Month: December 1999

Premillennium Medical and Scientific Confessional – Save Your Souls

Nicholas Regush of reports today for medical doctors to come clean.

“Step up, all ye doctors who have advised patients that their problems are all in their ‘minds.’ Here’s your opportunity to come clean. Repeat after me: ‘I had no idea what I was talking about.’ See, that wasn’t so bad. Feels good to let it out, doesn’t it?”

Click link for article ABC News @ 19:37 | Article ID: 944703462

Ear Infections Linked to Genes

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported today that Genes play role in child ear infections. The article states that “next to the common cold, middle ear infections are the most common childhood illness. Most children will be affected by the time they are 3 years old.”

Dr. Scott Stachelek writes that maybe it’s because subluxation patterns are inherited. Gotta find some excuse for the absolute failure of their “management” of this “condition.” Actually, more evidence of their desperation.

“Oh gee, it’s in my genes. There’s nothing I can do about this condition now.” This an extension of the outside-in medical lie in order to keep the lie going.

Here are your links:
ABC News: Genes play role in child ear infections
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MSNBC: Ear infections partly inherited @ 08:57 | Article ID: 944665069

HMO profitability continues to go down the drain

Reuters and Yahoo News report that HMO profitability declined sharply in 1998. The health maintenance organizations (HMOs) posted a collective net loss of $1.25 billion according to the report.

If we continue to apply sick care to a healthy society, what do we expect to get?
Dr. Ian Grassam said it over and over again, “they continue to do the same thing day after day, each day expecting a different result… that’s the definition of insanity.”

Yahoo News @ 07:32 | Article ID: 944659978

Movement to End Medical Mistakes

President Clinton and congressional lawmakers are concerned with recent reports of deadly medical errors.

Fueled by last weeks report that medical mistakes kill thousands of Americans, President Clinton and congressional lawmakers are putting together plans to quickly reduce the number of deaths from medical error.

Here are two sources for this article:
ABC News
Nando Media (Printer Friendly)

Moral obligation to report medical mistakes
“Doctors and the government have a moral obligation to report and correct medical mistakes that kill or injure thousands each year” said President Clinton.

Nando Media (Printer Friendly)
FOX News: Moral obligation to correct medical mistakes

More updates:
Rx for medical mistakes
“One of the nation’s leading causes of death is neither disease nor accident. It’s estimated that more people die every year from a medical mistake than from breast cancer, diabetes or traffic accidents.” @ 14:32 | Article ID: 944598770

Pediatricians’ Offer New Vaccine Advice

Less than a week ago we heard news of pediatricians pushing a new measles vaccine because the current one being used was not “as safe.” Today we have news from a pediatricians group saying that oral polio vaccines are not “as safe” as injections. What they will not mention in either article is the role competing drug companies play in this.

The pharmaceutical industry is now using the same tactics to market new vaccines as they do to sell drugs. “Our brand is safer than brand x.” Monkey puss from green monkeys or red monkeys, mercury and formaldehyde from New Jersey or Sweden, any way you push it, it’s still the same old crap.

Of course it’s still o.k. to use up your old doses of “less safe” vaccines.
Pediatricians recommend switch to safer polio vaccine
Pediatricians’ group recommends switching to safer polio vaccine (Printer Friendly)

Update: CBS News
“We are deeply troubled that the (academy) would tell its members to use up remaining supplies of oral polio vaccine when a clear decision has been made to move to an all-injectible polio vaccine schedule” @ 11:39 | Article ID: 944588376

More Moms are turning to Midwives

Several of today’s news feeds are reporting that the use of midwives are on the rise. Although the two article links below may not be directly related, we thought you may be able to use the information in your office. Click the links below for the complete articles.

New Study Finds Midwives on the Increase
Abnormal labor, mode of delivery tied to infant head injury @ 13:05 | Article ID: 944161558