available simply from the data being reported and are quite possibly only a fraction of what is really occurring in the United States as well as worldwide. Do you think it is possible that many more people are dying and that we don’t know about it yet, or that the timing to report it is just not right?

Do you think for a moment that all these numbers are in our daily news headlines because the US government has suddenly had a change of heart about medicine and may possibly welcome chiropractic with open arms? Do you think it is simple coincidence that the US government released the report regarding all these deaths and within two weeks new bills were being signed to help “solve” the problem? Do you think it was just last year that all these people were dying from medical error? Do you think possibly there may be some other interest rather than preserving the health of the people? Do you think they are ready to look at other options? Do you have a solution doctor? Do you think they really want to hear what your solution is?

This whole blatant exposure of medical error and hospital-acquired infection is just another extension of the medical lie in order to keep the lie going. It appears that the plan is to scare the public into believing that we have a problem (which we do) and that with a few billion extra taxpayer dollars, the government can solve it (which they won’t.) Part of the grand plan is to restructure hospitals and make the prescribing of drugs more “high tech.” Of course the pharmaceutical industry will step in to create “safer drugs” and are already saying they are creating “safer vaccines.” Did they not say that the vaccines currently pumped into babies worldwide were already “safe and effective?”

Do you realize that the politicians of government, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are selling medical practitioners down the river? Can you imagine for a moment what it must be like to fight so strongly for something you truly believe is right, only to find that your “political leaders” are willing to sell you and your profession out for a few pieces of silver? I really do feel sorry for the medical practitioner in the field and all that they must be going through. But I feel more sorry for the poor sap so-called chiropractor that is sucking on their crumbs in order to be part of the “system.” Are you aware that the ACA’s 50-page proposal to the Department of Veterans Affairs just last week did not contain a single mention of the word SUBLUXATION? (Proposal available on request)

Do they represent what you do doctor? Where are you in this whole scheme of things? Are we jumping around saying “they finally figured it out, they finally are ready to recognize us” or are you looking at another possible motive and understanding we are not part of their plan in no way shape or form. Remember doctor, as long as the rules of the game are “find the symptom-treat the symptom” we will not win. Those are the rules of their game and many of our political so-called leaders and colleges are playing by those rules. My question to you is are YOU playing by those rules? Is chiropractic a separate and distinct profession with its own philosophy of health and healing or are we a watered down form of manual therapy that is a merely a subset of medicine?

Do we have our own rulebook? From what I recall, the rules of our game state this: “Find the cause-correct the cause” and allow the power that made the body to heal the body of any disease known to man. Are those not the rules of your game doctor? If not, you may be playing on the wrong team and may want to reconsider just what it is that you are doing on this planet.

How long have we known that medical error was a leading cause of death? How long have we known that if you put sick people in sick environments a.k.a. hospitals you don’t get healthier people, you more likely get dead people?

If I sound like I am ranting and raving on my philosophical soapbox, I am. I would like to be posting news other than the daily crap we are dealing with today. My only hope is that you utilize the information made available to you, and use it as a tool to educate those in your practice and in your community.

Are we telling the truth or are we being conservative about this whole thing? In the words of Sigafoose, “are you going to do chiropractic, practice chiropractic, teach chiropractic, give chiropractic to all those in your community regardless of condition or financial ability to pay,” making sure your fees are affordable, or are you going to sit around and wait until the news headlines read:

“Leading Cause of Death in The US – Chiropractors Did Not Tell The Truth About Chiropractic And Now Millions More Are Dying From Overuse of Drugs and Hospital Acquired Infections”

The power that made the body heals the body and it just does not happen any other way! @ 8:59 am | Article ID: 952538385

Vaccine linked to autism?

New report points to dangers of MMR immunization

An article by Julie Foster of was posted today reporting on a new report by Dr. Harold Buttram regarding the recent increase in the number of autistic children and a possible link to the combination measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR, vaccine which is routinely given to children at age 18 months.

In the article Dr. Buttram was quoted as saying that “a small but growing minority of physicians and scientists are becoming aware that safety testing for the various vaccines has been woefully inadequate.”

You can access the entire article by visiting the link provided. You may want to save it for “offline viewing” since we do not know how long the link will be available.

Click Here: Vaccine linked to autism? @ 7:47 am | Article ID: 952447643